Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank You Hillary Clinton

Thank you Hillary for you service to America. I am deeply disappointed in the behavior of many of the members of my political party. You and your voters have been as much a victim of this foolishness you have been the instigators. I do not blame you or your voters any more or any less than I blame Barack Obama and his Voters. From the beginning you have had to fight a vicious smear campaign from the right and a hatchet job from the media. Just look at the pictures the media chooses to run of you whenever they discuss you or your campaign. I truly respect you and your service Hillary and I am grateful to you for it. But it's time to do the right thing. It's time for you to go.

IF you win Indiana you won't win by more than 2 or 3 points. You lost bad in North Carolina. It's time to start healing the party and turning our sites towards stopping another disastrous George W. Bush administration. It's time to do the right thing by getting out and telling your voters they must back Barack Obama with the same passion they backed you. Hillary this is bigger than you. Be big enough to do the right thing now. Then we can get on with the important business of stopping John McCain.


Jonathan said...

She'll want to carry this on all the way to the convention, but the super delegates won't allow her.
Look for Clinton to win one more primary, then concede to Obama.

wee nelson said...

I'm starting to hope so, Jonathan.

I've been more a Clinton fan than an Obama one, but I'd rather see Democrats unite behind one candidate and go forward. I don't care who that candidate is so long as he/she can throw the Republicans into the dumpster where they belong.

et said...

Agreed that it's time and past time to look at the bigger picture. I think Jonathan's prediction is spot-on, allowing Hillary to bow out on a graceful high note and preserve the Clinton reputation.

MLP said...

I'm just concerned about Clinton's followers. I'm not sure that they will all unite behind Obama. If she is good to her pledge to work for Barack, it will help greatly, but, truthfully, I lost a lot of respect for the Clintons during this primary. Nothing they do (or don't) now will surprise me.

By the way, anyone seen Yakki?

Anonymous said...

Yakki has posted here a couple of times in the past week or so. I think sometimes he takes breaks from the internet for personal reasons (which I don't blame him.)

I do know he is being harassed by Obob and some other lowlifes. I hope that isn't the reason he has not been posting. They aren't worth the sweat.

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