Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Democratic Party Where Losing Is An Art Form

Anybody else watching this back room madness? Why in the fuck is there a gallery of morons being allowed at this meeting? The only thing these fuckers are accomplishing is to look completely foolish. of course I wouldn't be shocked if the "Hillary supporters" there making asses of themselves aren't in fact Republican congressional aids. In any event they need to kick these fuckers out of the room and get down to serious business.

Oh and Jonathan. No Troll posts are allowed on this thread. If you see a BTL post get rid of it.

Update from Jonathan:

Here's the six million-dollar question, in two parts:

1st part: What will the SD's do after June 3? Will they want to end the nomination struggle right then and there?
2nd part: What will Hillary do now? Does she bow out after the last primaries have taken place, or does she take this fight to the convention?

My personal feelings is that after June 3, Hillary should swallow her pride and bow out. After today, she can't claim the popular vote, and she won't be doing herself any favors if takes it to the Convention.

My personal opinion is that Hillary does to Denver anyway, even if the SD's make it clear that Obama's their boy. If she does, then she'll be navigating through dangerous waters. If Hillary supporters keep to their word about voting for McCain or staying home, and Obama loses the GE, they'll dump this whole thing on the former First Lady, and that will be end of the Clinton legacy, as well has her own political career.

See What Money Buys You

Here is Bill Belichick with a lady friend at Game 5 of the Celtics Pistons series. I am sure it's Bill's awesome personality and winning smile that she loves :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's 1984 All Over again

The Boston Celtics win game 6 tonight in Detroit and win the series 4-2. Off to the NBA Finals against the Lakers.

Vote for John McCain: God Wills It!

America has a choice in this matter, and that choice is to either uphold God’s commands and strive to serve His Will, which is to vote for people who uphold His Moral Code of Standards……What are they? Upholding the institution of Marriage as He as ordained…Fighting in defense of the Unborn. For Godly School standards…For Laws that subject and hold those who do immoral acts to the Law. For the sake of the children…The Future of America!

McCain isn’t the best….but he’s the best we’ve got!

That much….I do know!

God first…Country second…Family third!

Jeremiah = tool for the batshit Christian Right

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Victory Elizabeth 1992-2008

I took my cat Victory to the Vets tonight to be put down. One of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make. In March we almost took her in but she recovered. the last week she had quit eating altogether and wasn't bathing. She just didn't have much energy at all. At the vets I asked to have one minute with her before they took her to hold her and she went in to The Contessa's arms which is something she didn't do much. She was definitely my cat. I think she was saying goodbye. I am going to miss her very much. She gave me 16 good years.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sign # 14,756,347,989 That America Has Gone Fucking Insane


Dunkin' Donuts pulled a television spot featuring talk show host and Food Network personality Rachael Ray this weekend after a Fox news commentator associated it with terrorists.

In the ad, Ray is wearing a scarf that Michelle Malkin said in her nationally syndicated column resembled a kiffiyeh, Middle Eastern garb that is "popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos."

Dunkin's Senior Vice President for Communications Margie Myers issued a statement saying the scarf "was selected by a stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended.

"However, as of this past weekend, we are no longer using the online ad because the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee."

In her column, Malkin also noted that it could appear at times that actor Colin Farrell, rapper Kanye West and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean have been photographed in similar scarves that were "distinctive hate couture."

Now I'll tell you what pisses me off about this. Dunkin Donuts actually backed down and pulled the ad because of a stupid column written by the little Filipino Pit Bull. Of course Maglalang knows more than anybody else about hate culture. It's time for Maglalang to either shove a Quizno's in her grill or Jesse's penis. And seeing as how I am sure she shrunk away what little God gave Jesse to begin with She better go with the Quiznos.

Way to go Dunkin Donuts. Way to stand up and fight.

Caption This

Worst Companies For Customer Service

Of course I have worked customer Service jobs and what this graph isn't telling you is The same percentage of people who are assholes in real life are assholes on the phone. 96%. Of course it's perfectly fine to be rude to customer service workers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First James Bond Novel In 6 Years For The Adult Market....

To be released later today...

Devil May Care By Sebastian Faulks.

British Book Cover

American Edition.

I for one am looking forward to this and will probably pick it up tomorrow but 3 small excerpts have been released through various newspapers and None too surprisingly the anticipation has turned to agony on James Bond fan sites. Also The New York Times as given the book a mixed review. ( considering the reviews they gave Fleming this is a good thing.) Unfortunately for many literary James Bond Fans Ian Fleming himself is not going to write another James Bond book again so we are going to have to settle for continuation novelist who are never going to write James Bond books as well as their creator which is of course a completely ridiculous expectation anyway (If this were reversed Fleming could not write books using Faulks characters as well as Faulks could) Faulks' pedigree is one of the best of any of the continuation novelist and Penguin is doing something they never did for Raymond Benson, or John Gardner for that matter, hyping the book. Despite the predictable handwringing I suspect this will be a highly entertaining book.

The Flemings say there will be further books after this but Faulks says this is the only one he will contribute. Both are wise moves. As good as Higson's Young Bond books are it's good to have another book aimed at the adult market and Faulks knows that anymore than one continuation novel is really a no win situation. He ignores his own work while writing books for a group of people who largely won't appreciate it anyway. One wonders if faulks hasn't been in contact with Gardner (before Gardner passed away last August) and Raymond Benson both of whom know all to well the market Faulks is writing for.

Late Edit. One wonders why the drawing of Bond is a dead wringer for George Lazenby. The one guy who played Bond that nobody remembers. Of course if the book is as good as Lazenby's movie then everything will be fine.

I Really Don't Know What To Say

Internet Romper Room


P.I.A.P.S!!!!! P.I.A.P.S!!!! ! P.I.A.P.S!!!!! P.I.A.P.S!!!!! P.I.A.P.S!!!!!
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P.I.A.P.S!!!!! P.I.A.P.S!!!! ! P.I.A.P.S!!!!! P.I.A.P.S!!!!!

P I A P S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P I A P S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P I A P S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



R O T F L M A O !!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Questions: We All Do Stupid Shit Edition

Here we are once again, with a new segment of Random Questions! We've all done stupid things, like let our emotions get the better of us during a campaign, or say something really stupid to make an otherwise harmless political statement, or continue to leak photos of ourselves posing for the camera in a sexual nature, so here are my questions about the stupid people pull. Enjoy, and feel free to answer back.

- Why do Obama supporters (myself included) and Hillary supporters forget that either candidate would be better than the alternative of four more years of neocon policy running the Oval Office? First off, earlier this week, I made a huge ass of myself by blindly jumping on the media bandwagon over Hillary's gaff about the RFK remarks. For that, this rant is directed at myself, fellow Obama backers and supporters of the former First Lady: It's time we all grew the fuck up and put an end to this bitch-fighting. It's one thing to feel passionate about your candidate, it's another thing entirely to say we're going to vote for McCain or vote independently as atonement. And after all the talk of taking back the White House from the GOP and all the campaigning we've done, what will have voting for the other side accomplish? It's past time we ended these immature online chatroom fights and come together as one party by August in Denver whoever the nominee maybe.

