Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Suicide Bob Is Ringing In The New Year

The free marketplace at work. If FBN did not get the listeners, it should be dropped. No issue there.

I would be curious to see how the "Left" channel compares to the "Right" channel on XM concerning listeners. I listen to "Right" all the time, and occasionally tune in "Left" to hear Malloy rant. He reminds me of what extreme liberalism really is.....

XM talk is about all that is left to listen to these days. As I tell my teenagers, "real" music died after the '70's, and since then there has not been any music worth listening to.
Sam, you are a glowing example of an angry liberal. You simply HAD to resort to personal attacks, didn't you? Wouldn't it have accomplished the same end result by simply stating you prefer not to listen to conservative talk radio?

Liberals do themselves great harm when they constantly resort to personal attacks....especially when it does not contribute to anything worth while.
Your anger at the fact that liberal talk radio (Air America, et al) simply cannot succeed at any level is duly noted.

However, your envy at that fact is a little sad.
No more young people voted in 2008 than did in 2004.

In 2004, Bush won 50% of the popular vote. In 2008, Obama won 52% of the popular vote.

Mandate? Change?
I listen to conservative talk radio every day, and I have never heard anything from it that would remotely hit "racist" or "homophobic".
Troll equals anyone that does not tow the liberal line.


Still, in 2004, Bush won 50% of the popular vote. In 2008, Obama won 52% of the popular vote.
Conservatives are color-blind. We look at the individual, not "class" or "race". Obama is the least qualified person ever elected to the nation's highest office, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

And, to a liberal, anyone and everyone that does not embrace the homosexual lifestyle is a "homophobe".
If Franken legitimately gets the most votes, he deserves to win. I have no problem with that.

What is the issue? I think the key word is "legitimately".

The fact that Republicans only get 4%-5% of the black vote every election illustrates the fact conservatives look at individuals and not groups.

That shows honor for conservatives and something else for those that vote based solely on race issues.

What "civil rights" question is there that has not been addressed already by the Bill of Rights?

I would love to see that debate as well.

Conservatives debate based upon facts and logic, liberals debate based upon emotion.

Again, skin color has no place in any political debate. Unless you look at the fact Johnson got the Civil Rights Act passed because of the Republicans...

Of course, my side does not have a sitting Senator that is the ex KKK head......

George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and Lester Maddox were republicans?


Again, Claudo. For several years you and I debate on this board, you simply cannot resist slipping into a religious discussion.

I have told you for years that I will not discuss religion.

Wallace, Maddox and Bryd have always been democrats.

Claudo, you know we "disowned" Duke immediately.

Happy New Year!

Have A Great 2009.

If I had to grade 2008 I would give it a B. Uneventful on a personal level but after 2006 and 2007 to some extent that's really not a bad thing. There is no question if I stopped and took stock of everything that has happened this year it would be more good than bad by a pretty fair margin.

I don't do New Years resolutions at least not on individual goals. The way I figure if you say I have to quit smoking, lose 45 pounds and drink less...and I'll start in January... your odds of success just aren't very good. But next year at this time I want to say that I am in a better position to be prepared to deal with life around me and deal with it better. I know that sounds like an odd New Years Resolution especially for a person my age but I think it's a worthy one.

I hope everybody has a great New Year.

Haven't I Read This Before?

When people feel they are losing or have nothing of substance to say, they result to name calling. It is childish, as are they, and it usually says more about them than the person on the receiving end.
Mikey Thayer | 12.31.08 - 1:31 am

Then he follows that up with...

The worst low life piece of shit that posts on here has to be that complete idiot the count. Sorry stephen but you really are a worthless piece of scum, no wonder Ellen and the rest of the mutts hate your sorry cock sucking ass.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Sweet Talk

As it has been said many times, many ways:


You aren't hurting the number 1 cable news channel - you are just making yourselves look stupid.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Mike Shanahan is the only coach to ever win a Super Bowl in Denver (in fact he won 2) But today he is unemployed. The Broncos fired him. Reminds me of the old Pepper Rodgers Quote
" There are 2 kinds of Coaches Them's that been fired and thems that will be."

Mark Noonan makes an appearance!

On the Dumbest People thread.....

Mark said...

You left out the bitches at News Hounds. These are some of the worst hack writers on earth.

And don't forget their band of merry posters over there. Dumbest group of people to ever post on a web site.

December 28, 2008 10:11 AM

And Yeah Chinaskee I'm Talking About You

You were scrolling through the entertainment section ya dingbat.
Remember this Chinaskee from a fortnight?

Those who use smears as rebuttal have no rebuttal. And yeah Priscilla I'm talking about you. You lost this debate to Jason Matera as soon as you put your fingers on the keyboard. You're just too wrapped up in yourself to realize it.

Chinaskee 12.16.08 - 10:37 pm #

Monday, December 29, 2008

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Fourth Quarter

Even if Missouri win's this game it's safe to say their heads have been safely left in their sphincter.

23-20 Northwestern.

Pussy boy bugger eater is 0-9 when trailing at the start of the fourth quarter.

Now we have a huge play for Missouri...third and five.

Threw it away.

Pussy boy bugger eater is starting to press.

The only way pussy boy bugger eater makes it into a regular season NFL game is if his Mommy buys him a ticket.

Another huge play. If they have to punt here Missouri will have great field position.

And another huge first down for Northwestern.

Sack. That should be a late hit on Missouri.

Northwestern got lucky. That was a shitty punt that could have been returned. Missouri has it at the 50 which is bad enough but it could have been another punt return for a TD.

Uh OH! pussy boy bugger eater just got sacked. I am sure he's whining about how dirty Northwestern is.

That worked. Missouri put Macklin at QB had him run a reverse the play lost 6 yards

Third and 16 way out of bounds. Missouri is getting upset and bothered and Pussy boy bugger eater is not a leader to say the least.

Missouri downs the ball at the one.

HUGE first down for Northwestern. Got the ball out of their goal line.

Now the officials are going to hand the game to Missouri. Second time in a row they have called a holding penalty after standing there picking their ass as they watch Missouri on every play.

Nice 17 yard run. Where's the flag? come on there has to be a flag.

Missouri has good field position again.

Haha Pussy boy bugger eater kept the ball and got tackled and some Missouri fool was crying for a flag waving his arms just because he was tackled.

This is a great. Missouri is driving and after every play they showing pussy boy bugger eaters fucking family. Like we give a shit about that maggot's family.

If Missouri loses I wonder if Pussy boy bugger eater will brag about beating Baylor again.

