Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Tip For The Trolls

Don't say I don't do anything nice for these people!!!

Dave...Dyslexic or Drunk?

cludio is a little challengedhe does ot know the when the britsih refer to "Asians" of those from the middle east, he is not very knowledgeable on the middle east

Friday, June 29, 2007

Yes Limbaugh Ball Washer Bob Said This

No one wants to hear what this DUI convicted leftist wants to say.

Just Me is Amusing Himself

whooaa English teacher.. looks like i hit a nerve.. Are you so utterly pissed off now that you are throwing things at the monitor in hateful rage? i ceratainly hope so.. Nothing makes me happier than pissing off a lib.. Im chuckling over the graphic image of another angry lib with bulging forehead veins and spraying spittle over thier monitor while they ineffectively hurl every curse they can muster with both brain cells.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spengler Continues To Spew.

Yes it is - I have no opinion one way or the other about Moore's political beliefs, howver; I find the way he mangles the truth to be disturbing. This is not because I don't think some of the things he makes movies about are not burning issues because I accept that they are. I just do not think he is a very good person to present them to the public. And before you ask, no, I don't think FOX news (or any other of the news channels for that matter) do a good job of bringing these issues to the public forum. I just really wish that the multitudes of really smart people out there would become involved instead of the clowns we have to suffer. I guess we need the "philosopher kings" to do their part but where the hell are they?

Just Me Won't Just Shut Up.

Hah.. i'm glad you admit that edwards did indeed make big bucks off his poverty speech. Im a capitalist so i do indeed believe he had every right to demand whatever price he wanted. I dont understand how libs who are socialists and the majority of posters on this site ( generally speaking ) would embrace someone who is so obviously practicing a double standard. But then again if you can believe someone who says " I didnt inhale " then I suppose you can easily overlook Edwards lies as well.

hey anonymous, does it take you two hours to watch sixty minutes? Go back and re-read my post but this time try to get hold of that A.D.D. thing and focus on the words. I told ya I dont have a problem with him making the money.. It's you the socialist who should be the one wrestling with Edwards feigned concern for the poor.

As for jealousy, nah.. thats a feminine characteristic.

"Spengler " Is Really Billo!

A great a example of: I got mine, the hell with the rest of you. But rest assured, this is the first guy that will be whining if he ever loses coverage.

And why not? I worked damn hard to have a decent job. I didn't inherit a penny and my parent didn't have two pennies to rub together. I put myself through college by working two jobs and didn't complain about it one bit. In the unlikely event I lose my health care coverage (State employee don't you know) I would not "whine" about it because I have also been saving and investing money for some time now so it would be no big deal. Even I do run out of cash, I can always go to Cuba and benefit from their world class health care system. Hows that for a safety net.

Again with the unwarranted assumptions - I have never voted Republican in my life and unless they find some candidates that are a lot better than the dross they have now, I doubt I ever will.


It was a joke - do you have no sense of humor? Oh that's right, your idea of being funny is suggesting that someone you do not even know works at a gas station. Isn't it a little elitist of you to think it is an insult that someone might work at gas station anyway? How does that fit into your liberal schemata? I would not be ashamed if I did work at a gas station or 7/11 as long as I was working but then again, I am not an elitist hypocrite

some Idiots You Trolls Have T-H-E-I-R

Are we talking about the same john edwards, champion of the poor who gave a speech on poverty and then charged 50 grand for the speech.. ya gotta love that. Oh yeah how bout that huge new hacienda he bought and in oder to make room for it, he cleared out untold acres of trees and wildlife. Some champ you clowns have thier.

Conservatives sure Like To Bitch

I also heard the Bill Maher/ coulter segement and Bill did indeed indicate that vice president Cheny would have done the world a favor had he been Killed in a homocide bombing during his iraq visit. I believe Anne was pointing out the hypocrocy from the left because there were no screams from the left (CNN, MSNBC or any of the major media outlets ) accusing Bill of "hate speech". But this is the typical double standard that libs constantly practice.