- Why is Miley Cyrus stripping for the camera, again, after all the flack she took from the Vanity Fair photo shoot fiasco? Jesus, girl, there's an invention out there called "the Internet" which people can, from anywhere around the world, see you in all of your...ahem...natural beauty. As I said before, this ain't the first time she's stripped for the camera, and somehow I doubt it'll be the last time, either. Miley, be smart about this. You have a tweener base that looks up to you and parents who believe that you're a sweetheart with a squeaky-clean background. You're not helping your own cause by doing shit like this. Plus, there's a time and place for every young girl to get in-touch with their inner skank: we call it college, Halloweeen, and Girls Gone Wild. Now, it's all well and good to come to terms for a young girl to flirt with her sexual nature (shit, it's the reason why we have junior and senior year in high school), but in the case of young Miley, she needs to learn at leas this helpful hint: if you're going to act like a normal teenage girl who testing her sexuality, then don't post your pictures on your MySpace for the whole damn world to see!

Wayne Allyn Root On The Iraq War

Root For President

The WAR in Iraq:
*Republicans say "stay forever" (or 100 years as John McCain predicted). Wrong answer. Democrats say "Go right now." Wrong answer. It is a much more complicated issue than that. I believe the answer must involve a combination of nuance, compromise and common-sense.
*Admit the Iraq war is a disaster.
*Admit post-war planning was a disaster.
*Admit it's a civil war in Iraq- and our boys do not belong in the middle of a civil war. Our troops are not policeman.
*Use the success of the surge to declare victory and make plans to get out of Iraq as soon as reasonably possible.

There you have it. Allen's complicated solution for ending the war. Just say We Win and leave. It's not "surrendering" I guess because we are claiming we won. Actually he's not far off in much of what he says here.

Admit the Iraq war is a disaster. Check.

Admit post war planning was a disaster. Check

Admit it's a civil war in Iraq and our boys (and girls) are in the middle of a Civil War. Our troops are not policemen. Check.

Use the success of the surge to declare victory and make plans to get out of Iraq as soon as reasonably possible. Buzzer! That should read...

Admit the failure of the surge as a last chance effort to claim any kind of victory and admit this whole fiasco has been a failure and we have been wrong. Make plans to get out of Iraq as soon as Now.

Late Edit. I figured this out. Root has basically boiled down the Iraq War to a game of connect four with a 5 year old. Once they figured out they are trapped and can't win they hit the leaver that drops the checkers and say I WIN! then leave the table.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bob Barr Libertarian Candidiate

Bob Barr

By STEVEN K. PAULSON, Associated Press Writer

DENVER - The Libertarian Party on Sunday picked former Republican Rep. Bob Barr to be its presidential candidate after six rounds of balloting.

Barr beat research scientist Mary Ruwart, who also sought the party's presidential nomination unsuccessfully in 1983, on the final ballot. The vote was 324-276.

Barr endorsed Wayne Allyn Root, who was eliminated in the fifth round, to be his vice-presidential nominee.

Barr left the GOP in 2006 over what he called bloated spending and civil liberties intrusions by the Bush administration.

The former Georgia congressman said he's not in the race to be a spoiler.

"I'm a competitor and I'm in this to win. I do not view the role of the Libertarian Party to be a spoiler and I certainly have no intention of being a spoiler," Barr said.

Barr said he expects the party to be on the ballot in at least 48 states and perhaps all 50 if the party can qualify in West Virginia and Oklahoma. Barr said he also expects to be invited to the national political debates by qualifying with poll support of 15 percent or more of registered voters.

So Much to laugh about here. Bob Barr is a self hating praise jebus womanizer Wayne Allen Root is a Sports handicapper or a "Tout". The reason these con artists are called "touts" because they "tout" their fraudulent winning percentages while trying to get your money. You see them on TV on early weekend mornings. saying things like Last week I was 4-1 and hit my 35 star play of the year! For the year I am 85% picking games and this week I'll go 100% or your money back! Call my 1-900 number and for just $50 I will give you a 5 star play, my 25 star play of the month and my 50 star play of the year plus 2 0ther games. all this for just the $50 call. Join my high roller winners club for $1000 and get my weekly picks free"

What they don't tell you is that every time you call you get different picks so they can claim to be 100%.

Wayne Allen Root. Conman.Barr's choice for VP

Barr and Root! Two lying sons of bitches. What a ticket!

Count At The Movies

Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull. *** 1/2 out of *****

I maybe little generous here. It's a definite Mixture of good and bad. The movie is stupid in a lot of places, the script is pure Lucas and the notion of a 65 year old Harrison Ford going through that kind of physical torture stretches the limit as much as well...the rest of the movie. So why the favorable grade? All I ask out of a movie is to be entertained and for the most part I was.

I left for the theater thinking that this Movie would not be as good as either Raiders or the The Last Crusade but better than the Temple of Doom. I left he theater thinking the same thing. So IMHO Crystal Skull is a too flawed to take it's place anywhere near the first and third movies while managing to entertain and make one forget about life for 2 hours.

In Answer To The Poll Question

I don't have a problem with either. I just disagree with Kieth that the comments were any kind of a slap towards anybody. Hillary didn't evoke a nightmare, didn't say she was like RFK all she did was say that those things happened in June. Kieth seemed to have a problem that Hillary used the term assassination. Not sure what term she should have used. I always thought RFK was in fact assassinated. And no Hillary DID NOT say or imply she was being assassinated.

Now ask me if I agree with Hillary's point.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Question for Mark Noonan Or Any Other BTL

What is "winning" the war?

Vote McCain or Else You're Un-Patriotic!

So says right-wing tool Mark Noonan.

Backing McCain is taking on the characteristic of a basic act of patriotism, because someone as ultra-left as Obama will do great harm to the United States.

Since when the fuck do you people get to brand who's a patriot and who isn't?

Its a time of choosing. You can have McCain and a bit of conservatism plus a war won, or you can have Obama and pure liberalism plus a lost war.

Hmmm....let's see....
I could have McCain and basically continue throwing money into a failed foreign policy decision in Iraq, make the tax cuts to the top 1-2% permanent (and the GOP has the stones to bitch about liberals being elitists!), and continue to flip the bird to the middle and lower class.....
Or I could have Obama and a shot at restoring Habeas Corpus, getting out of Iraq, and turn America toward a new direction....
I'm gonna have to go with the black guy on this one.

Plain fact of the matter is - if you want to win the war (and all true patriots want their nation to win any particular war) then you are forced to vote for McCain.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton has just lost all of my respect

Find out why over at Jonathan's Corner.
Update: Here's Keith Olbermann and his Special Comment on her remarks.

Hillary's Endgame?

Remember when I said in this week's Random Questions about how hard it has become to figure out what she wants and why she is still running for president? Well, R.J. Eskow and Guy T. Saperstein of the Huffington Post unleash another motive of the Junior Senator from New York - one that could wind up destroying the Democratic Party.