God Dammit quit showing Pussy's family.

Strange call there. Went with the draw. Now it's 4th down.

The world's greatest field goal kicker comes on...

From 36 and he got it 23-23.

Shit incomplete and Missouri is going to get the ball back. 1:45 left

Not a bad punt. Missouri has it at their own 34.

Yeah let's show pussy boy's family again.

And again.

Missouri is going to win I am afraid.

Fuck face mask on Northwestern. the refs are going to win this for Missouri. Well AJ will get to jerk off to his poster of Pussy boy bugger eater in joy instead of anger.

God quit showing his fucking family.

Oh God Pussy boy bugger eaters parents are fucking in the stands.

Well 43 yard field goal for the worlds greatest kicker to win the game...

And Northwestern calls a time out to ice the kicker which never works.

And he fucking chokes!!!! And they show Pussy boy bugger eaters family crying.

Yeah I am glad Alex Henerey was honerable mention Big XII to these guys. I mean sure he hasn't missed multiple game winning field goals like this Missouri clown but hey has made a 57 yard field goal to win a game...but hey that's not impressive. Missing a 43 yard field goal indoors...that's impressive. Seeing pussy boy bugger eaters Sister crying was pretty cool


Shit Missouri scored a Touchdown. And they show pussy boy bugger eaters family fucking in the stands. His dad, his mom, his sister and his woman all making out together.

Now Northwestern has to score a Touchdown.

And they show his God damn family again.

For the first time I can comment how much the College football overtime rule sucks ass.

What the hell was that? Quarterback draw?

Yeah Missouri is going to win. Northwestern just fumbled all the way back to the thirty. Fourth down and goal from the thirty.

4th and 32...

Missouri wins.

Mama pussy boy booger eater just shit her pants in the stands.

30-23 Missouri. missouri's glory years are over. And this is as good as it gets for them. An overtime Alamo bowl win over an average Northwestern team. Hope you enjoyed it Tiger fans...both of you.

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Third Quarter

That punt return was a killer. Northwestern dominated the the entire half and they got out of it was a 10-10 tie. They have to start the third quarter with a good drive.

And so far so good. but they need to finish and get some points.

So it is written so it shall be done 46 yard touchdown pass for Northwestern. HUGE. that was Mark Mangino sized huge. Then they missed the extra point. Shit. 16-10 Northwestern.

wide open receiver and pussy boy booger eater overthrew him.

How does Pussy boy bugger eater have 25 minutes to throw if there is no holding going on?

Short by a yard. Will they go for it?


Dammit he picked it up.

No you were out of bounds clown.

Shit. touchdown Missouri.

Haha look at Pussy boy bugger eater flipping out. 17-16 Missouri.

updated 1 hour, 20 minutes ago

ANCHORAGE - The teenage daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has given birth to a son, People magazine reported Monday.

Bristol Palin, 18, gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston on Sunday, the magazine said. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol's grandmother, told the magazine that "the baby is fine and Bristol is doing well."

Remind me to take that part out when I post this on my Husker blog.

Great catch. Missouri is playing with a little bit more passion.

CNN has some house negro on. I forgot his name. Anyway he couldn't defend Republican racism so he just went on some rant about Democratic racism. If you can't defend yourself change the subject. You wonder where the trolls get it? there's your answer.

Shit Northwestern just threw an Interception and Missouri has it on the Northwestern 30.

Time for the world's greatest field goal kicker to kick one from's good. 20-16. Missouri. that was a win for Northwestern.

Third and 8 and this the first really huge play of this game. Northwestern has to hold on to the ball...and Missouri get's a sack. This game is teetering on the brink.

Illegal block in the back on Missouri. Another illegal block in the back.Nope holding. Missouri fans are booing. Hey fuck-ups They should have called that one and about 15 other holding penalties.

And Missouri was about to take over the game and Pussy boy bugger eater came through again with another interception. It may take everything in his mama's and AJ's power to sooth him after this game.

Northwestern is not taking advantage of pussy boy bugger eater's fuck up...

Check that... great catch!!!! Northwestern touchdown. clearly in bounds.

What's taking so long? That was clear.

Touchdown 23-20 Northwestern.

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Second Quarter

Pussy boy over throws a receiver on third down and...

The Worlds greatest kicker comes out and makes a 30 yard field goal. 7-3 Northwestern.

Northwestern completes a pass, Missouri can't tackle and Northwestern has a 31 yard play.

That didn't work. Northwestern tries a trick play it loses 9 yards but Northwestern almost gets a first down on a screen pass.

Pass Interference on Missouri.

Hahahahahahahaha! Missouri got a stop on third down and they were offsides again.

Shit Northwestern is going to have to kick a field goal.

it's good 10-3 Northwestern

Pussy Boy gets hit and throws another interception. Nice pass pussy boy! come on show his mama!

Shit it's under review...that's a pick

Time to show this...

Northwestern driving and eating clock. If Missouri wanted to start fast it's too late.

Have to go for it. I didn't like that call at all on third down. They should have ran.

God they are going for a field goal.

And he missed it. Piss poor coaching there.

Thank you ESPN. We so didn't get to see enough of this obnoxious fucker Billy Mays before yo started having him on all your commercials.

Here come the excuses. Chase has the flu. Boo Hoo Hoo

Northwestern is doing a great job of eating the clock. keeping booger eater pussy boy on the bench.

Shit Missouri blew past the NW defensive line. Northwestern needed get more points out of this half.


Jeremy Macklin returned the punt for a touchdown for Missouri.

And that's half...

10-10 tie

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts First Quarter

Well here we go. In this corner we have the Missouri Tigers who are now nearing the end of their glory years. The glory years for Missouri= A Sun bowl, A Cotton bowl, and a Alamo bowl. Their fan base is one of the most worthless, pathetic fan bases in the country and their Quarterback Chase Daniel is the very definition of a pussy.

And in the other corner we have Northwestern who are from the horrid Big Eleven conference. They haven't won a bowl game in decades and once before they went to the Alamo Bowl in 2000 complained about how they deserved to be in a better bowl game, talked crap and landed cheap shots during the entire game and lost to Nebraska 66-17. If Missouri's head is our of their sphincter this game could be every bit as ugly.

Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham calling the game. Once upon a time Franklin was one of the best in the business but those days are long gone. Cunningham is pretty solid usually. I wonder if Franken bothered to do his homework for this game. He damn sure didn't bother to it for the Nebraska-Colorado game.