You're Right It Is Just you

I saw the Coulter vs Edwards segment and I think Anne made an interesting point. Why did the breck girl (johnny) hide behind his wifes skirt by forcing Elizabeth to speak for him? Has he been so totally emasculated by the liberal womens movement that he dares not speak for himself for fear of offending a special interest group such as the Nags? Why would anyone want a coward like him for a prez?

Spengler Is My Lard Ass Court Jester

Maybe he has English, French or Canadian healthcare and he has another 10 years on the waiting list before they will fix his dyslexia. Maybe he should go to Cuba - even if they don't give him help it won't matter as I doubt he would fbe able to find a keyboard to use there anyway.

As soon as your lard ass court jester Moore offers to take me. I grew up in England where they wouldn't fix my dyslexia but now I am in the US, I have high hopes because I have wonderful health coverage in my present position which will enable me to take advantage of the finest health care system in the world. The "fbe" was an ironic misspelling - I am surprised you low normals noticed it.

Heads Up The Jolly Old Ranger Is Back

And he is now an expert on The United Kingdom.

G-Dawg Is Pro Life

I hope one of the libs on the SC dies in the next 6 months, that way Bush will get to put another Conservative on the SC. Then we will have a 6-3 majority over the liberals.

There Is So Much Wrong With This

Again the democRATs, American hating party controlling congress, were put in their place with the failure of getting their way on illegal immigration. You democRATS are really moving the country forward. Too bad for the terroist loving party, true Americans see what kind of traitors, whiners and losers occupy the democRATic party today. God Bless America

Why does everyone here have their panties in a wad over what Newshounds says or does?

Why does everyone here have their panties in a wad over what Fox News says or does? If you don't like them, don't watch. It's your prerogative. This is still a free country isn't it?
Black Man | 06.28.07 - 3:45 pm | #

Oh That Hurts!

Funny you link to a radical left wing site, media matters. The only ones that fear anything are the whiner's of the moveon, media matters, kos kiddies crowd. I can't wait till Monday when O'Reilly and Beck go up against you "sicko's" idol Oralmann, the only leftist coward you still have on at 8pm. Rest your paw paws, dry your eyes, smoke a bag and get ready to BAWL like the babies you leftist are.

How To Spot A Troll...

Their first post usually starts like...

Before you jump on me and call me a troll, I want to state I am neither Democrat nor Republican - proud card carrying 'Non party' thank you.
But I have a couple of questions for you: If FOX News & Talk radio lean right (which anyone can tell you they do), can the people here at News Hound at least admit, that the major networks & major newspapers lean left? Also, with that said, if the Fairness Doctrine is returned, shouldn't that be enforced in our nations universities (which are sponsored & paid for by tax dollars) as well as the major networks & newspapers? I want to see an objective, honest answer from the left for once in this 'culture war' America is going through..Anyone?

Blah Cedarford Blah Blah Cedarford Blah...

Does this fucker come up for air?

An excellent observation John.

This is exactly the illusion/delusion circulating in the minds of many of the Bush Haters. They want desperately to forget that there is a tidal wave of terror reverberating around the world and to pretend that everything is America's and Bush's fault. If that is true, then they will still be in control of events.

So what do they do? They lionize terrorists like Zarqawi ("freedom-fighters"). They explain away the horror and brutality by refering to them as "insurgents" and "militants". They support Palestinian suicide bombings as justified and see the Palestinians--not as independent agents acting of choice, but as victims of America and Israel.

They sincerely believe that Osama is a reasonable person and seek dialog with him; but that Bush is not. They threaten violence toward Bush and hold demonstrations; and placate and enable those who would implement Sharia Law in their country without a qualm. Hundreds of their fellow countrymen are murdered by terrorists, but they demand that troops be pulled out of Iraq (thinking that if they hadn't cooperated with the evil BushHitler, their countrymen would have been spared).

