Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10 Years Ago Today

Later I'll try to put into words what the Man and his Music means to me but until then Here's the man doing what he did best. This is one of my favorite songs.


MLP said...

On Monday, I had to have 4 hours of MRI's. The tech asked if I would like to listen to his Sinatra collection while the tests were going on. Of course, I agreed. Four hours of Frank, and without a repeat. In fact, I didn't hear anything newer than the early 60's. It made the testing almost enjoyable.
The man was frighteningly fucking talented. Maybe not the best voice, but the phrasing was innovative and the intonation is near flawless.
Now, lets talk about Mel Torme sometime!

Anonymous said...

first of all what ever the MRI was on I hope all goes well.

I am a fan of much the Reprise era. I know it's not cool in some Sinatraphile circles to admit that but I am.

I am not really acquainted with FS's First recordings with Harry James so I can't comment on those.

The Tommy Dorsey recordings are of shocking quality. Most world war 2 music is corny and hokey as music from most war eras are but FS's recording with Tommy Dorsey are for the most part first rate stuff.

The best of The Columbia era (and Reprise) is the best of Sinatra. When I listen to the complete Columbia recordings box set there is no question that there are some absolutely awful (Mama Will bark) songs. But most of these are on the last 2 CD's. However much of what comes before that and even while the dreck was being recorded is simply marvelous.

The Capitol Era is amazing. I don't care which album you play from the Capital era and it's fantastic. The consistency of the recordings from that era is simply amazing. And maybe thats why though I love that era none of it (expect maybe the Nice "N" Easy album seems to stand out to me. It all stands out.

To put it in perspective FS had to record three more Capital albums to fulfill his contract while he was beginning with Reprise. Frank went in and finished the albums as quickly as possible. These three albums represent the "nadir" of Frank's Capital records work. And yet if they are inferior to his other capital work it's only marginally so. And all three albums would be the masterpieces of almost anyone else's catalog.

I love the Reprise era. Many don't but I do. There's no question that like the Columbia era it veers into some pretty lousy stuff. But For every Bad Bad Leroy Brown ( which in and of itself is not really lousy...well not as lousy as when a 60 year old man tries to sound cool by singing it.) there are untold Change Partners. I liked the Folk Frank Sinatra I know many don't. Though I agree the Album itself leaves much to be desired Cycles is another of my all time favorite songs. Watertown, (the biggest bust of his career) an album about a Man whose Wife leaves him, is my favorite FS Album. Especially when the mood calls for it.

That in the end is what I find great about Frank Sinatra. I have I admit about 3000 different emotions and I got through them quite often. Yet some how Frank had an Album or song for all of them. Whether it's Watertown, A Man Alone, Songs For Young Lovers or Come Fly With me Frank had an Album for all occasions.

Now about Mel Torme. Not really a fan. BUT I wasn't really a fan of FS until maybe 5 years ago. Usually what happens is I here something, often something I have heard a thousand times and it clicks. So don't give up hope.

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