San Antonio is a great city. The Contessa and I got to go to the 2003 Alamo Bowl (before she was the Contessa) When Nebraska beat Michigan State. Love San Antonio. If it wasn't 9000 degrees there everyday for 8 months in a row I would live there in a heartbeat.

Here we go.

And Missouri starts the dirty shit on the opening kickoff.

I may have to Find this game on the radio. Ron Franklin really loves to moisten Chase Daniel nards. So much so that AJ The fucking moron Husker-Hater gets really jealous. after all that's his job.

Speaking of AJ he's not closing his blog after this game because after this year Missouri is going back to the Ghetto like Gabe Kotter. Oh no! He's closing it because he's too busy to keep the blog up to the half-assed piss poor standard. Yep that's it.

And AJ just had to have his Mommy kiss his boo boo for the first time! Pussy boy Daniel throws a pick just as Ron Franklin was stroking his Shlong!

Franklin is shocked Northwestern is going for it and just now figures out it''s third down.

And if the early play is any indication Missouri is not there. Touchdown Northwestern. AJ shit's self for the first time.

And Franklin's Missouri love is just too much. I wonder if AJ's "husker fan" friend EngineeRed is trying to sooth him yet. One stupid fucker deserves another.

Shit Northwestern had a about a 50 yard play but fumbled and Missouri recovered. But Missouri was offsides so Northwestern will get the ball back probably back up field.

Yup the play stands but the offsides gives Northwestern the ball back down the field.

Missouri offsides again

Northwestern almost throws an interception and has to punt.

Norhwestern is swarming all over the recievers but Daniel got lose for about a 20 yard run of first down. Oh great Pussy boy's damn family is at the game. We'll have to see them after every fucking play.

Terrible crowd. Northwestern doesn't have a ton of fans and Missouri's fan are fucking God awful. They didn't even go to Kansas City for the Big XII championship.

And At the End Of the first quarter Northwestern 7 Missouri 0. Missouri is driving.

Somebodies Dad Didn't Have That Talk With Them

Uh, it's not right? Are asses meant to have cocks in them?
Anonymous | 12.29.08 - 1:26 pm |

Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

I took $120 to the Horseshoe

And hit 4 4's on a triple double bonus 50 cent machine which won me $1000. The Vikings kicked a 50 yard field goal to win the NFC north and earn a playoff spot and the Cowboys are getting pounded. Man what a great day.

Late Edit: And it continues. Suicide Bob is back on Newshounds and The Celtics beat the Sacramento Kings 103-68.

Not sure if these are Kings cheerleaders getting drunk after seeing their team or the Sacramento Kings themselves.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Not A Kook... Not A Racist...Doesn't Like Violence...

This post was left by Melanie over at Newshounds...*

Subject: "Your site."



I believe in the not to distant future that there will be such an uprising in our country of the the traditional white middle class people that will indeed put an end to all types of poisonous & very dangerous thinking such as the site you have. We have been pushed around enough by the media and the current judicail system. Call it a "revolution" or whatever you want, but we are going to take it back....perhaps the U.S. will become two or three separate entities all together. I am not kidding...I have spoken with many, many people like myself and it is coming, I do not like nor condone violence, but this could make the 1860's civil war look like a rock throwing incident.

The open wounds in our society are way beyond repair. Middle class white americans are sick of the minorities who are totally dragging down our culture..yes OUR CULTURE...we built this nation and it is ours..and we openly gave help to others only to have it badly abused. I don't mind helping folks out who are down on their luck, but it has totally gotten out of hand. ILLEGAL immigrants,most but not all blacks, and gutless and hopeless white trash have NO character, NO self pride and NO ambition. The blacks are the only race in the history of this planet that as a whole have never ever accomplished anything for themselves.All one has to do is take a look at Africa. 'Nuff said. Tag me a racist, it's okay because that phrase does not bother me nor the millions like me anymore.

Look around we are watching and listening more than you would ever believe. Groups like the Secular Progressives and the ACLU to name a couple are our arch enemies and will be dealt with.

I am not a kook nor a war monger. I am just a white hard working, god fearing,traditional loving person, with a love of my country and proud of my heritage & character...a person who like millions of others like me are going to take it all back and this time make it stick.

And yes, I greatly admire entities like the Fox news network and especially O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity. Solid people, solid character...their viewership just keeps growing...and gee I wonder why?

*Late Edit: I should have been more clear. This was not written by Melanie but posted by her. It was an email they recieved. Just want to make sure that is clear. I don't want the usual suspects running off to Newshounds posting that I called melanie a racist kook.

Did Everybody Get What They Wanted?

I hope everybody had a great Christmas and had a great day all the way around. And here's hoping you all got the gifts you really wanted. :) The Count's Christmas was pretty cool. Got some neat gifts and had a lovely two evenings. The best gift we got might have been bedding which we got from my Mother of all people. The Count's bedding was older than dirt and the blanket was riddled with several Cigar holes and I haven't been allowed to smoke in bed since 2003. Even still we never replaced the bedding. I guess the Contessa was worried I would hate what she bought and I never thought of buying new sheets...hell the cigar holes gave the blanket class. :) So with all the neat and cool stuff we got the Blankets, sheets and pillow cases were probably the best. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He didn't just say that....did he?

27. Mark Noonan | December 24th, 2008 at 1:39 am


There is more intellectual ferment in the audience of Rush Limbaugh than there is in the faculty at Harvard. The intellectual straightjacket of the left ensures that the one thing not happening in higher education is independent thought. You’re mistaking the ability to use $5 words for intellect.

Mark Noonan's vendetta against education: part 3

It's been a week since I've done any kind of checkup on Mark Noonan's jaw-dropping rants over at Blogs for and it looks like I came back at the right time.

One only has to consider that people affiliated with the University of California gave $2 million in political donations in 2008, with 93% of that going to the Democrats, to understand that Democrats have a vested interest in making college more “affordable”. The more “affordable” it is, the more election swag they’ll get.

Huh?! I thought it was a good thing to see government taking an interest in education?

In my view, public education in America is a racket - and higher education the most corrupt part of it. We’re pouring huge sums of money into institutions which give a new definition to “getting richer by degrees”. Kids are burdened with absurd student loans, taxpayers are burdened with grants for un-needed education programs (can anyone think of one reason the US taxpayer should in any way, shape or form provide assistance to law schools?), tenured radicals pollute our political system, bloated education bureaucracies provide sinecures for liberals who then lobby for more funding, ad infinitum. Time to cut out the cancer - time, that is, for conservatism to take a hand at education reform.

