Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

I took $120 to the Horseshoe

And hit 4 4's on a triple double bonus 50 cent machine which won me $1000. The Vikings kicked a 50 yard field goal to win the NFC north and earn a playoff spot and the Cowboys are getting pounded. Man what a great day.

Late Edit: And it continues. Suicide Bob is back on Newshounds and The Celtics beat the Sacramento Kings 103-68.

Not sure if these are Kings cheerleaders getting drunk after seeing their team or the Sacramento Kings themselves.


theroachman said...

The biggest woot though goes to johnathan!


Anonymous said...

"Suicide" bob is back! man this day just keeps getting better.

theroachman said...

Bob is pretty funny and dumb

He likes to change peoples posts in order to help him make his arguments. I think the reason he is only recently back at newshounds is from a month back when I caught him changing one of my post to fit his needs. He changed the word tollerance to acceptance.

As if I would not notice the change.

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