Saturday, May 3, 2008

John Gibson = Jackass

How anyone can listen to this jerkoff is beyond me.

On his radio show yesterday, Fox News host John Gibson made fun of Air America host/MSNBC analyst Rachel Maddow, playing a clip that says "Ooh, lesbians! Yummy!" after airing audio of her discussing media coverage of Jeremiah Wright. Maddow is a lesbian.

Late Edit From The Count.

I just want to gleefully point out that Jonathan posted this hours before Newshounds posted it. Good work Jonathan.


Anonymous said...

Gibbon is a parasite.

godzilla104 said...

Parasite? He's a boil on the ass of humanity, and he proves everyday how he lost his show on FOX. You'd think the miserable fucking screw up would have learned by now, but then again, he IS a miserable fucking screw up.

et said...

What a miserable collection of molecules masquerading as a human being. Why does anyone remotely give these blowhards the time of day?

Anonymous said...

Because he speaks for a lot of miserable collections of molecules masquerading as human beings.

I have often said what scared me more was not that there were Ranger Bobs in the world but that there were Ranger Bobs in the world that we give platforms to spew this nonsense.

et said...

I was afraid that was the answer, Count.

It is, unfortunately, not "cool" to be "smart" in much of the U.S. these days. And to some extent that may have always been true...but there was at least a day and age in which parents aspired for their kids to get a better education than they themselves had benefit of. That seems less true every day, from what I can see.

wee nelson said...

Some right wing commentators do have a few brains and a little originality. John Gibson has no brains and just rehashes what other smarter people have said before.

Rachel Maddow was right. WHAT do we have to do to get Jeremiah Wright off the air???

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