Rather than blame the terrorists; rather than admiting they have to take action against them; their fear is transformed to anger and displaced onto President Bush. If everything is his fault, then the reality of what happened does not have to be faced (this also explains the intense psychological denial that these same individuals tend to have about 9/11).

Bush becomes the "criminal mastermind", so devious, so evil, that everything he says is a "lie", everything he does is part of a vast global consipiracy. His family has intimate ties to Bin Laden and the Saudis; He is trying to enrich his oil business friends; He is trying to avenge the insult to his father by getting rid of Saddam; He plans world domination etc. etc. I could go on an on, but you get the point.

What is most funny is that these psychologically naiive individuals simultaneously think of Bush as this "criminal mastermind"--a genius of evil; and also as a complete moron who isn't capable of uttering a sentence without making a hash of it; or that his brain is controlled by the equally evil Karl Rove.

The cognitive dissonance required to have all these contradictory beliefs swirling around in one's brain is astonishing. But besides the primary function it serves to erase from consciousness what is happening in the world today, it is serving a secondary purpose--it makes them feel in control of what might come.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

G-Dawg Racist? NO!

This site show just how many blacks are going to prison. I love it.

Lock up all the niggers.

Does anyone know of an all black city that isn't crime ridden?

You won't find one.

We need to just keep building prisons and more prisons to lock up all the niggers.

Dave Asks Ellen To Save Him From Me

Ellen, for the sake of keeping the thread clean I must ask why the Count is still not banned? It's bad enough with all of the trolls but the Count seems to go out of his way to start a flame war with all of them. If he has any real desire to contribute to the topic at hand he sure does hide it well.
This thread is putting me to sleep. You liberals find the most curious things to be interesting. Ann Coulter is one of thousands of published authors and Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of a politician. Big deal. Why you think either of these people is newsworthy is beyond me.
Dave | 06.26.07 - 9:12 pm | #

So David doesn't give a shit about the topic and the site bores him but he sees fit to say who gets banned and who doesn't.

Kevin Can't Really Be This Dumb Can He?

A few people in Hollywood were unfairly blacklisted, but the kgb did say that the way to spread the 'revolution' was to infltrate every part of american system. Joe McCarthy missed the mark because he forgot to mention that communists were really infested in colleges and universities and hollywood. I still want to see all the people he destroyed and whom were destroyed in the infamous blacklist. For over a few generations people have been told a one-sided version of Joe McCarthy .

But Liberals Are Rabid

Without a doubt Ann is simply the best. She is beautifull intelligent and sticks it to lying liberals on a daily basis. It is so damn funny to watch you rabid liberals rage on about Ann. What the fuck can you do but whine your pussy asses off about her. Meanwhile Ann goes about her daily business making a ton of money, enjoying daily life and beating the shit out of you liberal dumbasses every chance she gets.

Another Prolife Conservative!!!

Kevin checks in...

Hugo Chavez has lost some flavor with leftists in USA, I mean the liberal media and ilk all but said Venezuela had a seat on UN Security Council-NOT! When that didn't occur most media outlets even Fox failed to mention that. A great leader from South America was Pinochet of Chile-when he ran that country that country prospered economically, etc. sure he took out a few commies but so what? Chavez will go by the way of Lulu of Brazil who used to be liberal media's star down there
"Arguing that Chile was under siege by communist subversives, Pinochet implemented a series of security operations in which (according to the Rettig Report) around 3,000 suspected terrorists or known dissidents were killed, and (according to the Valech Report) around 30,000

At the time of his death in 2006, around 300 criminal charges in Chile were still pending against Pinochet for alleged human rights abuses and embezzlement during his rule"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Actual Troll Conversation.

Assuming this isn't one damn ass troll using two names to talk to himself... ( I think It Is)

Do you admire Hilter to?
Commie nations kill off the population and Chavex will to...soon.

Hey Jaybird

I would assume you don't know a thing one about Chavez's thuggish socialist tactics and his means and methods in taking and keeping power,
or the owners and operators of for that matter.