From Saperstein's article:

Harold Ickes, one of Hillary's representatives on the Rules Committee who voted for the rule barring counting the Michigan and Florida votes, and Hillary's chief negotiator of this issue, was asked recently on one of the Sunday morning political talk shows, "You voted for the Rules Committee decision, but now you are complaining about it. What has changed?" Ickes replied, "What has changed is that now we are behind." So, there it is -- there is not an ounce of principle in the Clinton position. When they thought they were ahead in the presidential race, they supported the rule, but now that they are behind, they don't like it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of us could act like the Clintons and support rules when they favor us and ignore them when they don't?

Two days ago, Hillary hyperventilated on this topic, comparing enforcement of party rules -- rules she earlier had agreed to -- to the civil rights and suffragette movements, Zimbabwe and Florida 2000, as though enforcing a reasonable party rule was comparable to 300 years of slavery, the disenfranchisement of racial minorities and women from voting for hundreds of years, the unprecedented action of a conservative Supreme Court and the tyrannical actions of an African dictator. The Clintons are desperate; they need boundaries.

As this nomination drags on, I have seen the another light of Clinton - and to some extent, the Clinton legacy itself - one that has no shame in resorting to Karl Rove tactics in order to win or to gain power. It saddens and embarrasses me that the the Senator and Former First Lady who made a name for herself for taking on the right-wing media and for championing for universal health care in the 90s is now stooping to new, sleazier levels, in order to keep her hopes alive in this campaign.

Mrs. Clinton: you are, day, by day, less ad less looking like the woman I, and my family, remembered. In it's place, you are revealing yourself to another politician who will stomp on whoever, say whatever it takes, and side with any shady character, for the sake of advancing your own agenda, principles be damned. It is the same kind of politics that has disenfranchised and disillusioned many American voters from giving a damn to vote when we all know that we'll end up getting fucked over. Is this how you want to be remembered, Senator Clinton? As a woman who let her pride, her arrogance, and her ego get the best of her that she threatened to tear her own party in two? You are treading on dangerous waters, Mrs. Clinton; they are the kind of waters that, if you keep navigating in them, will destroy the party that built the Clinton legacy, and whatever chance you have running for any kind of public office in the near future, not to mention, you daughter's political future, should she decide to follow in your footsteps.

Please, Senator Clinton, return to the woman that I used to know and admire.

Update: You can find this blog over at Jonathan's Corner.

Jack Mildren Dies


Former Sooner QB and lieutenant governor Jack Mildren dies

by: GUERIN EMIG, World sports writer
5/22/2008 12:00 AM

NORMAN -- Jack Mildren, the quarterback who set in motion Oklahoma’s wishbone era of the 1970s and 80s, died Thursday of stomach cancer. He was 58.

Mildren was under center when Barry Switzer, then the Sooners’ offensive coordinator, switched from the veer to the wishbone early in OU’s 1970 season. The Sooners finished that season 7-4-1, then exploded for an 11-1 '71 season in which Mildren ran the offense to near-perfection.

That fall, the Sooners averaged a school-record 567 yards per game, with another record 472 yards, on a record 7.1 yards per carry, of that coming on the ground.

Mildren accounted for 1,289 rushing yards, another school record for quarterbacks, and 20 touchdowns. He finished his career with 2,025 yards on the ground, ranking behind fellow wishbone quarterbacks Jamelle Holieway, Thomas Lott and Steve Davis in that category.

By the end of his OU run, Mildren was his school’s career total yardage leader, with 5,117. He held the single-season school record for most 100-yard rushing games by a quarterback (nine), and the single-game record for total offense (323 yards against Iowa State).

Not bad for a onetime Abilene, Texas, high school wiz kid recruited for his right arm as much as his legs. In fact, Mildren once held OU’s single-season pass efficiency record, as well as the school’s career mark for touchdown passes until Cale Gundy broke that in 1993.

Mildren was named All-American at the end of the '71 season. He led the Sooners to a 40-22 rout of Auburn in the 1972 Sugar Bowl, then became the second-round draft pick of the Baltimore Colts. He spent the next three seasons playing defensive back for the Colts and New England Patriots.

By 1975, Mildren had moved on to a post-football career in oil and business. He was elected Oklahoma lieutenant governor in 1990, and held the position until 1994.

More recently, Mildren served as an executive with Arvest Bank. He also co-hosted a daily talk show on Oklahoma City all-sports radio station JOX 930 with Ron Thulin.

Mildren had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for his cancer.

“Things are going OK,” he said in a recent Associated Press story. “Every day is a new day. I’m fighting it pretty good. I have good hopes and the doctors have good hopes, and we’ll keep going at it.”

Though he’ll always be remember as one of OU’s football giants, Mildren accomplished nearly as much in the classroom. He was an academic All-American in 1971, and became the second Sooner inducted into the GTE/CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame in 1998, joining Lee Roy Selmon. He also became the first Sooner to receive a post-graduate scholarship from the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

Even though Mildren was a "Sooner" he is a huge part of Nebraska Football history as is everybody who played for Oklahoma but that 1971 team especially. Thoughts and Prayers to his family. He was one of the best.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pastor Hagee: Der Fuhrer Was Fufulling God's Will

First, Bush claimed that God told him to bomb the shit our of a sovereign nation.
Now John Hagee is claiming that the 20th century's greatest mass-murder was directed by the Almighty himself to exterminate the Jews.

Going in and out of biblical verse, Hagee preached: "'And they the hunters should hunt them,' that will be the Jews. 'From every mountain and from every hill and from out of the holes of the rocks.' If that doesn't describe what Hitler did in the holocaust you can't see that."

He goes on: "Theodore Hertzel is the father of Zionism. He was a Jew who at the turn of the 19th century said, this land is our land, God wants us to live there. So he went to the Jews of Europe and said 'I want you to come and join me in the land of Israel.' So few went that Hertzel went into depression. Those who came founded Israel; those who did not went through the hell of the holocaust.

"Then god sent a hunter. A hunter is someone with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter. And the Bible says -- Jeremiah writing -- 'They shall hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and from the holes of the rocks,' meaning there's no place to hide. And that might be offensive to some people but don't let your heart be offended. I didn't write it, Jeremiah wrote it. It was the truth and it is the truth. How did it happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel."

Either God is a real sick and twisted asshole, or this Hagee fellow is a top-of-the-line lunatic.
And yet, Obama had to denounce and renounce Jeremiah Wright for his comments. Will John McCain do the same with Hagee? I'm not gonna hold my breath. Here's the audio:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Senator Kennedy Has A Brain Tumor


BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) -- U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor, doctors treating him at Massachusetts General Hospital said Tuesday.

Kennedy, 76, was hospitalized Saturday morning after suffering a seizure at his family's compound at Hyannisport, Massachusetts.

"Preliminary results from a biopsy of the brain identified the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma in the left parietal lobe," according to a statement from the doctors treating the senator.

Malignant glioma is the most common primary brain tumor, accounting for more than half of the 18,000 primary malignant brain tumors diagnosed each year in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was confident Kennedy would get through his health crisis.

"Sen. Kennedy has been a fighter all his life," she said.

"He is a fighter -- a fighter for our children, for our workers, for our seniors. He is a champion fighting for health care for all Americans.

"I know that that fighting spirit will hold him in good stead in the challenge that he faces now."

Kennedy had surgery in October to clear his carotid artery in hopes of preventing a stroke.

