Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is the kind of company Mark Noonan chooses to associate himself with

Tell me what's worse: Senator Obama's former association with Reverend Wright?
Or Mark Noonan's current association with this hateful lunatic?

49. bongoman | May 11th, 2008 at 1:38 am

I think this thread takes the cake here at BfV.

And what about male-female anal sex Jeremiah? You are aware that the practice of sodomy is not confined to men only? Would you seek to punish men and women who engage in it?

What might a suitable punishment be do you think?

And why exactly are you so interested in other people’s sexualty and the expression thereof? Especially when it is consensual and private?

Your obsession with what people do with their penises - have you ever though that it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? No?

50. Jeremiah | May 11th, 2008 at 1:49 am


No, it is my business, as it should be everybody’s business.

Why? Because it places a bad influence on society, it’s harmful to society, it’s unhealthy for society.

In other words it’s Evil!

What punishment? Hanging. I wish they would bring it back, and not waste any time carrying it out.

Yeah, I hate to be off-topic, but the reason I’m so interested in speaking about this, is because if Obama or Hillary either one become our next President, this country will have to suffer the ill-effects of such a terrible, terrible mistake.

There two dangerous people, poison to the core.

Ok, sorry to interrupt. I’m done, carry on…

Hmmmm....sending people to death for their differences....that kinds me of a group that tried this kind of unspeakable stunt and failed (thank God in heaven) over 60 years ago....

There's no denying it - Jeremiah, you sir, are a hateful homophobe of the first order. And yet, you still profess to be a real Christian could speak in such a manner as you just did. You should be ashamed of yourself....On second thought, I don't expect any better from you. You were also the one who made the comment that my black ancestors couldn't have been mistreated during slavery becasue the Bible said so.

Seriously, Jeremiah: put down your holy book and get some help.

btw Mark: are you going to renounce and denounce these offensive and disgusting comments about Jeremiah wishing they'd bring back hangings for gay people?

I'm willing to bet that he's going to let these comments stand.


Count Istvan said...

There's somebody who hates himself.

godzilla104 said...

There's somebody who hates himself and extends that hatred to everyone else around him by projection.

Blind faith+lack of intelligence=Jeremiah and his ilk.

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