Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Democratic Party Where Losing Is An Art Form

Anybody else watching this back room madness? Why in the fuck is there a gallery of morons being allowed at this meeting? The only thing these fuckers are accomplishing is to look completely foolish. of course I wouldn't be shocked if the "Hillary supporters" there making asses of themselves aren't in fact Republican congressional aids. In any event they need to kick these fuckers out of the room and get down to serious business.

Oh and Jonathan. No Troll posts are allowed on this thread. If you see a BTL post get rid of it.

Update from Jonathan:

Here's the six million-dollar question, in two parts:

1st part: What will the SD's do after June 3? Will they want to end the nomination struggle right then and there?
2nd part: What will Hillary do now? Does she bow out after the last primaries have taken place, or does she take this fight to the convention?

My personal feelings is that after June 3, Hillary should swallow her pride and bow out. After today, she can't claim the popular vote, and she won't be doing herself any favors if takes it to the Convention.

My personal opinion is that Hillary does to Denver anyway, even if the SD's make it clear that Obama's their boy. If she does, then she'll be navigating through dangerous waters. If Hillary supporters keep to their word about voting for McCain or staying home, and Obama loses the GE, they'll dump this whole thing on the former First Lady, and that will be end of the Clinton legacy, as well has her own political career.


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Hey Count,

Sorry I was busy attending a baby shower and going to orientation and signing up for classes at Southwestern College today. Were there any trolls lurking around? Once again, my apologies.

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No problem Jonathan. No just Ralph. And I got rid of him.

Anonymous said...

At some point soon. Hillary is going to get out and endorse Obama and tell her supporters to dot he same. I believe that. If Hillary takes this to the convention her political career is over. As for her supporters who will vote for McCain...Fuck 'em.

I think they are a small small minority who are made of the same scum as those folks who said they wouldn't vote or would vote for Republican Ralph if Clinton won the nomination.

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