This is one my problems with the ultra-conservatives: this idea of 'I know what's best for this nation, and you must be a elitist liberal if you say otherwise' nonsense. The verdict is in: after eight years of Reagan and Bush Jr., your ideas and policies have not been in the best interests for out country.

JibJab's 2008 Year In Review

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The View From My Ass

Sorry Kinda

I had intended to do a real time thoughts tonight on the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (Yes that's it's name) between TCU and Boise State which figured to be one of the best bowl games of the year but Nebraska played basketball at the same time as the football game and Nebraska takes top priority. Nebraska lost to Maryland-Baltimore County (Who?) 66-64 and the Bowl game lived up to the hypeTCU beat Boise State 17-16 .

Smooth Move ESPN

Despite the bowl games hideous name most everyone expected the matchup between 11th ranked TCU and 9th ranked Boise State to be one of the best bowl match ups of the year. Everyone that is except ESPN who seemed to think that instead of a bowl match-up between top 10 teams it was your average game between Bowling Green And Miami of Ohio. They sent the crew of Reece Davis, Mark May and Lou Holtz to call the game. On top of sending those three morons to work a game that figured to be fantastic and lived up to the hype they ran comments from morons who were sitting at home on their computers on top of the screen. Seriously why not send these idiots to Hawaii to work the game tomorrow? Better yet send them to the game on the 26th between Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan. If that isn't a game for this crew and the stupid online participation I don't know what is. This wasn't the game for it. This game deserved better. It deserved to be in a better bowl, it deserved a much better crew, and it damn sure deserved a much better name than the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. I am telling you we are just this close to the Massingale Douche Bowl. Now that would be the game for Davis, May and
Holtz to call.

The Poll Question.

I asked those of you pet lovers if you buy your pets Christmas presents. We do. And they know it. They get excited about it as well. They stay by the tree just waiting to get their gifts. I swear they are half human. They are like little 5 year old kids this time of year. I don't know if DJ our latest member of the family is used to it yet but he's learning. It's my experience that most pet owners do buy their pets gifts.

Merry Holidays And Happy Christmas

And finally I want to wish everybody happy holidays or Merry Christmas or whatever phrase they prefer. I hope everybody has a safe, happy and fun holiday season.

Stay Safe Everybody!


Count Istvan


Now That's Funny

With Failures Like That

Quantum Of Solace has just about had it's run in most of the world and to date the Movie has made 534 Million dollars world wide. The film still has yet to open in Japan and some South American countries. it appears as if the film is on pace to about be about equal with Casino Royale which made 594 million. It's possible the movie won't quite make as much and it's possible it makes a little bit more so some of the fan boys at commanderbond have decided it's a financial failure. Don't even try to follow the logic. The fact that the that QOS has done as well world wide as CR despite the current climate has to be seen as a success anyway you slice it. Some of the pie in the sky dreams of $700 million were ridiculous to begin with $650 million was even more a pipe dream than reality. I am sure that there were some serious hopes for the film grossing over $600 million and it still very well might but I would say equaling Casino Royale's gross should be seen as roaring success.

By the way. I have a good laugh at some people over there who say things like I have seen the movie 5 times and I still hate it. Damn I've seen it once and I loved it. Won't see it again until March when it comes to DVD. Maybe I am too blame for the fact that the movie isn;t grossing what some hoped it would huh?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Editorial From The Count

Fuck The Green Bay Packers!

Uber Troll Is Offended That I Like Michelle Obama's Ass

Wait maybe I should use my Sir Mix-A-Lot Icon for this...

I be gettin' tired of Michelle's big black ass...

To each his own. I rather like Michelle Obama's big black ass myself.

Are you one of those sickos that believe it would be a wonderful world if white women had the black woman's ass?

So If I say like Barack's ass I am a sicko cause the Bible says so. If I like Michelle Obama's ass I am a sicko as well.

So since I can't win either way...I am just gonna go ahead and say...Michelle you have a fine ass. :)

'Tis better to remain silent and have everyone think you are a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it...

I like women. So to Uber troll I am a fool.

Sorry - I thought you said you liked big black asses...

Michelle you're looking good tonight girl.

You forget - Bush saved this country by keeping those bozos Gore and Kerry out of office.

I shudder to think of what damage they would have done.

Gosh! Busted again by the brilliance of union hack and demonstrated village idiot "john t"!

I am so humiliated I will have go out and suck a few dicks to get my dignity back!

No, that puts me in my 60's - but my girlfriend is 26.

Viva Viagra!

Jews Don't Celebrate Hanukah Either. Chanukah On The Other Hand...

Referring to the Christmas season as the "holiday" season is an insult to both Christians and Jews. Christians have Christmas. We have Hanukkah. They are totally unrelated holidays that happen to fall during the same time of the year. I wish the SP's would just shut the hell up and stop trying to tie these two holidays together with their "holiday" lights and their "Happy Holiday" salutations. They are both religious holidays that have different significances depending on what religion you are. Real Jews don't celebrate Christmas and we don't expect the Christians to celebrate Hanukah.
TO MY LIBERAL FRIENDS: Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

TO MY CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

You liberals stick you head in the sand or up your great sphincter and then, YAK, YAK, YAK, YAK, YAKITY SUCK. Yes, the atheist secular progressives want to destroy anything that is Christian. See, how the NH bitches are staying away from the flare up over Rick Warren. We know what you socialist pagans are going to try to do, but BHO may not play along with your evil lies and bully techniques. So, SHFU.

Keep on dreaming Mster. You really do have you head up your great Sphincter, YASSAH, SHONUFFS NOW, jes axxe me.

Andy, as Paige, PbD would bloviate, can you prove that assertion, or are you just doing more of the NH typical lying and lying.

QUESTION: How do you libs like the fact that Obama has Rick Warren at his inaguration?

LOL !!

You stupid liberals NEVER thought that would happen when you voted for him, did you?

LOL !!

Obama is going to Govern from the center, now you libs can get all pissed off at Obama like you did Hillary.

You libs should just embrace Rick Warren and get into the Saddleback Christmas Spirt.

I do not care who cares and I am not upset, jes throwing your own fecal matter back at you. A lot majority of Americans are tired of your far left constant HATE AMERICA FIRST babble. Why do you folks get on here and blather about your hatred for Christians,Republicans, and folks who love their country. Whose mind are you changing? It is just one big happy circle jerk and semen sampling.