In recent days, the powerful Democrat appeared in fine health. On Friday, he took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new maritime learning center in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Senate Democrats and Republicans were in their weekly closed policy lunches in the Capitol when the news of Kennedy's diagnosis broke.

Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada announced the news to his Democratic colleagues. The wind was taken out of the room, said one senator. There was "stunned silence," said another

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, a close friend of Kennedy's, released a statement saying, "Ted Kennedy has spent his life caring for those in need. Now it's time for those who love Ted and his family to care for them and join in prayer to give them strength."

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg said, "Ted Kennedy makes the Senate the place that it is, and has for so many years."

I know what the Kennedy family is going through. In September of 2006 my Father was diagnosed as having a stroke and he too had a Brain tumor. Today would have been his 70th Birthday. My thoughts and prayers go to The Kennedy family.

Random Questions: The Week in Politics Edition

I'm back with another segment of Random Questions! You know the drill: I ask random questions about whatever's bugging me and you can answer them for me. This week, it's all political, with Bush Jr. explaining what he's 'sacrificed' in the name of his Iraqi War, why diplomacy has become appeasement, and how difficult it is to figure out the motive behind Hillary Clinton.

- Exactly when did using diplomacy become a symbol of weakness in this country? Sure this is probably a redundant question since most of us already know the answer, but when did it become equivalent to appeasement? It's becasue of negations with leaders we particularly didn't care for, that has saved our nation's backside in the past! During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the United States and the Soviet Union were on the brink of launching a nuclear war, it was JFK's harsh negotiation s with Khrushchev that kept either side from pushing the button. During Nixon's tenure as president, he talked to Communist China's leader, Mao, and opened the doors to trade with the communist nation. Hell, even Ronald Reagan, IMO, the most overrated president in U.S. History, and despite him being the rise of the neo-conservative movement in American politics, he still understood that he needed to talk with the coined nickname "Evil Empire", and did so with Gorbachev. Put simply, negotiation and keeping diplomatic relations, even to our enemies, has proven to have had great effect. So why is it that now, after the mess we've created in Iraq, are we still clinging on to this moronic foreign policy of 'talk tough and bomb the shit out of a nation?' when it has done this country, Iraq, and the rest of the world, no good?

- Why do I find the motives for Hillary Clinton staying in the race so hard to read? Part of me believes that she's still running becasue she really believes that she would be the stronger nominee against John McCain, and that the superdelegates will overturn the wises of the people to satisfy her drive to become president. Another part of me thinks that she's merely in it for positioning in Obama's administration, or to become his VP (sorry, I don't see her doing it becasue there's too much bad blood between her and Obama and that I don't think she would want to become anyone's second fiddle). Another part of me thinks that he's still running purely on her arrogance and her pride. Whatever the reason, it still doesn't change how I feel that I have lost a good amount of respect for her in this campaign season, thanks in part to her attack ads and her conduct.

- Why must President Bush continue to degrade himself, the office he swore to uphold with honor and integrity, and the young men and women who have died in his Iraqi War, by saying stupid, insensitive shit like this? This week, out of all the things this jackass has said and done during his seven years as Commander-in-Chief, his most offensive and heartless comments came out.

For the first time, Bush revealed a personal way in which he has tried to acknowledge the sacrifice of soldiers and their families: He has given up golf.
“I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

Nine rounds of hitting a fucking ball with a damn stick?? That's been your sacrifice to the 4,000+ men and women you've sent to their deaths??? Mr. President: this is NOT about you, or your damn game of golf! Pretend that you actually give a shit about the innocent blood that has been shed because of your lies, sir.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Questions Time

What is a politicians job?

A. To do the will of the people
B. To do what is best for the people

Is it A good thing when States like Mississippi elect Democratic candidates who are essentially Republicans in drag?

A. Not really
B. Yes. At least they are right 50% of the time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My Bad On This One! Sorry

Celtics Survive Another Game 7

Boston over came a 45 point game from Lebron James and some typically horrendous NBA officiating ( Damn the NBA wanted LeBron in the Eastern Conference finals bad and did everything they could to get him there) A Huge game from Paul Pierce who's not normally my favorite player but he had a monster game. Detroit is next.

And the Award For Paranoid Rant of the Week Goes To....

Kahn of Blogs for for this:

1. Kahn | May 18th, 2008 at 1:56 pm

This is EXACTLY the kind of thinking I ran into talking to my coworker last week.

Liberals control the entertainment industry and fill comedies, dramas, and mysteries with attacks on conservatives and mis-information. This includes TV and movies.

Liberals control the vast majority of News outlets. And do the same.

And what little opposition that does exist is attacked as stupid and evil. FOX News, talk radio, the handful of non-liberal newspapers. You don’t even have to be conservative. FOX News has been found in multiple studies to be the most fair and balanced news on TV. Thats not good enough for liberals. If you’re not spouting THEIR views then you are the enemy.

Honestly, this totalitarian view is what frightens me about their plans to confiscate guns. You don’t have to scratch a truly dedicated liberal very hard before they start justifying confiscation. You can even goad them into admitting that they would love to actually do just that.

Problem is… OUR party lost it’s spine some years back leaving us almost defenseless against these jerks. Oh, I’m sorry…. hating totalitarian fascists is hate speech, isn’t it?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keyboard Commando

Anonymous said...

I got an even message to leftists 'SHUT THE FUCK UP"! FUCK THE LOONEY LEFT!

May 17, 2008 10:12 AM

Anonymous said...

You are a still a fucken nigger and I'd have no problem telling that to your face, and take your best shot because it you will GET ONE CHANCE!

May 17, 2008 10:13 AM

Note To Chickenhawks...

At least try and fake like you know what the fuck you are talking about.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Bet Jerry Is Pissed

Christian Marriage In Trouble

SAN FRANCISCO - California's Supreme Court declared that gay couples in the nation's biggest state can marry — a monumental but perhaps short-lived victory for the gay rights movement Thursday that was greeted with tears, hugs, kisses and at least one instant proposal of matrimony.

— religious and social conservatives are pressing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November that would undo the Supreme Court ruling and ban gay marriage.

"Essentially, this boils down to love. We love each other. We now have equal rights under the law," declared a jubilant Robin Tyler, a plaintiff in the case along with her partner. She added: "We're going to get married. No Tupperware, please."

Poor Jerry. I bet He doesn't know whether to pray extra hard tonight or pack up quick and head to California.

Dumb Ass

So I am walking outside with my Ipod on in a world of my own smoking a Cigar. Cigar falls out of my mouth, I try to catch it, I catch it by the lit end, burn my hand, drop the Cigar.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Olbermann's Special Comment on Bush & His "Sacrifice"

The only thing this bastard has earned is a one-way ticket to the deepest circle of Hell.

Here's Keith's scathing Special Comment on Bush Jr's "sacrifice" on the War in Iraq.

New Ralph


Well there is some fresh new Ralphiness.

Here are the lowlights...















10 Years Ago Today

Later I'll try to put into words what the Man and his Music means to me but until then Here's the man doing what he did best. This is one of my favorite songs.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Takes West Virginia Big!

Bush: I Gave Up Golf For the Troops

Absolutely disgusting.