Read up lightweight because as far as history... Chavez is running down the same dead end path as Castro, Stalin, Mao and your other hero's.

As far as ignorance take a peek into your state provided mirror.

Sorry not Jaybird, My comment was directed at "Kell Hound"

Germany was a socialist nation under Hitler and has much in common with Chavez and Castro and others.
The changes the liberal progessives want to make in our great and grand US of A will teter us on the edge of that abyss.

Sorry not Jaybird, My comment was directed at "Kell Hound"
186 | Homepage | 06.27.07 - 12:28 am | #
You are a clear and well read poster. Thanks for your insight.

Another Conservative Lesson ON WW II

Circle Takes The Square | Homepage | 06.26.07 - 9:59
Do you admire Hilter to?
Commie nations kill off the population and Chavex will to...soon.

I Don't Know A Count Stevie

Of course I forgotten more than this fucker knows about husker football but that is neither here nor there...

Three radical left-wing links. You mutts out did yourselves. Poor Johnny, has to have the sick wife come crying for him. Typical male lib. Coward hiding behind the wife. What men you libs are. Side point: How's the season going to go there count stevie? I say 9-3, take the north and lose the big 12 champ game and play in the Holiday or Cotton bowl.

I am not the Steve who runs Big Red Report but that is neither here nor there either. In fact my name is Istvan and I go by Stephen but nice try ladies.

Feel Free Not To Let The Door Hit You In The Ass Dave.

This thread is putting me to sleep. You liberals find the most curious things to be interesting. Ann Coulter is one of thousands of published authors and Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of a politician. Big deal. Why you think either of these people is newsworthy is beyond me.

Enrico Expresses His Sexual Fantasies


Enrico Fermi | Homepage | 06.26.07 - 8:39 pm | #

Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn Liberal Swiftboaters!

And the Swiftboating continues.Of course the liberals are allfor it this time.They love a good smear as long as it isn't one of their comrades on the receiving end.
Buk | 06.25.07 - 6:41 pm | #


I have had my problems with Ellen but I have to give her a salute for this action

Let's please not argue with Barbie. She has proved she has no credibility and I'm going to delete every comment from "her."

Anyone who says the New York Times has no credibility has no credibility themselves. Even FOX News has credibility.

So take your RW talking points somewhere else because you are not welcome here. And befoe you whine about your freedom of speech, it's not your opinion but your lack of ability to debate intelligently that has gotten you banned.
Of course Barbie like all trolls will just switch her ISPN and come back under another name..."probably butch" but it's good to see the people who should be getting banned getting banned.

I Chaged The Layout

Every few months I get tired at looking at the same old shit so I change up. This is easier to read but it is the same layout that ET uses for the Ralph For president blog. Which I didn't notice until after I changed it.

Ralph 2008!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Even More Conservative Love!

ConservativesRCowards FUCK YOU and your narrow mind...I have Abby attack me too. Sure seems to me most of you are narrow minded attacking people. A fucking question was asked...I answered the fucking question and whay HAPPENED...???? ATTACK...ATTACK
That's all you are good for ConservativesRCowards is to attack...I hope your happy with yourself?

This Is Just false

a couple of threads down here one of the masturbating trolls on Newshounds came by here and left this turd...

Anonymous said...

COunt word has it you have to jerk off many times since your wife will have nothing to do with your small penis.

June 23, 2007 9:39 PM

This is just plain false! If my Wife has said it once she's said it a thousand times...I am the biggest dick she has ever met :).

