Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newshounds Mod Does Irony

Newshounds Mod makes a funny

What a load of baloney. I've been told by two, unrelated sources that Hannity's own show was in the works before Colmes announced his departure. Even if that's not true, the reason they're not replacing Colmes is because Hannity can't stand to share the spotlight, especially with a liberal.

She's right. But for her of all people to talk about others not wanting to share a spotlight is high comedy. but Newshounds Mod's ego could give Hannity's a run for it's money everyday of the week.

Note to Newshounds mod's troll toy. When you quote me quote me right.

Late edit: Newshounds Mod claims to have sources and knowing first hand what she will do to anybody she dislikes I believe her. It would not surprise me at all if one of her sources was Colmes himself. Who loves Newshounds mod but hates newshounds.

The irony just keeps a comin.

I suspect it will be Kirsten "I make sure to cozy up to conservatives" Powers.

I will not allow comments on threads about Newshounds mod. I don't want anybody saying anything that will get them in trouble and I don't want to read the droppings of her hired goons.

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