Obama played you and all the far-left libs like a fiddle. He said whatever to get your vote, now he doesn't give a rats ass about your liberal ass. Obama is going to govern from the center.

LOL !!

info, is jes another left over commie and lies about as much as il128. It is going to be interesting if BHO does govern from the center. If he forces the UAW to take pay cuts then you socialist will go ape crapping; if he doesn't reinstitute the "fairness doctrine" nor pull all the troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan then you loones will be trying to storm the WH in a coup. What is critical is when the ragreads start the Bombay tactics against NFL, MLB games and killing thousands. Then you AMERICA HATERS will go bonkers.

Obama reminds me of the guy in those old movies that sell 'snake oil' and you libs bought it by the gallons.

Obama played you libs like a fiddle.

LOL !!

You know if Obama is having Rick Warren on his side, he isn't going to be on the gay right bandwagon.

So all of you faggots that jumped on Obama's wagaon, you just got fucked hard.


And you got fucked by a black man.

Hey, you NH groupies are the only ones who want a big, black boyfriend with big feet, huh? Shonuffs, Yassah, jes axxe me.

Didn't you see BHO's long thick putter??????

A majority of those 62MM voted for him because he was black or they thought they would get a whole lot of government support for nothing. Too, there were a lot of gullible, ignorant who could not really make a reasoned decision.

No, I am not a closet homo, and that standard homo trick is getting a bit trite. You fellatio and sodom supporters need another more reasoned approach. Hey, I read "And the Band Played ON" Yassah, Shonuffs, jes axxe me.

Bill O'Reilly makes a lot of money and he leads the cable ratings so you far left haters are going to have to work harder. You like HARD, I know!!!

What " A Bold, Faced, Pile of Reindeer Droppings" this topic is...

Then there are articles like this:

These days, everything is political - even Christmas. On second thought: especially Chrismas. In recent years, conservatives have turned Christmas into a political controversy by complaining about stores where employees wished shoppers "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." They didn't care that it's good business - not to mention good manners - to make customers of all faiths (or no faith) feel welcome. They saw only what they called the "War on Christmas."

This year, global warming has cast a pall over the great holiday tradition of Christmas lights. In November, the Union of Concerned Scientists announced that "this year's holiday lights could generate as much global warming pollution as about 250,000 cars." Environmentally minded politicians have begun to talk about turning off the lights to help save the planet. EDLMU1F4Q.DTL

No Mention Of Any Fox Employee.

But info probably likes the plunger shaft best if I had to guess. buts I donts has too guex and anymo, NASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me.

Fox employee can eat whatever they choose since Fox employees have incredible ratings.

Other networks on the other hand can only afford shit.

Ahs had did dis hare afore, hit gets the far left intellectual all balled up inside, constipated you knows, YASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me.

Only those who don't make the money that FOX pulls in would take that view. So let's see, you take the Bullshit and i'll take the Money.

You're sitting there right now and you're saying to yourself, " How stupid of a statement is that which I ( info ) just typed for the world to see.
No difference between low rating vs. high rating. Now look in the mirror and admit that you ( info ) are a true MORON.

We Heard Him Exclaim As He Went Out Of Sight...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you MORONS and to you MORONS Good Night."


Blame the Unions!

This is sick....over at Jeremiah's nuthouse of a blog, one of his contributors blames the tragic Black Friday trampling incident on the Unions. No joke.

The obvious is clear: unions, thanks to their useless ideas of '40 hour work weeks', have brought this man to his backside, and then had him trampled by a stampede of good capitalists. Of course, we should not actually blame the shoppers: bargain days are an essential feature of capitalism, and the way these shoppers behaved is only natural. Instead, the unions are to blame, because their policies kept workers away from the store during a time the store needed them most. If WalMart could keep its stores open 24-7, then the stores will always be open, and there will be no resulting stampede of people into the store.

If you honestly care about the future of people like Mr. Damour, then you will take away the useless 'reforms' the worthless unions have implemented. In addition, we must also extend the Taft-Hartley Act to ban unions from protesting anywhere. If you aren't willing to work at least half the week, then you don't deserve any sympathy from hard-working Americans. Free speech, just like freedom, isn't free, and it's become clear that the unions haven't earned theirs the way the rest of us have.

Get Well Big Baby

Celtics back-up center Glen "Big Baby" Davis was in traffic accident on the way to the game tonight

BOSTON -- Glen "Big Baby" Davis was hospitalized Sunday with whiplash and a concussion after being involved in a traffic accident on his way to the Celtics-Knicks game.

Davis had been expected to remain hospitalized overnight, but the Celtics said after the game that Davis had been released. Team spokesman Jeff Twiss said he did not know how long Davis would be sidelined.

The accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike happened around 2:30 p.m. No further details of the accident were immediately available, although snow fell throughout the day Sunday, making for hazardous driving conditions.

Davis, in his second season out of LSU, was taken to Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. Celtic president of basketball operations Danny Ainge went to the hospital to be with Davis.

You're Wrong About That Marcus

Once someone disagrees with you guys, they are idiots =_=

You aren't an idiot... YOU'RE A PUSSY.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thoughts about Week 16 - Part One

- 0-15. Jesus. Are the Lions even trying at this stage? Do they honestly want to go the entire season without winning a game; they're already getting the first-round draft pick at the end of the season. Turns out it's not just the football in Detroit that's lifeless and dying.

Two blocks south is the Greektown Casino, which filed for bankruptcy protection in May. A bankrupt casino? It’s a testament to the economic disaster in a state with unemployment nearing 10 percent. The casino’s November revenue was down 16.4 percent from the year before according to state filings.

Four blocks south of Greektown, looming over it all, is the world headquarters of General Motors. Chrysler and GM need a $13.4 billion emergency loan from the federal government to avoid its own Chapter 11 filing.

Even with the lifeline of money, no one here is optimistic. GM has 88 days and counting to restructure. Chrysler has already shuttered its plants for a month at least.

A failing industry. A bankrupt casino. A jailed mayor. A winless football team.

It’s winter in Detroit.

The bleak outlook in the city should be motivation enough for Detroit to win against Green Bay next week.

- Well done, San Diego! A most impressive thumping of the Bucs, 41-24 today. More importantly, Buffalo upset Denver 30-23, giving a once-improbable scenario to unfold on Sunday Night: the Chargers and Broncos fighting for the AFC West title and the final spot in the playoffs. A few observations of the game:

* How did Philip Rivers get looked over by Brett Favre and Jay Cutler for the Pro Bowl? Rivers has been putting up career numbers: 32 touchdowns, a QB rating of 104.0 and only 11 turnovers, the second-lowest in his career. His performance today - 21-31 with 4 TD's and 287 yards - only shows his how bady the fans and the coaches dropped the ball with their choices for QB.