We've had a lot of masterbating trolls today

New Low for Sean Hannity and FOX

Bzzzzz....Hannity bad......bzzzzzzz....Hillary wmds.........bzzzzz.....Bush lied people died.........bzzzzzzz
Sean Hannity shouldn't reach so many millions of people.....bzzzzzz......fairness doctrine is looking more and more...fair.....bzzzzzzzz
hannnity bad......bzzzzzzz.....michelle malkin bad........bzzzzzzz.....lies........rush bad.........glen beck bad..........liars.......not fair......not balanced........bzzzzzz
I masturbate to crime-scene photographs......bzzzzzzzzz.....I would stab my mother to lick Hannity's ass crack......bzzzzzzzzzzzz
I was born with no sexual organs of any kind.......bzzzzzzzzz.......a pupp beat me in Trivial Pursuit.......bzzzzzzzz.......Daddy says I'm the best kisser in town......bzzzzzzzz
controlled demolition.........bzzzzz....cheney gonzales......bzzzz.....obama good.......bzzzz........harry reid good........delay bad.......bzzzzz
trolls bad.......bzzzzz......newshounds good............bzzzzzzz......not menopausal.......bzzzzz
Ignore .....bzzzz.....disrupt and denigrate.....bzzzz.......deny me any attention........menopause.......
bush bad.....bzzzzzz.....hillary good.....bzzzzzz.......must insult president.......bzzzzzzzzzzz......i forgot what sex was run blog......past menopause.......bzzzzzz....
FOX bad......bzzzzzzzz......ellen has no more sex.........bzzzzzzz......must run stupid blog........
Why don't you watch FOX - then you wouldn't have to slime around here and ask these bitchy old women what was on the news....

(BTW the missing Ohio woman was found dead.)


You people are half-wits!

Late Note. This Troll has taken to posting as Ellen. This is a bright one!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Troll Admits He Jerksoff To Pictures Of Newshounds

Man alive, I just went to the page that shows the whole lot of the Newshounds trolls. Makes you want to Windex your monitor afterward.

Hannity Was Right | Homepage | 06.23.07 - 9:07 pm | #

How Many Names Does Cedarford Have?

The number of things that Bush has been blamed for in this world since 9/11 (even acts of God like Tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters) is the stuff of major comedy. You name the horrible event, and he is identified as the etiologic agent.

He is blamed when he does something (anything) and he is blamed when he does nothing. He is blamed for things that ocurred even before he was President, as well as everything that has happened since. He is blamed for things he says; and for things he doesn't say.

What makes Bush Hatred completely insane however, is the almost delusional degree of unremitting certitude of Bush's evil; while simultaneously believing that the TRUE perpetrators of evil in the world are somehow good and decent human beings with the world's intersts at heart.

This psychological defense mechanism is referred to as "displacement".

One way you can usually tell that an individual is using displacement is that the emotion being displaced (e.g., anger) is all out of proportion to the reality of the situation. The purpose of displacement is to avoid having to cope with the actual reality. Instead, by using displacement, an individual is able to still experience his or her anger, but it is directed at a less threatening target than the real cause. In this way, the individual does not have to be responsible for the consequences of his/her anger and feels more safe--even thought that is not the case.

This explains the remarkable and sometimes lunatic appeasement of Islamofascists by so many governments and around the world, while they trash the US and particularly Bush. It explains why there is more emphasis on protecting the "rights" of terrorists, rather than holding them accountable for their actions (thier actions, by the way are also Bush's fault, according to those in the throes of BDS). Our soldiers in Iraq are being killed because of Bush--not because of terrorist intent and behavior. Terrorist activity itself is blamed on Bush no matter where it occurs.

WaKe Up Or Cedarturd? I Report You Decide

In his 1996 fatwa, Osama bin Laden proclaimed:

“. . .O you horses (soldiers) of Allah ride and march on. This is the time of hardship so be tough. And know that your gathering and co-operation in order to liberate the sanctities of Islam is the right step toward unifying the word of the Ummah under the banner of ‘No God but Allah’. . .Our Lord, shatter their gathering, divide them among themselves, shaken the earth under their feet and give us control over them. . .”

It should be noted that to bin Laden, the Ummah is considered a figurative nation comprised of all Muslims and all Islamic nations.

In 2000 bin Laden declared:

“. . .Afghanistan is the only country in the world that has the Shari'ah. Therefore, it is compulsory upon Muslims all over the world to help Afghanistan. And to make hijra to this land, because it is from this land that we will dispatch our armies to smash all kuffar all over the world.”

