Friday, December 12, 2008

Morti Hates American Business (Friday Night Trollin)

Chrysler and GM deserve nothing unless Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda which all have US plants also get the same offer.

The Big 3 unions have ruined their profitability plain and simple.

Plus they made gas guzzlers while the other foreign manufacturers were more green. and there fore should be rewarded by letting GM fail.

Bridgestone is laying off 158 workers in a town near me named Lavergne, TN.
Because of less demand for trucks and buses in particular. they supplied the big 3. Now after they lay off the workers maybe Bridgestone will be smart enough to forge relationships with the foreign auto manufacturers instead of relying on bloated big 3.

This is a transparent attempt by Nancy Pelosi and the Michigan governer to take from the Southern states just to give to Michigan states. Pay off for Democratic votes plain and simple. Plus now the US govt. will be able to dictate what cars the big 3 make, which will of course only worsen their problems.

I for one will never by a GM or Chrysler again, and I had a Chevette and a Dodge Omni.

You watch tho, Barney Frank and Pelosi's punishment to the environmentally sound Nissan, etc, will be to put tariffs so large on the manufactured cars, that consumers will have to buy from the Big3/Government Nationalized industry.

Thing is people STILL will buy the foreign cars.

LoL. Thank god for Bob Corker for once !
Why are the employees in TN, SC, Indiana, and Alabama staying on at the non unionized Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota?

Answer, they like it and do not need unions to negotiate a fair wage.

I am a programmer and there is not one single computer programmer's union in the country, yet the average programmers salary is 75K per year or $35 per hour.

Why? Demand, demand, demand.
Demand so great my company just hired 10 more Indian contractors.

So, if there is demand for foreign cars (built in the US), then the employees will be happy.

Unions may have once been good, but as long as there is no demand for the Big3 cars, the Unions will be a negative drag on the corporations.

When things were going well for the Big3, they should have insisted that the Unions keep the benefit packages in line with the foreign competition.

Instead everyone had their hands out, the shareholders, the managment AND the unions. The chicken has come home to roost is all. No amount of government nationialization can fix the lack of demand for an inferior, polluting car.

If you support the green movement, then you have to support the corporations that go green ie. foreign manufacturers (in the US).
The unions have been responsible for the death of the auto industry and the liberals still cannot admit it. The unions must go back to what workers get at foreign plants in this country. All the enviro nuts must leave their far left agenda. Keep your far left chant up.
The unions have destroyed the steel and aluminum industries and others like the appliance industry. In the 70s I called on Kaiser Steel and the union workers were drunk on the job, slept and allowed the lines to go down. They fought computerization and sabatoged anything to improve productivity. 10 years later the mills were shut down owing to the huge union contracts.

BHO.....the new marion barry!

The unions have already killed the American auto industry. That's why they need a bailout.

The auto companies have done a lot of things wrong, and bear a significant amount of reponsibility for their current plight.

I put the blame as 60% for the unions, and 40% for the people running the companies.

Mickey Kaus, on his blog today, presents a pretty good description of what damage the unions have done. And he voted for Obama.

I know. It's called "Fox deraingement syndrome".

Don't be such an idiot. I have no idea how much US auto companies spend on NASCAR. Do only US companies do so? Companies do such things to promote their products. It's called advertizing. If they thought it was costing more than it was worth, they would not be doing it, I presume.

Why don't you give me a list of companies that may own a jet and not get criticized by you. Gimme dat list!

I got a better plan. Let's not give the auto companies a penny.
A bailout without fundamental change will not save US automakers. It will only slightly keep them going a little while longer. If they fail then Toyota and Honda will build more plants in the US.


et said...

I'm very conflicted about the whole bailout issue. On the one hand, it seems to me that the U.S. automotive industry has spent decades in denial, refusing to see the handwriting on the wall regarding the need to develop more efficient/greener vehicles at the expense of gas-guzzlers and over-the-top SUVs. Yet, at the same time, in a climate where Congress seems perfectly happy to write Wall Street a blank check, the reluctance to spend a pittance of that amount in bridge loans - rather than an outright guarantee, as the likes of AIG received - to keep this industry alive strikes me as nothing but than union-busting partisanship, pure and simple.

Part of me says that GM and the like *should* file for bankruptcy, reorganize, and get their shit together. But another part of me is pissed off majorly that Republican Senators think that they can dictate terms to Union workers who have fought long and hard for what little they have...and no, Corker and your pals - they aren't exactly picking lettuce for $50/hour.

And as for any deal that allows Bush to name a "Car Czar," even for a month? Don't get me started...

Anonymous said...

ET I understand and agree with you. What makes these comments so funny is the absolute hatred off all things union for no apparent reason other than Rush said so.

As somebody correctly said on Newshounds If you like paid holidays and the 5 day work week thank the union.

Anonymous said...

(1) A collective bargaining contract for Boeing engineers kept me (and everyone else) from getting more than a 3% raise every year because they were more interested in retirement benefits, and

(2) The UAW is killing the auto industry.
Atypical Newshound Commenter | 12.13.08 - 4:26 am | #


3) your a liar because every day you get your little 2 inch penis up to the radio whenever that fat drug addict is about to come on.

4) I know you're lying because Wendy's never had a union.
Count Istvan | Homepage | 12.13.08 - 5:14 am | #

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