* To my Chargers brethren who have been calling for LT's head (and you know who you are) for his lackluster season: regardless of this season, next year, you'll all be wondering why you even doubted him to begin with. Sure, 21 carries for 90 yards and no touchdowns is nothing to get excited about, but it looks like the old LT is slowly showing his presence.

* Is there a more underrated wide out than Vincent Jackson? His 7 carries for 111 yards puts him over the 1000 yard mark for the first time in his career. Look for Jackson to have a breakout season next year.

* It's official: A.J. should have fired Ted Cottrell earlier in the season. Under Ron Rivera, the D has slowly gotten better and their aggressiveness has showed up here and there. They've still have a ways to go, but its a start.

- This has been a wacky season: San Diego and Dallas - two teams predicted by many analysts as the Super Bowl favorites - chocking harder than adult film star Daisy Marie; New England loses Brady and still go 10-5 with a shot at the postseason; Miami (huh?) actually having a winning season; Detroit making NFL infamy as the team that went a whole seventeen weeks of the regular season without a win; and in the AFC East, the Patriots, Dolphins and Jets can go 11-5 and of those three teams, one will not make the postseason.

- Wade Phillips is in deep. The Cowboys are 9-6 after the loss to Baltimore, and their playoff hopes are no longer in their hands. Should Dallas lose next Sunday to Philadelphia or win and not make the playoffs....let's just say that I'd be surprised to see Wade still coaching in Dallas next year.

Part two tomorrow.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

Question: what do you call a film about a illiterate teen from Mumbai going on India's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and coming close to winning 20 million rupees and possibly his death? Answer: the best movie of 2008. Slumdog Millionaire is a blistering coming of age story about life in the slums of India where survival is the name of the game; a wrong path taken equals almost certain death or worse. Jamal (Dev Patel), his older brother Salim (Madhur Mittal), and their friend Latika (Freida Pinto) are fine with playing the odds: they've been doing it since childhood. All three lives take different turns: Jamal works from job to job while trying to find his brother and his lost love; Salim becomes a thief and a killer for a mob boss, and Latika's the mob bosses plaything. Sounds cliched and depressing? The end result is a movie busting with life and energy in the face of overwhelming destitution and despair. Director Danny Boyle (Transpotting, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine), cinematographer Anthony Dod, editor Chris Dickens, and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy never sugarcoat the third-world living conditions in Mumbai or the characters' moral dilemmas; they let redemption, love and faith be their guides out of hell-on-earth living. You want to see a movie where hope, love and brutality meet and cross paths ever so seamlessly? It's all right here in the wildly gorgeous and heartbreaking Slumdog Millionaire, a sure darkhorse contender come Oscar time.

**** stars out of ****

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughts Fourth Quarter

24-14 Arizona.

Fumble Arizona recovers.

Baltimore 19 Dallas 10.

Nice 13 yard punt by Arizona.

Have you ever gotten a new car for Christmas? was it wrapped up in a ribbon?

Shit the Cowboys scored.

Man that was a helluva an interception by Arizona.

77 yard touchdown by Willis McGeehee for the Ravens. 26-17 Baltimore.

Arizona is getting ready to put this game away.

And there it is. Arizona scores on a Quarterback draw. 31-14. Arizona.

Dallas scored to make the score 26-24 kicked the ball away and Baltimore broke a 82 yard run for a TD.

Cowboy fans are having a meltdown.

Dallas is going to lose the last game at Texas stadium.

BYU scored I'll be damned and they got an onside kick.

Brad Scham and whoever the other douche is calling the game for the Dallas Cowboys on the radio are about to start throwing down in the booth.

BYU misses another field goal.

Fucking dandy ESPN just flashed back to the 1998 Holiday Bowl. Really needed to see that shit. Fuck you ESPN.

Arizona 31 BYU 21 Final Score

Be back to do it again in 3 days with the TCU-Boise State game.

Las Vegas Bowl Third Quarter Real Time Thoughts

Well the second half starts with an Arizona fumble and Mike Patrick says "it's not that cold" THANK YOU! Anyway BYU has a third and goal or a fourth in goal the officials aren't sure.

Baltimore 9 Dallas 7. If Dallas loses whose defensive coordinator will Wade Phillips be next year?

And BYU scores a Touchdown. I have no idea how cause I stepped away.

Another fumble. This time BYU. This most be the 50th fumble.

So what is the point of stomp out loud? A bunch of people stomp their feet and what?

Mike patrick was impressed. He called it an amazing skill. I can make the Contessa stomp her feet really hard like that.

The play is under review. UH OH. Baltimore 16 Dallas 7.

That's a fumble.

They took 5 minutes and got the call wrong. They reversed it.

That's a busted coverage.

BYU had two people covering nobody and nobody covering the reciever.

Arizona 17 BYU 14. Arizona looks pissed that they just got jobbed.

You don't know what a house negro is, if you think Juan is one.
Marcus 12.20.08 - 10:42 pm #

BYU ran an option pass and the guy was wide open and dropped it.

53 yard field good! wide right and short.

Oh Lord now Patrick and Blackledge are slobbering all over BYU's knob.

BYU has some of the dirtiest sons of bitches who ever played. Faith Faith Faith blah blah vlah.

HA HA HA HA HA HA! While Patrick and Blackledge were busy lobbering all over BYU Arizona scored another Touchdown. BYU might want to start covering recievers.

I am officially rooting for Arizona now. That little 10 minute slobber fest sealed the deal.

24-14 Arizona after 3.

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughs Second Quarter.

7-0 Arizona.

Arizona was getting ready to take control of the game but fumbled at the BYU 5.

Blackledge just said one of the players on BYU's team was "pretty" That won't go over well on campus.

7-3 Dallas over Baltimore.

Mike Patrick at his worst.

Neither one of these damn teams can hold on to the ball. BYU fumbled covered it but couldn't hold on. Then Arizona recovered. you could here there players yelling I got it.I got it. Fuck Blackledge just said it was kinda cold in's 43.

4th and inches and Arizona is kicking a field goal. Pussy Ball.

it's good 10-0. Arizona.

Want a cinnamon roll?

So now they are advertising a blanket with sleeves. This ranks right up there with the shamwow as the stupidest fucking thing I have seen on tv.