In October of 2005, during his address to the United Nations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said:

“From the beginning of time, humanity has longed for the day when justice, peace, equality and compassion envelop the world.”

And in a speech to Friday prayer leaders he said:

“Our revolution’s main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi.”

It should be noted here that Ahmadinejad believes – as do most Shi’ites – that the 12th Imam (or Muhammad al-Mahdi), according to their interpretation of the Quran, will bring “peace and justice on earth” by establishing Islam throughout the world. This equivalent of the “second coming” would take place when the world has fallen into chaos and civil war emerges between the human race for no reason.

If we are to take the leaders of the Islamofascist movement at their word – and the leaders of the United States and the West have been delinquent in accepting the declarations of fascists in the past, so much so that world war has ensued – we can only surmise that the battles taking place between Sunni and Shi’ite factions in Iraq, Gaza and elsewhere in the world are for dominance in what they perceive as an inevitable global Islamic Caliphate.

It is crucial that the United States government – and all the governments of the West – dispense with the political infighting that currently holds hostage national unity and the collective will, so we can defend ourselves from the inevitable full-scale confrontation with an emboldened and strengthening Islamofascist movement. The first step to achieving this unity is an honest, comprehensive understanding of the enemy. The education to achieve that end must begin immediately.

Make no mistake. We are essentially re-visiting the ominous days of 1938. It took everything that the freedom loving people of the world could muster to vanquish evil then. This time we may not be so lucky. This time the forces of evil will have nuclear capability.

Then We Fumbled Three Times And The Clock Ran Out On Us.

We could have won that war (we were ahead) but for the antics of people like Kerry and the dope-smoking anti-America crowd at the time.

(PS I flew 100 combat missions in Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia 1969-1973)

I expect Craw will be on the board anytime to decry this vulgar post.

Fuck you, newshounds suck-ass....

Cederford is Back!!!

The most hated man in the blogisphere is back! he's going by Chris Ford again...

How many Lefties know how many Islamoids fighting with AQ the US killed and captured since Wednesday in Operation Arrowhead Ripper?

Answer is virtually no Lefty, since the only thing they care about is US war dead as useful propaganda tools.

Answer for the public is 55 dead AQ Islamoids, 23 captured in Baqubah alone. Plus another 17 flushed out in the open and finished off as they ran with Apache gunship rockets. Plus 7 killed in Tikrit and 10 captured, including 2 senior AQ terrorist organizers. And two "ratlines" of explosives and weaponry used to kill Americans coming out of Iran were uncovered west of Baghdad, with several captured inc. 3 likely Iranians.

In Baquba, US and Iraqi forces found 5 car bomb factories and two tons of explosives thanks to locals, a complete AQ field hospital, and Iranian weaponry..

In the north, US marines and Special Forces have effectively driven the Islamoids out of Tel Afar and ambushed and killed 33 terrorists attempting to defeat the sealed border now in place.

Of course, the New Iraqi Democracy has not stepped up, and Gates&Petraeus have briefed Congress that the military ops and new Sunni cooperation are going very well (despite fake Lefty blubbering over their beloved fresh 14 Dead!!! coffins) - but the political reforms lag and threaten all progress.


Body of missing white woman found and African American Boy friend arrested. The newshounds board will be swimming with Nazi's when this gets posted.

I have to confess a cheap shot.

A few posts down about that parasite Craw in the comments section I posted a home and a business phone number. They belong to Mike and Filiz Thayer and their Mediterranean foods grocery store. Yeah it's a cheap shot to post the phone numbers but hey...both are on the net how do you think I found them? Do I feel bad? Not Really.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ralph For President!

Thank You To ET On Newhounds for making these and letting me use them.

