Friday, May 30, 2008

Vote for John McCain: God Wills It!

America has a choice in this matter, and that choice is to either uphold God’s commands and strive to serve His Will, which is to vote for people who uphold His Moral Code of Standards……What are they? Upholding the institution of Marriage as He as ordained…Fighting in defense of the Unborn. For Godly School standards…For Laws that subject and hold those who do immoral acts to the Law. For the sake of the children…The Future of America!

McCain isn’t the best….but he’s the best we’ve got!

That much….I do know!

God first…Country second…Family third!

Jeremiah = tool for the batshit Christian Right


Anonymous said...

God told me to vote for Obama.

et said...

Thankfully, my Herne-inspired vote for Obama will cancel out Jeremiah's. Blessed be!

wee nelson said...

I thought I heard God telling me to vote for McCain. But I told him I couldn't vote in the US election and he said, "Oops, sorry. Don't tell anyone I goofed, it would be bad for my reputation."

That was obviously not the REAL God.

MLP said...

I haven't quite figured out why Gawd would be so bored that he would take the time to choose a candidate in our election.
Does he go around picking candidates in all the elections in the countries/nations around the world? Are counties that have a larger populace than ours 'closer' to Gawd? Is it possible that Gawd really doesn't give a shit about our elections?

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