Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughts Fourth Quarter

24-14 Arizona.

Fumble Arizona recovers.

Baltimore 19 Dallas 10.

Nice 13 yard punt by Arizona.

Have you ever gotten a new car for Christmas? was it wrapped up in a ribbon?

Shit the Cowboys scored.

Man that was a helluva an interception by Arizona.

77 yard touchdown by Willis McGeehee for the Ravens. 26-17 Baltimore.

Arizona is getting ready to put this game away.

And there it is. Arizona scores on a Quarterback draw. 31-14. Arizona.

Dallas scored to make the score 26-24 kicked the ball away and Baltimore broke a 82 yard run for a TD.

Cowboy fans are having a meltdown.

Dallas is going to lose the last game at Texas stadium.

BYU scored I'll be damned and they got an onside kick.

Brad Scham and whoever the other douche is calling the game for the Dallas Cowboys on the radio are about to start throwing down in the booth.

BYU misses another field goal.

Fucking dandy ESPN just flashed back to the 1998 Holiday Bowl. Really needed to see that shit. Fuck you ESPN.

Arizona 31 BYU 21 Final Score

Be back to do it again in 3 days with the TCU-Boise State game.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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