Stalking "Craw"

Ok I just got on Newshounds and Everytime "Craw" posts I am posting Off Topic please erase. I'm giving the little puke a taste of his own medicine.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Race Doesn't Matter

Kay started posting about how Race doesn't matter and she isn't racist and I saw through her and a few of the regulars got on me for calling her a lying sack of shit and guess what...I was right!

Oh Well I give up. You cannot have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, whether they are black, white, pink or grey. I am going home to watch the news on the MISSING PREGANT LADY. Such a shame people have to be so focused on black or white, when the towel heads are the ones who could kill us all

Northwoods Is A Brain Dead Cocksucker

Democrats NEED to keep black people poor, ignorant, and angry -- and feeling victimized. This keeps them on the plantation so the white people who run the Democratic Party can oversee the planation can make lots of money -- and then of course send their kids to priviate schools.

If someone were to wave a magic wand over the African-American community and it became low crime and prosperous and middle class with stable families, the Democratic party would cease to exist. The white leaders of the party know that.

Yes More Conservative Love!

I like white woman.

So did Bill Clinton. At least he was smart enough to only abuse, rape and harrass whitey, otherwise Sharpton and Jesse would of come out against him, and demanded he resign

Nice move slick Willy...
I was already in a war.

Wisdo, Have you been sneaking into the men's room again and licking all the toilet seats? You know how that behavior upsets your mother, and makes you irrational. And you could get germs.

Yet More Conservative Love!

Great. Another fucking America-hating leftist forigner on News hounds. Don't they have any loony leftist blogs in your alcoholic little country?

You Not Been To Any High School

You not been to the Boulder commune have you. I would think any parent that sent there kids to the public school in Boulder would not this is the kind of teaching that would go on there.

Get real
Anonymous | 06.21.07 - 5:08 pm | #

More Conservative Love!

What do you care? Very few liberals actually volunteer for the armed forces. Thank goodness, we have brave men and women conservatives who love this country so much, they are willing to die to protect your freedom. So, fuck off and die!
Fox News Rocks! | 06.21.07 - 4:54 pm | #

The Strangest Man Crush Ever!

Interesting cause I have seen people speak at length about how they only speak out on here about FOX-NEWS because they use the Header...


You can't have it both ways.

I do think there are serious about trying to get people to not watch them here. I would not watch anything with Michael Moore because I don't want to support his agenda. I dont get mad, I don't spew hate and don't call him names, I just ignore him (he would probably rather have his movie pirated than be ignored).

Bill wants you to watch him, like him or not, so you are just playing into his hands and boosting ratings and revenue.

Its like Howard Stern when he was airwaves, they use to say more people that did not like him listened to him than did (still made him #1).

I am sure Bill does not care if you like him, he is making a good living though.

I am more of a Brit Hume fan, he is just a loveable character.

Fine Christian Conservatism

Go burn your babies to death you fucking lowlifes.
Joe | 06.21.07 - 4:02 pm | #

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shy Sheila Brags About being Trailer Trash!

I live in a trailer park and drink Blats beer...You have offended me.

Draft Paige

Ok so it's Not my business to tell anybody what they should do with their free time but there is one regular poster on Newshounds whom in my opinion needs her own blog. Paige! When ever a troll says anything idiotic she fights with the dirtiest tactic of all...the truth. She obviously has good internet skills she finds multiple articles to back up her points and she is very articulate. I think a blog ran by Paige would be one of the best on the net and would be required reading for all of us who love Newshounds.

Paige start your own blog!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Noah Is Using My Name On Newshounds

Except he's so stupid he's miss-spelled my name.

Facts Schmacts!

Randy admits as a FN fan Facts don't matter to him...

Must be a slow day for the hounds. Now Fox News has to back up every single comment they make with an actual fact? I didn't realize that dems had enacted the Fairness Doctrine already. Thats great, I'll be waiting for Chrissy, Keith, Wolf etc to be doing the same.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Poor Oppressed White Man

YLA - You are absolutely right. It wouldn't have been news. None of the news organizations would have cared if it was black on white crime. Sharpton and Jackson, two divisive race jockeys, would never have paid any attention and would have never shown up to fan the flames along with the New Black Panthers. Its not good to be white in America.