As violence in Iraq continues -- clashes today left 11 dead and 19 injured -- President Bush has for the first time revealed the great sacrifice he's made for the sake of our soldiers: he's given up golf.

"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf," he said. "I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

Bush said he made that decision after the August 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, which killed Sergio Vieira de Mello, the top U.N. official in Iraq and the organization's high commissioner for human rights.

"I remember when de Mello, who was at the U.N., got killed in Baghdad as a result of these murderers taking this good man's life," he said. "I was playing golf -- I think I was in central Texas -- and they pulled me off the golf course and I said, 'It's just not worth it anymore to do.'"

Well, woop-de-fucking-doo, Mr. Bush.
While you've given up golf, young Americans have given up an arm, a leg, even their lives for your war for Exxon and Hallibuton.

"He's a half-breed and he's a Muslim. How can you trust that?"

I found this disturbing article from the Washington today about Obama campaigners encountering the utter ignorance and racism in America.

In a letter to the editor published in a local paper, Tunkhannock Borough Mayor Norm Ball explained his support of Hillary Clinton this way: "Barack Hussein Obama and all of his talk will do nothing for our country. There is so much that people don't know about his upbringing in the Muslim world. His stepfather was a radical Muslim and the ranting of his minister against the white America, you can't convince me that some of that didn't rub off on him.

"No, I want a president that will salute our flag, and put their hand on the Bible when they take the oath of office."

Obama's campaign workers have grown wearily accustomed to the lies about the candidate's supposed radical Muslim ties and lack of patriotism. But they are sometimes astonished when public officials such as Ball or others representing the campaign of their opponent traffic in these falsehoods.

If this is the requirement Americans look for in voting for a president, then our country will get the government that it rightfully deserves.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Go Bob!

If McCain don't speak for you vote for Bob Barr

There a lot of reasons to hate Bob Barr. He's obviously got some African Blood in him but that hasn't stopped him from being a Klansman. He's a womanizer whose been married several times but that didn't stopped him from leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Now he's giving us one reason to cheer him on. He's running for President as a Libertarian. You go Bob. Take your fight all the way.

If You Learn To Spell It First

Credit Houston Chronicle and DU

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Guess The Guest Mods Experiment Is Over

This thread is hilarious. BOR reports his side of the argument but because most on this website disagree, he is somehow "not reporting the truth."

I would rather bet on Bil O'Reilly than a skewed leftist website.
Help me understand the liberal worldview; if I am opposed to an Obama presidency, then I am automatically viewed a racist, and it is assumed the only reason I would vote against him is due to the color of his skin?

Following that "logic", what would you call a black person that is voting against Obama?
The issue with Wright was more anti-American than race based. At least, that is the way I see it.

As far as Hagee is concerned:

First, he is/was not McCain's preacher.

Second, he apologized for his comments.

Third, what does Hagee have to do with Obama?
mark my words! If Obama isn't elected, there will be rioting in the streets!

Of cours it's all about race! Put a white face on Obama and he wouldn't be where he is now. If any of you can't understand that you are stupid!
If Obama was white, we wouldn't be discussing this.
Well, you agree with me! Do you also agree that Obama is unqualified to be president, three years from being a state senator, inexperienced, and shouldn't be in the race?
So you would settle?

Settle for someone with so little experience?

It's amazing that we have two democrats to choose from who don't have a snow ball's chance in hell to become President.
Sorry, when it comes to experience, it's McCain hands down. Obama isn't anywhere near qualified. He thinks there's 59 states!

Only when taken out of context. But then it wouldn't get the libtard mouth-breathers all riled up, now would it?



Listen to the hour that he was talking about this subject and then show us how what he said is racist.

Can't do it. Without lying.


Libtards like to take part of what he said out of the larger context, and Robrob provided a very small part of it for us.


Now, if O'Rielly had said something about "typical black people" that might be a different subject.

Oops, it was Obsama who made the statement, substituting "white" for black.

Obsama: As racist as Bill O'Rielly.
Actually, I made the point that you can take a sentence out of context and make it look like whatever you want.

Was Obsama's comment racist?

It's a simple question.

Obsama is also a racist by your standard then.

You really should think before taking the bait, chump!


What's a typical white person? It's amazing that a confirmed libtard such as yourself is so insensitive to Obsama's prejudice.

They aren't entirely off the job over there. They did erase a post from Frank C. Ellen, Chrish, Great job of moderating as always

Some Fresh Dubya

Just think about what life was like in Afghanistan under the Taliban, with al Qaeda driving the agenda. This is where girls have no rights. You can't worship freely. This is a very dark, grim vision that they believe they must spread far and wide. That's what they think. And one way they achieve their objectives, of course, is to intimidate by death. There's no rules with these people. There's just so America has got to understand that in order to find them we've got to get in their heads. If you're facing a nation, you can find the nation. If you're facing people that burry in failed states you've got to understand how to find them.
Maryland Heights, Missouri, May 2, 2008

This sounds an awful lot like Jerry. He's against religious freedom and wants to intimidate anybody he disagrees with with death. Other than that this makes no sense.

I've been since I've been your President, I want to remind you we have been through a recession, we have been through a terrorist attack, we have been at war, we have had corporate scandals, we have had major natural disasters.
Maryland Heights, Missouri, May 2, 2008

Exactly. And that is why America CAN NOT elect John McCain.

Jeremiah has lost his fucking mind

I'm not sure whether this is brilliant satire or a disturbing glimpse into his subconscious.

18. Jeremiah | May 10th, 2008 at 5:33 pm

Canadian Observer,

I could care less what you think of me, but I certainly DO care what you want to do to America. Now, our Founding Fathers, CO, they were willing to fight and execute people for what they believed in, even if it meant forsaking their families….they had a backbone and they weren’t afraid to do what was necessary to ensure that society maintained a modicum of morality and good-will for all.

And that’s what pisses me off so much about today’s era of government leaders, they’ve done away with the Law, they have no backbone to stand for law, they actually WANT to promote IMMORALITY.

Our Founding Fathers hats would fly off their heads at the sight of this country after they done everything they could to preserve it from such humanistic idiotic Democrats.


21. Jeremiah | May 10th, 2008 at 6:41 pm

Cavalor Epthith, Esquire, D.S.V.J., | May 10th, 2008 at 6:07pm.

Cavalor E.E.D,

For starters…A list of laws I would sign into law if I were POTUS for morality.

1. A Constitutional amendment for the protection of life, making abortion illegal in all 50 states.

2. A Constitutional amendment making marriage between One Man and One Woman for Life in all 50 states.

3. A Constitutional amendment for the re-constitution of Sodomy laws.

4. A Constitutional amendment banning the production of pornographic material and on the Internet.

5. A Constitutional amendment outlawing the teaching of sexual education in our schools.

6. A Constitutional amendment allowing prayer and Bible reading in our schools.

7. A Constitutional amendment that allows for the teaching of the account of Creation in school, and extra funding to research on that end.

8. A Constitutional amendment making the Death Penalty mandatory for the act of murder and rape in all 50 states.

9. A Constitutional amendment that allows Christians to promote Christianity in the public symbolically.

10. A Constitutional amendment banning taxes for the working to elderly/fixed income folk.

11. A Constitutional amendment that allows for the use of public property for Christian based events.

What would become of America after all that?

