Tuesday, December 9, 2008

*The Level of Self Hatred In Some People Is Amazing

Talk about being a sore loser(*hat tip to the Count for posting this on O/T section of Newshounds).

That's not to say that Obama's election doesn't come with a couple of interesting side effects. For example, henceforth no black man in America may be called unqualified for any job that he might seek, no matter his prior education or experience level. Want to be a nuclear scientist but lack a Ph.D. in physics? If the applicant is a black man, it's no problem. Just offer hope to the profession and promise change from all those stuffy theorems that have given the discipline its structure over the years, and you're in.


This idiot goes on to say that "in 2012, we'll have Sarah Palin to clean up Obama's mess and remind us again of America's exceptionalism." Yes, just what this country needs: another bobble-headed, yes-woman foot soldier for Karl Rove and the neocon agenda. Because it worked out so well for Americans under the brilliant and visionary leadership of George W. Bush.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Jonathan.

et said...

OK, so...ET Daughter is 14, and she has a way of making these pronouncements which equate to some variation or other on "I'm so marvelous." She does this with a joking air but we feel we have to remind her from time to time that it comes off as kind of obnoxious and self-aggrandizing when over-used, and not to put on that attitude with peers, teachers, or guests.

It's those moments I think of when I hear that phrase "American exceptionalism." (Disclaimer: though I live abroad, I am still American.)

Yes, it's a country born from different circumstances than almost any other country on the planet. Americans have every right to be proud of the USA, just as Swedes should take pride in Sweden, Egyptians in Egypt, and so on. But national pride shouldn't equate to chest-puffing assertions of blanket superiority to [everything], which is largely what the RW pundits mean when they use the phrase.

In the annals of history, America is still a lot like my 14-year-old, and has more grown-up levels of national pride still to move toward. I hope for a day when it's possible to be proud without having to sing the Barney "you are special" song so loudly and long all the time.

And don't get me started on the notion that Sarah Palin is or should be the standard-bearer for "American exceptionalism." That would give the label "special" a completely different meaning...

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