Friday, June 15, 2007

SSG Checks In.

Sorry I didn't catch this sooner but on may 20th. SSG has left a message. I don't know if also left a message on Newshounds or not.

Link On top of the page...
ssg said...

hey, just wanted to sneak u a message, i had my buddies pass my message on from lackland afb who i used to serve with in order to get to you guys since they don't allow alot of bloggin over here. doing good, still alive. tough situation, making the best of it. will keep in touch. thank you guys for your support.
love ssg

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Trolls With Irony Issues

You'd best be leaving now then. Sniping and generalizations are all these mindless liberals have to work with. It's a very long story but it started back in the 2000 presidential election. The vast majority of these rabid liberals suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome and have been riding their hate rush for years now. Their ability to remain rational and logical has been destroyed. If you don't think it's so hang around and watch the hatred flow.

Irony Is Not Lost On Dustin

You can't defend Olbermann and criticize O'Reilly in the same breath for doing the things Olbermann does. Olbermann is extremely biased and every word out of his mouth is propaganda.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And The Republican Party Is Not

White People run the Democratic party -- and you are just a field hand on their plantation. Keep supporting them so the the white party leaders can send their children to private schools while African Americans continue to rot in poverty, ignorance, addiction and incarceration. They need fools who think like you -- to perpetuate Democratic the plantation system.
Pardon me, but the fact remains that more minorities are in prison becasue minorites commit a disproportionate number of crimes. To blame racism or the Justice system does not account for all of the minorities in prison. (But It IS true some famous people, such as OJ Simpson, are given a pass by jurors because of their race.)

One could also blame the Democratic welfare policies dating back to the 60's that rewarded young unwed mothers and devalued black men. With 70% of black children now born out of wedlock, the Democratic Party managed to do something even slavery failed to do -- and that's destroy the African American family. Children of any race born into single family homes are more likely to wind up impoverished, addicted, incarcerated or murdered. Yet you still mouth the same stupid, empty-headed leftist nonsense over and over again. It's okay to leave the plantation.

More Trolls With Shit Fetishes.

Right E, they are all here ( 12 million ) because they took a wrong turn on the Texas freeway. Are you as stupid as you type? What a moron, I might remember you at P&G. You sound like one of the people who used to clean the shitters.
What real conversation are you talking about? You certainly didn't start one. Your first response to me was to make fun of the state I live in and start calling me names. I'm supposed to take your punk ass seriously and treat you with respect?

The bottom line E is that here you do not take anyone serious if you think that they see a different view point other than the hound credo.
The bottom line here E is that an american put forth a one page document to reslove the border and illegal problem and all that you hounds can do is throw dawg shit at it.

Irony 101

That is what you asswipes understand. Any real conversation gets met with name calling and ridicule. As noted noted many times above.
YouLosers&Liars | 06.12.07 - 2:43 pm |

Trolls Love Shit

Polls are like news hounds, they all have a couple of assholes. It always comes down to don't believe the FOX polls but millions watch FOX including you asswipes. All I know is that between the democrats that watch FOX and the independent voters that watch FOX you all are in deep dawg shit come 2008...

What Do Trolls Do For Fun?

So sniff each others ass and whine.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Update On My Newshounds Status.

I don't know if My ban was lifted or my ISP number changed in the last two weeks but the long and the short of it is that my ban is no more. I am seriously going to try and be a good boy this time. Pray for me. :)

Northwoods Keeps Shitting In The Pool

That will be about as popular as a turd in a swimming pool.
They demonstrated against Raegan too, by the millions. The Left in Europe thought RR was going to blow up the world. And then he won the cold war. Asking a leftist not to demonstrate is like asking a fish not to shit in the water. It's all they know.

Neoking gets "associted" by the millitary

Stop offending "our" Army, I am positive they do not wont to be associted with the likes of you.


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