Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cold On The Plains.

Yesterday it was 53 in Omaha however the next three days the high temperatures forecasted combined add up to 31. 11 today 9 tomorrow 11 Tuesday. 190 miles to the southeast in Kansas City The Chiefs are playing The Chargers in a warmer but still cold (24 degrees wind chill of 10) Arrowhead Stadium. The announcer of the game just said the forecast today called for 60 degrees ( where did he see that?) We were warned that the mild temps yesterday were a fluke.) but it was much colder like 49. ( If it were 49 degrees you would be lucky it's nowhere near that)

The Chargers recovered the onside kick.

The Lions played hard are still going to find away to lose.

I'd like to know who these guys are in the Viking Uniforms. Where did they come from?

Just talked to the In-laws in Missouri. They said in fact it was 50 degrees earlier today there then the temperature dropped like a stone.

OK These are The Vikings I have come to know,

Minnesota wins 35-14. best game the Vikings have played in years.


Anonymous said...

I just took the garbage out and Shit is it cold and windy.

Feels Like

et said...

Over here, in Fahrenheit terms, it's 29 but feels like 14 with wind chill. That's compared to a normal high of 45 and low of 36.

Supposed to go down to 18 tonight.

Bundle up!

Anonymous said...

We are going out to finish our shopping tomorrow's gonna be brrrrr :)

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