Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Guess The Guest Mods Experiment Is Over

This thread is hilarious. BOR reports his side of the argument but because most on this website disagree, he is somehow "not reporting the truth."

I would rather bet on Bil O'Reilly than a skewed leftist website.
Help me understand the liberal worldview; if I am opposed to an Obama presidency, then I am automatically viewed a racist, and it is assumed the only reason I would vote against him is due to the color of his skin?

Following that "logic", what would you call a black person that is voting against Obama?
The issue with Wright was more anti-American than race based. At least, that is the way I see it.

As far as Hagee is concerned:

First, he is/was not McCain's preacher.

Second, he apologized for his comments.

Third, what does Hagee have to do with Obama?
mark my words! If Obama isn't elected, there will be rioting in the streets!

Of cours it's all about race! Put a white face on Obama and he wouldn't be where he is now. If any of you can't understand that you are stupid!
If Obama was white, we wouldn't be discussing this.
Well, you agree with me! Do you also agree that Obama is unqualified to be president, three years from being a state senator, inexperienced, and shouldn't be in the race?
So you would settle?

Settle for someone with so little experience?

It's amazing that we have two democrats to choose from who don't have a snow ball's chance in hell to become President.
Sorry, when it comes to experience, it's McCain hands down. Obama isn't anywhere near qualified. He thinks there's 59 states!

Only when taken out of context. But then it wouldn't get the libtard mouth-breathers all riled up, now would it?



Listen to the hour that he was talking about this subject and then show us how what he said is racist.

Can't do it. Without lying.


Libtards like to take part of what he said out of the larger context, and Robrob provided a very small part of it for us.


Now, if O'Rielly had said something about "typical black people" that might be a different subject.

Oops, it was Obsama who made the statement, substituting "white" for black.

Obsama: As racist as Bill O'Rielly.
Actually, I made the point that you can take a sentence out of context and make it look like whatever you want.

Was Obsama's comment racist?

It's a simple question.

Obsama is also a racist by your standard then.

You really should think before taking the bait, chump!


What's a typical white person? It's amazing that a confirmed libtard such as yourself is so insensitive to Obsama's prejudice.

They aren't entirely off the job over there. They did erase a post from Frank C. Ellen, Chrish, Great job of moderating as always

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