Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is off topic down?

I can read it but I can't log in.

I think I have been banned again. yet I can read it now. That's just mean.

That's nice. I believe Ellen has banned me by my name and has banned the email address I created to re-register. meaning I could read the board but not post. I could create another email address and name and re-register but what's the point? obviously I am furious. I thin it's un-fair and wrong. But I won't say anything more. I don't need give a moderator or one of their hired rent-a-trolls something that will cause me to lose what privileges I still have.

I guess I will communicate by proxy.


et said...

Sorry to hear that, Count.

Your name is showing up black rather than blue, so I am guessing that your profile was deleted.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Oh well. I actually tried to avoid conflicts between posters and mods this time around. partly because I really really like Siobhan and partly because I didn't know what the hell was going on. which ain't a bad thing sometimes.

et said...

See your "real life" e-mail, Count.


david said...

Dave says hi, and sorry. (vermont dave....)

This is KEG speaking. Well, not speaking. Stop...Let me start this again....

This is KEG typing and wondering why the hell you were banned again. I miss you already. And can't understand why I haven't also been banned.

Anonymous said...

KEG and Dave your posts are always Hilarius. :)

Thank you.

theroachman said...

So since Keg and Dave are sounding like The Thing with Two Heads.

Then who is Dr. Kirshner and who is Jack Moss?

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