Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mark Noonan's vendetta against education: part 3

It's been a week since I've done any kind of checkup on Mark Noonan's jaw-dropping rants over at Blogs for and it looks like I came back at the right time.

One only has to consider that people affiliated with the University of California gave $2 million in political donations in 2008, with 93% of that going to the Democrats, to understand that Democrats have a vested interest in making college more “affordable”. The more “affordable” it is, the more election swag they’ll get.

Huh?! I thought it was a good thing to see government taking an interest in education?

In my view, public education in America is a racket - and higher education the most corrupt part of it. We’re pouring huge sums of money into institutions which give a new definition to “getting richer by degrees”. Kids are burdened with absurd student loans, taxpayers are burdened with grants for un-needed education programs (can anyone think of one reason the US taxpayer should in any way, shape or form provide assistance to law schools?), tenured radicals pollute our political system, bloated education bureaucracies provide sinecures for liberals who then lobby for more funding, ad infinitum. Time to cut out the cancer - time, that is, for conservatism to take a hand at education reform.

This is one my problems with the ultra-conservatives: this idea of 'I know what's best for this nation, and you must be a elitist liberal if you say otherwise' nonsense. The verdict is in: after eight years of Reagan and Bush Jr., your ideas and policies have not been in the best interests for out country.


Anonymous said...

Wait Cal Berkeley is largely liberal? No way! Since when?

godzilla104 said...

Noonan has hit a new low in his psychosis. With any hope, his therapist reads his blog.

theroachman said...

Sorry Count but Sergie might disagree with me too. But I no longer feel as if Berkeley is a liberal school. They were one of the main players up till a few years ago in Los Alamos Labs and still are the main player in Livermore. Those are not bastions of liberal science to say the least. The make war toys.

Then there is the whole tree controversy. They cut down trees older then the school to increase the size of the football training facilities? This is a school which is considered by many architects as one of the best in the nation and they could not figure out a better design plan?

The liberal label for Berkeley is as true as calling Pelosi a liberal.

theroachman said...

I do not disagree on the whole Noone low point though.

It is almost as if Noone wants to turn the US into a third world country or at least something in the lines of how Communist China is run. Where only the elite get to go to college and only the elite get to make real money.

The rest are no more then slaves.

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