IF everybody gets employee pricing then what's so great about being an employee?

And who would be dumb enough to send their gold to an online company? Is that tough to go to a pawn shop where you can say no thank you if they try to screw you? When you send in $1,000 worth of jewlery and you get a check for $25 your screwn. Take it to a pawn shop and at least you can walk out instead of getting jobbed.

Mike patrick was just slobbering all over a fairl ordinary catch by BYU.

BYU is driving.

Touchdown BYU. That decision to kick a field goal on 4th and inches sucked.

hahaha. I'm only on this site because I'm on college break. Pretty bored here.Plus, its funny to see people rant about Fox here.I may just stick around after vacation finishes... I'm starting to like you guys, especially Ellen =]
Marcus 12.20.08 - 6:27 pm #

Really how much is she paying you Marcus?

Dropped touchdown pass! Perfect pass by Arizona and the guy dropped it.

Again patrick complains about how cold it is in Vegas. I wish I had a rolls eyes Icon.

Blackledge just called it cold again

Holy Cow Mike Patrick sucks.

Dallas 7 Baltimore 6

That field goal call changed this game. Ever since Arizona pussed out BYU has taken over.

BYU kid caught a pass for 8 yards then stopped and thanked God for an hour and a half.

Then on the next play he dropped the pass.

BYU 3 penalties in a row.

After the BYU kicked made a show out of praying for an hour after an 8 yard catch BYU dropped a pass, had 3 penalties then missed a field goal.

Time for Mike Patrick to slobber on Mike Stoops.

Arizona is running out the clock.

Stoops is really playing this tight.

This is some piss poor football

Kneel Down 10-7 Arizona

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughts First Quarter

Just like last year all non football related posts will be in red like this...

You people here are disgusting you know... No respect for people who have differing opinions of yours!

Marcus 12.20.08 - 4:57 pm #

Welcome to frigid Omaha where it is currently 1 degree. Low of -11 tonight. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 0 with a low of -16. It's fucking Ice Station Zebra here. I am writing this on the Contessa's new computer. I don't much like it cause I am not used to it BUT my computer crashed...again. MY cousin thinks the hard drive crashed which is dandy since my music was on it and like a fucking moron I never backed it up. So when I get my computer back I don't know what I am going to do about my Ipod. I found ways on the net to get your music back on your Hard drive but they may has well have been speaking Greek. Because to say I am computer illiterate is putting it mildly. I ask the Contessa to wait until after Christmas to take the Computer to my Cousin. That way when he gives me the bad news it won't ruin Christmas.

Here we go Arizona Vs BYU...Arizona is wearing all red uniforms with blue helmets. Ugly uniforms.

The BYU kids have to love Vegas after staying on the BYU campus where breathing is against the rules.

Good sports day. There has already been 3 bowl games. Wake Forest beat Navy 29-19, Colorado State beat Fresno State 40-35 in a great game and South Florida skull fucked Memphis 41-14.

Nebraska beat Indiana-Purdue University At Fort Wayne (fuck that's long) in Basketball 75-48. A combination of things including the fact that the game was moved back 2 hours, it's fucking awful out and it's Christmas week meant the crowd at the Basketball game was awful. Nebraska was behind by 5 at half but but dominated the second half.

Dallas is Playing Baltimore in an NFL game tonight. I'll turn that game on the radio.

Congratulations to Iowa State on hiring somebody nobody has ever heard of.

I am happy I am wrong then. Very good to know differing opinions are allowed.Kisses everyone!Marcus 12.20.08 - 8:16 pm #

UH Oh controversy. BYU picked a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown but they ruled Arizona's forward progress was stopped. Looked like a bad call.

That's a real bad call.And

Arizona takes advantage. Huge pass play down to the 1 yard line.

Arizona scores!

Marcus over at NH reminds me of that little 15 year old douche on Off Topic last year.

Man I love gambling...hate Vegas. The Rat pack are all dead so is Elvis...some of you Elvis fans out me on this he's dead. And I can gamble just about anywhere now. Vegas serves no real purpose for me. I haven't been to Vegas in years so maybe I should not say that but...don't really like Vegas. Maybe I'll go again soon and change my mind.

BYU just fumbled the kickoff and Arizona should have recovered but Arizona kicked the ball out of bounds Arizona's defensive line is eating up BYU'S Offensive Line.

Arizona player just shoved Mike Stoops. That's funny. It's not good. ( you shouldn't shove your coach) but it's funny. Arizona is moving the ball again. I hate BYU but I am hoping this is a close game.

By the way the announcers are Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge. Patrick is awful. He's better at football than basketball, especially Duke basketball, where he is so busy slobbering on K's knob he is unlistenable, but he's still awful.

I wonder if he'll ask about Blackledge about Britney Spears again.

Maybe She did Have Rush Over

Well we know what the Republican drug of choice is

WASILLA -- Wasilla resident Sherry L. Johnston, mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend, faces a Jan. 6 court date for an oxycontin-related arrest at her home by Alaska State Troopers.

Little additional information was available Friday on the case as authorities remained unusually tight-lipped about details. But Palmer court records listed her scheduled court date and a troopers spokeswoman said in a release late Friday afternoon that the charges "are in relation to the drug oxycontin."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Caption This

Trolls Discuss Big Bang O'Reilly Gives Them

Christmas symbols ARE under attack by the SP's. Read that stupid offensive sign in Washington State next to the nativiity scene.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 3:13 pm #

Ok then, what caused the Big Bang to occur? Or are you one of these people who believe in the "steady state" universe?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:19 pm #

Let me re-phrase that, Who caused the Big Bang to occur?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:20 pm #

Does it matter - Franken is in, the election stolen, another dem crook in office, blah, blah, blah...
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:21 pm #

Um - you are between 14 and 15 billion years old?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:23 pm #

You can't prove that it wasn't God either, can you?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:24 pm #

If something smells like a rat, then it probably is a rat. This definetly smells of a rat. But I don't care. Let the dems have their fun for two years. What have you guys accomplished other than most of America hates the job you are doing. Congress' poll numbers are still below Bush's!
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:26 pm #

That being said, what or Whom caused the Big Bang to start? This should be an easy question for an Atheist like yourself. I can't believe I have you stumped.
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:28 pm #

Why haven't scientists been able to create life in a lab? I believe in a higher power, God and that He was responsible for all this. Does that scare you?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:33 pm #

Since there were no ears to hear the so-called Big Bang or eyes to see it, one could also just as easily call the moment the universe appeared "The First Light." But "Big Bang" stuck in the popular scientific jargan. Now the moment of creation has the imagery of a bomb going off. This diminishes all of us. Thanks a lot, lab jackets. Creation discriptions are best left be left to the Poets.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 4:43 pm #

It was originally called, "The Big Cluster Fuck" but the Newspapers wouldn't print it.Escape Goat - Palin 2012! 12.19.08 - 4:51 pm *************

No. you're getting confused. That's how YOU can into being.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 4:52 pm #

A friend of mine asked for a Coca-Cola and a hamburger.
Zorglubb 12.19.08 - 5:11 pm ****************

Is that just before they strapped him into "Old Sparky"
zamboni 12.19.08 - 5:17 pm #

Oh puh-leeze. Such drama. I guess hatred has really lowered Newshounds' standards for what constitutes legitimate, interesting criticism.Newshounds just sucks. And I will be here for a long time to point that out.