She would rise to be great and honorable, and other countries would respect and honor her!!

28. Jeremiah | May 10th, 2008 at 7:01 pm

people having no purpose to live, i.e. the freedom to live as they choose

There’s only ONE purpose to live for in life, friend…..For Jesus Christ.

And this country is fixin’ to find that out in quick order.

44. Jeremiah | May 10th, 2008 at 11:28 pm

Meaning divorce would be illegal?

No. meaning that the marriage institution would be permanently between a man and a woman only. And that if divorce be needed, then re-marriage is not acceptable, you must stay single.

how would you enforce this? would you have cameras installed in every bedroom or take “wittness accounts” as proof?

Nope. Just take a questionairre at every work place, and if caught, then call the police to take them in and lock them up. Same for our military, just fill out a questionairre, if caught give them the boot.

and what would be the punishment? death?

First offense(sp?), $2,500 fine, and three to five years in prison.
Second offense, Death Row. No excuses.

What about events for jews, muslims and every other religion?

Sure, no problem. As for now, we Christians have got to try to get our freedoms back, before we start going to prison. If not, then we will see Civil War again, something I’m sure many would like to avoid, but when Atheists want to persecute you, you have no other choice but to rebel against the government and make the Atheists step back.

How on earth do you plan to regulate whats on the net? (you are aware the net is a worldwide thing and not just created by people in the US right? look into how such laws have been avoided in the past).

I have no idea, but one thing’s for sure, it’s got to go, it’s no good, it causes division and depraved mindedness in the family unit.

how old do you plan to retire, 80??

That’s when I plan to retire, that is IF the good Lord gives me the strength and health to tarry that long.

How would you pay for the armed forces, roads, schools, etc?

The government’s got plenty of money…them big oil rigs, refineries and so forth.

Instead of using our tax dollars, why don’t they use that money instead to fund for welfare and all these other subsidies, S-ChIP, HUD and all the rest. Watch and see how fast they turn on you then…they live high on the hog and just want to keep sucking it in…George Soros and the whole lot of thieves.

This is the kind of company Mark Noonan chooses to associate himself with

Tell me what's worse: Senator Obama's former association with Reverend Wright?
Or Mark Noonan's current association with this hateful lunatic?

49. bongoman | May 11th, 2008 at 1:38 am

I think this thread takes the cake here at BfV.

And what about male-female anal sex Jeremiah? You are aware that the practice of sodomy is not confined to men only? Would you seek to punish men and women who engage in it?

What might a suitable punishment be do you think?

And why exactly are you so interested in other people’s sexualty and the expression thereof? Especially when it is consensual and private?

Your obsession with what people do with their penises - have you ever though that it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? No?

50. Jeremiah | May 11th, 2008 at 1:49 am


No, it is my business, as it should be everybody’s business.

Why? Because it places a bad influence on society, it’s harmful to society, it’s unhealthy for society.

In other words it’s Evil!

What punishment? Hanging. I wish they would bring it back, and not waste any time carrying it out.

Yeah, I hate to be off-topic, but the reason I’m so interested in speaking about this, is because if Obama or Hillary either one become our next President, this country will have to suffer the ill-effects of such a terrible, terrible mistake.

There two dangerous people, poison to the core.

Ok, sorry to interrupt. I’m done, carry on…

Hmmmm....sending people to death for their differences....that kinds me of a group that tried this kind of unspeakable stunt and failed (thank God in heaven) over 60 years ago....

There's no denying it - Jeremiah, you sir, are a hateful homophobe of the first order. And yet, you still profess to be a real Christian could speak in such a manner as you just did. You should be ashamed of yourself....On second thought, I don't expect any better from you. You were also the one who made the comment that my black ancestors couldn't have been mistreated during slavery becasue the Bible said so.

Seriously, Jeremiah: put down your holy book and get some help.

btw Mark: are you going to renounce and denounce these offensive and disgusting comments about Jeremiah wishing they'd bring back hangings for gay people?

I'm willing to bet that he's going to let these comments stand.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day To All Of The Mothers out there. The Count bought his Mom an 8GB Ipod ( that's the size she wanted) and took her to lunch. I hope all of the Mothers have a Great day today.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Editons Of Ian Fleming's James Bond Novels.


There are new edition s of Ian Flemings Novels being released later this month as part of the centenary celebration of his birth. Unfortunately these are only for sale in the United Kingdom so unless I scourer Ebay or get them off Amazon UK ($$$$$) I don't think that I'll be getting them. ( Buying 14 books that I already own several copies of is probably out at the moment) But they are sweet. Some examples...

Friday, May 9, 2008


ET has informed me that she left a post earlier here that mysteriously disappeared. So This is a testing thread to see of Blogger is having problems. And an Open thread. post anything. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clinton: I'm the Cracker Candidate

She might as well have said it:

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," she said in an interview published Thursday. She cited an Associated Press article "that found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

"There's a pattern emerging here,"
she said.

First: if what you say is true, that the rednecks won't vote for a black man, what in God's name makes you think, even for a minute, that they'll vote for you, a woman??

Second: Hillary Rodham Clinton, stop it. Read my lips: You. Have. Lost. Period. You're only making a fool of yourself, and you're losing more respect from me each time you resort to these kind of hit-below-the-belt comments. It's past time to swallow your pride and your ego and bow out gracefully, while you still have some respect left, and support the party in beating John McCain.

Eddy Arnold 1918-2008

Caption This

Credit To Ralph for the picture.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Lake County Indiana Votes

Do they matter? Hillary lost. Even if she wins by 1 or 2 percent.

Vote Counters in Gary Indiana

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank You Hillary Clinton

Thank you Hillary for you service to America. I am deeply disappointed in the behavior of many of the members of my political party. You and your voters have been as much a victim of this foolishness you have been the instigators. I do not blame you or your voters any more or any less than I blame Barack Obama and his Voters. From the beginning you have had to fight a vicious smear campaign from the right and a hatchet job from the media. Just look at the pictures the media chooses to run of you whenever they discuss you or your campaign. I truly respect you and your service Hillary and I am grateful to you for it. But it's time to do the right thing. It's time for you to go.

IF you win Indiana you won't win by more than 2 or 3 points. You lost bad in North Carolina. It's time to start healing the party and turning our sites towards stopping another disastrous George W. Bush administration. It's time to do the right thing by getting out and telling your voters they must back Barack Obama with the same passion they backed you. Hillary this is bigger than you. Be big enough to do the right thing now. Then we can get on with the important business of stopping John McCain.

Obama Wins North Carolina.

CNN has already called North Carolina for Obama. It looks like Hillary will take Indiana

And message to CNN there is no such thing as a Reagan Democrat. If you back Reagan NeoCon policies you are not a Democrat.

Jenna Lush Getting Married Saturday

In typical "family values conservative fashion" the wedding is coming after the pregnancy and abortion.

Jenna Lush Getting hitched

WASHINGTON (May 6) - Talk about hush-hush wedding planning. First daughter Jenna Bush was the last in the family to know she was getting married.

