Monday, December 8, 2008

Rub A Dub ttdub

ttdub apparently runs the blog Conservatives Are Best where he says brilliant shit like...

I read a great quote the other day: "If guns kill people, can I blame misspelled words on my pencil?" This is so true! Whatever misguided fool who said guns kill people, should have his brain scanned.

This entire thread especially Keg's contributions are praise worthy.

ttdub is a moron.

Yes. Instrument, but is the gun doing the actual killing or is it the person? Has a gun ever gone to jail?

Posted by: ttdub on Mon 12.8 10:19pm

okay, are you seriously threatening my life? All I'm doing is trying to make a point. I'm not trying to make you mad. I don't understand your anger.

Posted by: ttdub on Mon 12.8 10:26pm


Mberenis said...

Obama did it for us! There is a bailout for the people. Everyone qualifies. I got $750,000.00USD in grants for my bailout.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I got $.75 for mine.

et said...

That was so pathetic, I can barely begin to comment. I mean..."I didn't know this wasn't a normal forum." Who even begins to think there is such a thing as a "normal" forum - aka, a forum without some kind of declared point of view or stance or something - on the Series Of Tubes? Like there's a place without any viewpoint at all, on which you can post your chosen, random shit? I don't think so.

It's so disingenuous as to be ridiculous and completely worthy of scorn. You have to work at it to find the NH OT Forum, let's be honest. Fool knew where he was and what he was doing.

As this bailout dude on your blog, Count, must have. You've made the big time - you're being spammed!

Thanks for the campaign blog comment. I would seriously buy one of those action figures, if they existed, just to dress him up in ET Daughter's old Barbie outfits.

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