Lil' Barry Bailout 12.19.08 - 5:28 pm #

Yes, one does have to have a poetic bent to imagine a world of talking snakes and magic apples of knowledge of good and evil. But of course the job of a poet is to dream up what never was.Thanks for agreeing with me.
1-20-2009 12.19.08 - 5:15 pm # **************

Yes. Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet's father's ghost, never existed. Anyone who reads that stuff is a moron and can learn nothing form it.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 5:29 pm #

I'm a fascist who can't tolerate peopel who aren't like me, such as the educated, the employed, the normal. 12.19.08 - 5:42 pm =


Lil' Barry Bailout 12.19.08 - 5:45 pm #

Man That's Deep

Scientists will never provide answers to the deepest longings of the human heart. They just cut up dead frogs and study sub atomic particles and stick radio transmitters up racoon's asses and chase them around.When a person is looking up at the sky -- or a hospital room ceiling -- for the last time, not many people ask to see a scientist.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 5:01 pm #

Levi Johnson's Mother Arrested On Drug Charges

We Came This Close to a 4 year episode of Dr. Phil in the Vice Presidency

The mother of Levi Johnston, the 18-year-old boyfriend of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's teenage daughter, has been arrested on drug charges, the Anchorage Daily News reported Friday.
Sherry L. Johnston, 42, has been charged with six felony counts of misconduct, the newspaper reported.

The paper said that Alaska State Troopers charged Sherry Johnston with second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance and fourth-degree misconduct involving controlled substances, or possession.
Sherry Johnston has been released on a $5,000 bond, the newspaper reported.

I wonder if she had Rush over.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maybe It's Good I Left When I Did.

Joking around about the trolls Military service on Newshounds tonight got me thinking about Edgewater Colorado which is where I lived from July 1991 to June1995. I know that in the 4 years I lived there the town was starting to deteriorate a little even then and it was never "high end" to begin with. But I never thought it was that bad. hell I thought most of West Denver was worse. But atleast according to the Wikipedia article (which is probably somewhat exaggerated) It sounds as if Edgewater has really gone down hill. I do know that Jefferson High School was a fucking joke even back in the 90's. Maybe I knew something all those years ago when I used to play "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by the Animals everynight.

The City of Edgewater is a Home Rule Municipality located in Jefferson County, Colorado, United States. The city borders Denver to the east, Lakewood to the south and west, and the Wheat Ridge to the north. The population of Edgewater is about 85% Hispanic. The city lies to the north of Colfax Avenue, south of 26th avenue, west of Wadsworth Boulevard, and east of Wolff Street.
In the recent years, Edgewater has experienced serious urban decay with high levels of unemployment, crime, gang activity, and poverty. Though not a part of the city of Denver, it is often considered as showing "inner-city" characteristics because of its low economic stability and abandonded development projects, including a multi-acre site at 20th and Depew Street that was purchased with Jefferson County Open Space Funds and then never used. Lack of funding still hinders redevelopment of the abandoned site. The Edgewater Police Department is housed in a condemned building owned by the Sloans Lake Bar across the street.
In recent years, Edgewater has had a large increase in the number of public housing and apartment styled projects. Reported gangs in Edgewater are the Surenos and Bloods. Edgewater schools, such as Jefferson High School, Lumberg Elementary School, and Edgewater Elementary School, are considered to be the worst in Jefferson County and among the worst in the Denver metroplitan area.[neutrality disputed] The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the city population was 5,159 in 2006.[5]

He's Still Going And Going

You are the first person who supports this site that makes sense.Very good, balanced post.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:31 am #

Are you privy to what FOX news journalists are told and "what it's like working at Fox News"?I just think you are a liberal hack who doesn't know what the fuck you are talking about, and you are just following the liberal bullshit line.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:37 am #

Aren't you late for a union meeting? Have you mailed your dues this month?
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:42 am #

That post is so ridiculous there is no possible answer. If you consider veterans war criminals, and you can't differentiate between statutory military retirements and negotiated union retirements - you are beyond help.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:47 am #

No.He got lampooned because he lied about it.
Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 1:52 am #

Why, oh why, do you insist on demonstrating your ignorance? Military retirement is A PART OF THE CONTRACT WHEN YOU VOLUNTEER FOR MILITARY SERVICE AND PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS! Of course you wouldn't know. You were a union prostitute for your working life while people like me were on duty to allow you that chance.

Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:53 am #

You are beyond stupid. You have no concept of the mechanics of the war in Southeast Asia.Do some research before you expose your ignorance.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:56 am #

"I have that memory which is seared -- seared -- in me." John Kerry, lying about having been in Cambodia on 25 Dec. 1968
Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 1:56 am #

YOU STUPID IDIOTS!Classified information is completely declassified after 20 years under the automatic declassification schedule.But I wouldn't expect you to know that since you don't know anything else...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 1:59 am #

I feel like I am in a kindergarten. NAH NAH YOU DIDN'T --- NAH NAH I DID --- etc.You people are complete stupid jerks who haven't a clue. I have been there and done that for everything I say and without knowing who I am you rant and rave about me lying.You are all very insecure.Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:04 am #

Don't be silly.John Kerry is not a defendent in a criminal trial, and therefore, nobody has to prove him wrong. He has to prove he was there or he is a liar.

Fox Insider 12.18.08 - 2:05 am #

You are the dumbest creature I have met in my life.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:09 am #

I put salt on a slug that was smarter than you...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:11 am #

Sorry we whipped your ass again. Good night.
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:17 am #

I guess I will pick up my lantern and continue my search for an "honest man." I didn't really think I would find one here...
Diogenes 12.18.08 - 2:23 am #

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