Months ago, her fiance, Henry Hager, told Jenna's twin sister that he wanted to propose. Then at the Camp David presidential retreat, Hager asked President Bush and first lady Laura Bush for their daughter's hand in marriage.

For weeks, the president and Mrs. Bush kept their lips zipped.

Then on Aug. 15, 2007, Hager rousted Jenna at 4 a.m. to go hiking on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine. "It was freezing," Jenna recalled. "But we got up, and we hiked in the dark for an hour and a half, and then when we got towards the top - with the sunrise - he asked me."

Officially, the wedding is a private, family affair. The White House has issued no press releases, but the president and first lady have gradually dribbled out details about the nuptials Saturday at their 1,600-acre ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Here's the lowdown: Jenna, 26, will wear an Oscar de la Renta gown with a small train. More than 200 friends and relatives will attend the outdoor ceremony with dinner and dancing. A tent is being erected at the Western White House. The bride has 14 attendants, who are known in Texas not as bridesmaids, but members of the "house party." Barbara Bush, Jenna's twin, is the maid of honor. She helped Hager make decisions about the ring. The diamond, a Hager family heirloom, was reset in a ring that also features sapphires.

On Monday, the president disclosed that Jenna will say "I do" near a lake at the ranch - in front of a giant cross made of Texas limestone. The cross, built for the wedding, will serve as a landmark at the ranch for years to come. The president said that was his contribution to the wedding that the Bushes are trying to keep a low-key affair.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary's Bitter Victory

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone is dead on with this piece on how both sides -- Hillary Lovers and Obama Supporters -- have lost their minds and how the ongoing battle could threaten to tear the Democratic Party apart.

In the meantime, one thing about this contest can be said with absolute surety: Everyone involved has lost their minds. For Clinton supporters, the race has taken on a meaning that transcends politics. One gets the sense that Hillary's campaign has become an idée fixe for any Democrat of a certain type who has ever been fucked around or disrespected or abused or disappointed. Far more than any policy position, it is Hillary's "fight to the finish" mantra that is reaching her supporters on some elemental level that is hard for outsiders to comprehend.

Her campaign has become a symbol of not giving in to those who would wish us to surrender, of defying the smug assessments of those who think they know better, of not letting someone else's diminished expectations for us — maybe those of a boss, maybe an ex-boyfriend or ex-wife, maybe a Madison Avenue ad world that tells us we have to look a certain way/age to be worth loving — rule the day. I would say that Hillary is the electoral incarnation of a Gloria Gaynor song, but Gloria Gaynor is too campy and even a little bit too black for this crowd; the vibe at Hillary events feels more like nostalgic white suburban angst, a numbing misery of a type that runs deep enough it can hear the same song over and over again in the car on the way to work for 20 consecutive years and yet still sing along to it, lips pursed defiantly in Billy Crystal's white-man's overbite, when it hears it twice, three times, even four times in the same hour. In other words, this Hillary campaign is basically Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" running for president.

If you're the kind of person who's ready to throw a chair through a window if you hear that fucking song even one more time, you're not going to get this Hillary thing. More to the point, you're not going to fit in with these crowds, which are full of featureless, angry faces, faces of the type that all us smug cleverati in the media think can be ignored, faces that have been going to boring-ass jobs every day and taking one crappy vacation a year to Puerto Vallarta and running a treadmill three times a week to help their spouses find sex with them more tolerable — you see, there we go, making jokes about them again! See, we can laugh all we want, but they won't . . . back . . . down! THEY WON'T! BACK! DOWWWWWWWN!

Somewhere in there is where you can find the emotional imperative underneath this campaign, and the reason why all the electoral math in the world doesn't mean shit to these people. Hillary calls them the "invisible Americans." There are a hell of a lot of them, and their anger is real. They don't want to hear about numbers, and they don't want to hear about Hillary bowing out for the good of the party. After Clinton's victory speech, I stop an elderly woman with orange hair who is wearing what looks like a white rayon sweater. I ask her if there would ever be a point at which she thinks Hillary should consider stepping d?

"Absolutely not!" she cries. "You never get out!"

I start to bring up the math, the delegate count?


Celtics FINALLY! Put Away Atlanta Hawks

Don't know what Mike The Liberal is up to but if he comes by we may disagree on the Pats but I have been a Celtics fan since way back. That being said I chose to stay in bed this afternoon instead of watching game 7. Game 6 pissed me off enough. So when I got the call that the C's were ahead by 34 in the 3rd quarter it saved me a whole lot of consternation not to mention F-bombs. The same ones I didn't waste in games 3,4 and 6.

The Cavs and Lebron are next. Hopefully Boston has their heads out of their asses.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gas Tax Holiday?

Obama is correct. This would do nothing but give the Oil Companies a bigger profit. gas prices would not come down. They would just rise to the point of where they were before the gas tax. Sorry Hillary Gas tax Holiday is a nice token gesture but it would do nothing to help.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

John Gibson = Jackass

How anyone can listen to this jerkoff is beyond me.

On his radio show yesterday, Fox News host John Gibson made fun of Air America host/MSNBC analyst Rachel Maddow, playing a clip that says "Ooh, lesbians! Yummy!" after airing audio of her discussing media coverage of Jeremiah Wright. Maddow is a lesbian.

Late Edit From The Count.

I just want to gleefully point out that Jonathan posted this hours before Newshounds posted it. Good work Jonathan.

The Count's Not Going to Like This

I know I don't.

LONDON — Amy Winehouse has abandoned recording the theme to the latest James Bond film because the singer is not ready to work, her producer said Friday.

Mark Ronson, who produced much of Winehouse's Grammy-winning "Back to Black," said the soul diva is "not ready to record any music."

Ronson said the two started work on the track for the upcoming Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" but it would take "some miracle of science" to finish it, he said in an interview with Sky News.

Jesus, what a mess Amy's become. Even more disappointing is that she could have made a great song for Quantum of Solace and jump-start her career again.

Friday, May 2, 2008

And This Is The Side Of Ron Brown I Don't Miss

Ron Brown's heard it about his prayer circles after each Husker football game.

Believe him, he's heard it -- from the ACLU, from university administrators, from upset fans.

He's heard threats. He's heard that, as a public employee endorsing Christianity, he's breaking the law. His response to all that?

"Take me to jail," the assistant Husker football coach says. "This life is not worth saving to lose my freedom in Christ."

Lying is a sin Ron. You have never lost a job because of your prayer circles after games nor been threatened too. You have lost job opportunities (He's never been fired that I know of) because you are a bigot sir. No different than a White man who believes the color of your skin makes you inferior. You are an outstanding football coach who could have been and should have been a head coach by now. But you just can't keep your hatred to yourself. You and your pal Tony Dungy should just be thankful that circumstances keep others from calling you out more than they do. (which isn't much)

That's the kind of boldness Brown encouraged Christians to have about their faith while speaking Thursday at a breakfast in Aurora celebrating the annual National Day of Prayer.

Yes I love it when a persecuted Christian shows real courage by giving a speech to a church in rural Nebraska.

Brown likened prayer to a huddle in football -- a critical element but not the only one. If the Huskers remained in the huddle for an entire game, never to run a play, "that'd be a sorry team," he said.

