Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He Loves War But Hates Fighing. How Conservative Of Him

Credit goes to Aunty and John T.

The Iraqi who threw the shoe has no respect, and no gratitude for the hard work the soldiers did in their country. I am so disgusted by that guy. Thank God we have a ninja President. Marcus 12.15.08 - 10:20 pm #

Dude, I'll like to see Obama walk in New York without security. The POTUS deserves 100% security. The President of Iran can't afford security probably. He's using all of Iran's money to build nuclear weapons. Marcus 12.15.08 - 10:21 pm #

I hope Israel bombs Iran soon also. We need to make sure the Middle East is secure and peaceful. Marcus 12.15.08 - 10:26 pm

The US wins all wars. This war against China will just be extremely expensive. Don't dare defame the military john t. Marcus 12.15.08 - 10:50 pm

And yes, I am for nation topling and building. Marcus 12.15.08 - 11:46 pm

No. I'm studying to be an environmental geologist now. Don't like fighting. Marcus 12.15.08 - 10:28 pm

For everyone who did not understand me, let me clarify... I am for toppling anti-American regimes, and yes, I believe in nation building. I think it is necessary in this dangerous world, and plus, it is good to spread American ideas. When it is necessary, sure, use drones... Such as killing terrorists in Syria, Pakistan or even Iran in surprise missions, but when necessary such as a full fledge invasion we use ground troops. Simple right? Marcus 12.16.08 - 12:19 am #

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