Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vote McCain or Else You're Un-Patriotic!

So says right-wing tool Mark Noonan.

Backing McCain is taking on the characteristic of a basic act of patriotism, because someone as ultra-left as Obama will do great harm to the United States.

Since when the fuck do you people get to brand who's a patriot and who isn't?

Its a time of choosing. You can have McCain and a bit of conservatism plus a war won, or you can have Obama and pure liberalism plus a lost war.

Hmmm....let's see....
I could have McCain and basically continue throwing money into a failed foreign policy decision in Iraq, make the tax cuts to the top 1-2% permanent (and the GOP has the stones to bitch about liberals being elitists!), and continue to flip the bird to the middle and lower class.....
Or I could have Obama and a shot at restoring Habeas Corpus, getting out of Iraq, and turn America toward a new direction....
I'm gonna have to go with the black guy on this one.

Plain fact of the matter is - if you want to win the war (and all true patriots want their nation to win any particular war) then you are forced to vote for McCain.


Anonymous said...

I am not shocked that Noonan would take this attitude. McCain is a far right wing zealot whose ideology is dangerous to America and it' safety. In other words He is just made to order for Nazi boy Noonan.

Anonymous said...

I am too much of a coward to fight in the war I love so much. So I wrap myself in the flag and call out other's patriotism.

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