Instead, Brown urged the nearly 200 people gathered at Aurora's Leadership Center to make sure their prayers for boldness and the spread of God's Word are coupled with action.

Ron's got a point here. People who spend their days just praying all the time are a pretty sorry bunch.

Brown readily acknowledged that talking boldly about one's faith at work or school could draw controversy or even result in getting fired. In fact, Christians should expect persecution as a part of living out their faith, he said.

Yes it's so tragic when 87% of the country can't fight for itself and gets persecuted. Actually Ron, Christians don't get persecuted as part of living their faith. If you actually lived your I wouldn't have a problem at all. But you are so unsure of your own faith that you have to go around telling everybody just how holy you are while seeing fit to do the Lords work by judging others. When somebody points this out to you you see it as persecution.

"That doesn't mean that Christians have to clam up, go into a corner and not bring out the truth," Brown said. "Many of us have been ducking and running and hiding because we're afraid to get hit."

Yes keep hitting others with your version of the truth and then when somebody swings back at you because they have had enough of your BS yell "persecution."

Brown returned to the Husker football coaching staff this year as tight ends coach after working as receivers coach from 1987 to 2003 under Tom Osborne and Frank Solich.

The man is a great football coach no doubt about it. And his religious views land him recruits. From that aspect of it I am glad he's back. He does his job well and should be allowed to continue to do so.

He spent the last four years as state director of the Fellowship for Christian Athletes but has long been active in Christian ministry during his coaching tenure.

He and former Husker Stan Parker are co-founders and co-directors of Mission Nebraska, which seeks to spread the Christian message throughout the state. The nonprofit group runs the My Bridge Radio network, including KROA in Doniphan.

Good for him. Just as I think he's a great coach and am glad he's back I won't shed too many tears should the call of the Lord lead him to other things.

All that involvement makes for a packed schedule, but on Thursday morning, just a few hours removed from a night flight from Philadelphia, Brown showed no signs of fatigue.

Sporting a black Nebraska polo shirt, Brown spoke energetically and forcefully, framing the Christian message in no uncertain terms.

Again at a Church in Aurora, Nebraska. I fail to see this as some heroic act.

"We're not just talking about a good religious experience here," he said. "The National Day of Prayer is focused on Jesus Christ and who he is."

Did you know him personally Ron? What is his favorite color? You sure your focus isn't on who Ron Brown really is?

Brown held up first-century Christians as an example, citing their prayer for boldness and their willingness to give up their lives for their faith. At least 11 of the Twelve Apostles are believed to have been killed because of their belief in Jesus.

Ok are you asking people to die for their faith? You first OK Ron?

"You think they were murdered for their faith because they were doing Bible studies here and a little retreat over there?" he said.

Actually this statement makes Ron out to be a total liar from his first statement. Remember...

Ron Brown's heard it about his prayer circles after each Husker football game.

Believe him, he's heard it -- from the ACLU, from university administrators, from upset fans.
He's heard threats. He's heard that, as a public employee endorsing Christianity, he's breaking the law. His response to all that?

It's the same thing as asking do you think Ron Brown has really not gotten a head coaching job or been threatened to be fired because of his prayer circles here and there after games?

It comes down to consistency, he said. Prayers on Sunday are useless unless matched with action the rest of the week.

He's right here Prayer on Sunday does no good if you don't believe the rest of the week and put your faith to work by believing God will do his or her job without you telling him/her how to do it.

"I can't be two Ron Browns," he said. "I can't be a secular Ron Brown and a Christian Ron Brown.”

That's true. Because you are too busy being Ron Brown and Jesus Christ and let's face it that is a full time job.

I want to add one thing to this article. In 1990 I was coming back from Ames Iowa after Nebraska had just beaten Iowa State 45-13. A friend of mine and I were in the back seat of the car with my parents in the front. As we turned around and looked behind us Ron Brown was driving and smiled and waved at us. The man is by almost all accounts a good man. I do not now nor have I ever maintained his beliefs and more importantly his words should keep him from employment. I also have no problem with Universities like Stanford looking at his words and choosing not to hire him. That is their choice and it makes sense.

Ron Brown is a great football coach just as Tom Osborne was a great football coach. Ron Brown is out spoken about his Christian faith just as Tom Osborne was. ( thought not nearly as much) Ron Brown as used his "faith" as a tool to sit in judgment of others different than him which is something I never remember Tom Osborne doing.

I have to assume being a mortal human that Ron Brown like the rest of us spends his days sining. This doesn't make him a bad person and doesn't give me the right to judge him. I just wish he treated others whom he considers to be sining the same way. And just for once let that God you claim to have so much faith in do their job.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished 5 Years Later

Really what more needs to be said?

Pardon Me For Sounding Like Ralph On This


D.C. Madam Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Palfrey Was Recently Convicted on Federal Charges Stemming From Operating a Prostitution Service


May 1, 2008—

Florida police are investigating the apparent suicide of the so-called D.C. Madam, who was found dead in the Florida mobile home of the madam's mother Thursday.

The madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, was recently convicted on federal charges stemming from operating a prostitution service in the Washington, D.C. area with a number of high-profile clients. She was scheduled to be sentenced July 24.

Palfrey told ABC News last year she would never return to prison, after serving time in the 1990s for other prostitution-related charges. "I sure as heck am not going to be going to federal prison for one day, let alone, you know, four to eight years."

Palfrey's 76-year-old mother, Blanche, found her daughter's body in a shed to the side of her home, according to police. Palfrey had hung herself with nylon rope from a beam in the shed's ceiling, the police said.

Blanche had looked in the shed after awaking from a nap to discover outside her house a tricycle she normally stored there, according to police. She called 911.

Hand-written notes were found near Palfrey's body which "describes the victim's intention to take her life," the police statement read.

Local police responding to a call late Thursday morning discovered the woman's body in a storage shed to the side of the home, according to a statement released by the Tarpon Springs, Fla. Police. Hand-written notes were found nearby which "describes the victim's intention to take her life," according to the statement.

Foul play does not appear to have been involved, according to the police. They did not immediately release the contents of the notes.

A jury in Washington, D.C. found Palfrey guilty of money laundering, racketeering and using the mail for illegal purposes in connection with a prostitution ring she ran from 1993 to 2006.

Several well-known men were reportedly clients of her service, including former U.S. Agency for International Development chief Randall Tobias and Sen. David Vitter, R-La. Neither man was among the clients called to testify at Palfrey's trial. Neither immediately responded to requests for comment.

In an interview last year, Palfrey vowed to fight the federal prosecutors who brought the charges against her. "They just destroy you on every level, financially, emotionally, psychologically," she said, but still she refused to accept any deal they offered.

In the interview, she contrasted herself with Brandy Britton, a woman who once worked as a prostitute -- apparently for a time with Palfrey's service, Palfrey's phone records reflected -- who committed suicide after charges were brought against her.

"She committed suicide because of the police and the prosecutor," Palfrey said then, arguing that prostitution should be legal because the prosecutions are more harmful than the business itself. "They, they had to push it, in the name of justice. I'd like to know what justice they're talking about."

Suicide huh? Why don't I believe?

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