Friday, December 19, 2008

Trolls Discuss Big Bang O'Reilly Gives Them

Christmas symbols ARE under attack by the SP's. Read that stupid offensive sign in Washington State next to the nativiity scene.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 3:13 pm #

Ok then, what caused the Big Bang to occur? Or are you one of these people who believe in the "steady state" universe?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:19 pm #

Let me re-phrase that, Who caused the Big Bang to occur?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:20 pm #

Does it matter - Franken is in, the election stolen, another dem crook in office, blah, blah, blah...
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:21 pm #

Um - you are between 14 and 15 billion years old?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:23 pm #

You can't prove that it wasn't God either, can you?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:24 pm #

If something smells like a rat, then it probably is a rat. This definetly smells of a rat. But I don't care. Let the dems have their fun for two years. What have you guys accomplished other than most of America hates the job you are doing. Congress' poll numbers are still below Bush's!
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:26 pm #

That being said, what or Whom caused the Big Bang to start? This should be an easy question for an Atheist like yourself. I can't believe I have you stumped.
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:28 pm #

Why haven't scientists been able to create life in a lab? I believe in a higher power, God and that He was responsible for all this. Does that scare you?
1-20-2013 12.19.08 - 4:33 pm #

Since there were no ears to hear the so-called Big Bang or eyes to see it, one could also just as easily call the moment the universe appeared "The First Light." But "Big Bang" stuck in the popular scientific jargan. Now the moment of creation has the imagery of a bomb going off. This diminishes all of us. Thanks a lot, lab jackets. Creation discriptions are best left be left to the Poets.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 4:43 pm #

It was originally called, "The Big Cluster Fuck" but the Newspapers wouldn't print it.Escape Goat - Palin 2012! 12.19.08 - 4:51 pm *************

No. you're getting confused. That's how YOU can into being.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 4:52 pm #

A friend of mine asked for a Coca-Cola and a hamburger.
Zorglubb 12.19.08 - 5:11 pm ****************

Is that just before they strapped him into "Old Sparky"
zamboni 12.19.08 - 5:17 pm #

Oh puh-leeze. Such drama. I guess hatred has really lowered Newshounds' standards for what constitutes legitimate, interesting criticism.Newshounds just sucks. And I will be here for a long time to point that out.


Lil' Barry Bailout 12.19.08 - 5:28 pm #

Yes, one does have to have a poetic bent to imagine a world of talking snakes and magic apples of knowledge of good and evil. But of course the job of a poet is to dream up what never was.Thanks for agreeing with me.
1-20-2009 12.19.08 - 5:15 pm # **************

Yes. Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet's father's ghost, never existed. Anyone who reads that stuff is a moron and can learn nothing form it.
zamboni 12.19.08 - 5:29 pm #

I'm a fascist who can't tolerate peopel who aren't like me, such as the educated, the employed, the normal. 12.19.08 - 5:42 pm =


Lil' Barry Bailout 12.19.08 - 5:45 pm #

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