Sunday, May 25, 2008

Count At The Movies

Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull. *** 1/2 out of *****

I maybe little generous here. It's a definite Mixture of good and bad. The movie is stupid in a lot of places, the script is pure Lucas and the notion of a 65 year old Harrison Ford going through that kind of physical torture stretches the limit as much as well...the rest of the movie. So why the favorable grade? All I ask out of a movie is to be entertained and for the most part I was.

I left for the theater thinking that this Movie would not be as good as either Raiders or the The Last Crusade but better than the Temple of Doom. I left he theater thinking the same thing. So IMHO Crystal Skull is a too flawed to take it's place anywhere near the first and third movies while managing to entertain and make one forget about life for 2 hours.

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et said...

Appreciate the review - we will probably see it next weekend.

Mind you, it doesn't take much to top "Temple of Doom."

Gloat moment - in a former working life I had the opportunity, all in the line of duty, to visit Skywalker Ranch several times. The glass display case in the lobby of the "main house" is laden with cinematic lore. C-3PO's hands, the idol from the opening sequence of Raiders, Dr. Jones' senior's Grail diary, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, Indy's fedora...I'm sure my eyes were like saucers.

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