Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary's Endgame?

Remember when I said in this week's Random Questions about how hard it has become to figure out what she wants and why she is still running for president? Well, R.J. Eskow and Guy T. Saperstein of the Huffington Post unleash another motive of the Junior Senator from New York - one that could wind up destroying the Democratic Party.

From Saperstein's article:

Harold Ickes, one of Hillary's representatives on the Rules Committee who voted for the rule barring counting the Michigan and Florida votes, and Hillary's chief negotiator of this issue, was asked recently on one of the Sunday morning political talk shows, "You voted for the Rules Committee decision, but now you are complaining about it. What has changed?" Ickes replied, "What has changed is that now we are behind." So, there it is -- there is not an ounce of principle in the Clinton position. When they thought they were ahead in the presidential race, they supported the rule, but now that they are behind, they don't like it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of us could act like the Clintons and support rules when they favor us and ignore them when they don't?

Two days ago, Hillary hyperventilated on this topic, comparing enforcement of party rules -- rules she earlier had agreed to -- to the civil rights and suffragette movements, Zimbabwe and Florida 2000, as though enforcing a reasonable party rule was comparable to 300 years of slavery, the disenfranchisement of racial minorities and women from voting for hundreds of years, the unprecedented action of a conservative Supreme Court and the tyrannical actions of an African dictator. The Clintons are desperate; they need boundaries.

As this nomination drags on, I have seen the another light of Clinton - and to some extent, the Clinton legacy itself - one that has no shame in resorting to Karl Rove tactics in order to win or to gain power. It saddens and embarrasses me that the the Senator and Former First Lady who made a name for herself for taking on the right-wing media and for championing for universal health care in the 90s is now stooping to new, sleazier levels, in order to keep her hopes alive in this campaign.

Mrs. Clinton: you are, day, by day, less ad less looking like the woman I, and my family, remembered. In it's place, you are revealing yourself to another politician who will stomp on whoever, say whatever it takes, and side with any shady character, for the sake of advancing your own agenda, principles be damned. It is the same kind of politics that has disenfranchised and disillusioned many American voters from giving a damn to vote when we all know that we'll end up getting fucked over. Is this how you want to be remembered, Senator Clinton? As a woman who let her pride, her arrogance, and her ego get the best of her that she threatened to tear her own party in two? You are treading on dangerous waters, Mrs. Clinton; they are the kind of waters that, if you keep navigating in them, will destroy the party that built the Clinton legacy, and whatever chance you have running for any kind of public office in the near future, not to mention, you daughter's political future, should she decide to follow in your footsteps.

Please, Senator Clinton, return to the woman that I used to know and admire.

Update: You can find this blog over at Jonathan's Corner.

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Sergei Andropov said...

"You are treading on dangerous waters"

Perhaps she has a messiah complex?

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