Monday, December 29, 2008

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts First Quarter

Well here we go. In this corner we have the Missouri Tigers who are now nearing the end of their glory years. The glory years for Missouri= A Sun bowl, A Cotton bowl, and a Alamo bowl. Their fan base is one of the most worthless, pathetic fan bases in the country and their Quarterback Chase Daniel is the very definition of a pussy.

And in the other corner we have Northwestern who are from the horrid Big Eleven conference. They haven't won a bowl game in decades and once before they went to the Alamo Bowl in 2000 complained about how they deserved to be in a better bowl game, talked crap and landed cheap shots during the entire game and lost to Nebraska 66-17. If Missouri's head is our of their sphincter this game could be every bit as ugly.

Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham calling the game. Once upon a time Franklin was one of the best in the business but those days are long gone. Cunningham is pretty solid usually. I wonder if Franken bothered to do his homework for this game. He damn sure didn't bother to it for the Nebraska-Colorado game.

San Antonio is a great city. The Contessa and I got to go to the 2003 Alamo Bowl (before she was the Contessa) When Nebraska beat Michigan State. Love San Antonio. If it wasn't 9000 degrees there everyday for 8 months in a row I would live there in a heartbeat.

Here we go.

And Missouri starts the dirty shit on the opening kickoff.

I may have to Find this game on the radio. Ron Franklin really loves to moisten Chase Daniel nards. So much so that AJ The fucking moron Husker-Hater gets really jealous. after all that's his job.

Speaking of AJ he's not closing his blog after this game because after this year Missouri is going back to the Ghetto like Gabe Kotter. Oh no! He's closing it because he's too busy to keep the blog up to the half-assed piss poor standard. Yep that's it.

And AJ just had to have his Mommy kiss his boo boo for the first time! Pussy boy Daniel throws a pick just as Ron Franklin was stroking his Shlong!

Franklin is shocked Northwestern is going for it and just now figures out it''s third down.

And if the early play is any indication Missouri is not there. Touchdown Northwestern. AJ shit's self for the first time.

And Franklin's Missouri love is just too much. I wonder if AJ's "husker fan" friend EngineeRed is trying to sooth him yet. One stupid fucker deserves another.

Shit Northwestern had a about a 50 yard play but fumbled and Missouri recovered. But Missouri was offsides so Northwestern will get the ball back probably back up field.

Yup the play stands but the offsides gives Northwestern the ball back down the field.

Missouri offsides again

Northwestern almost throws an interception and has to punt.

Norhwestern is swarming all over the recievers but Daniel got lose for about a 20 yard run of first down. Oh great Pussy boy's damn family is at the game. We'll have to see them after every fucking play.

Terrible crowd. Northwestern doesn't have a ton of fans and Missouri's fan are fucking God awful. They didn't even go to Kansas City for the Big XII championship.

And At the End Of the first quarter Northwestern 7 Missouri 0. Missouri is driving.

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