Tuesday, December 23, 2008

With Failures Like That

Quantum Of Solace has just about had it's run in most of the world and to date the Movie has made 534 Million dollars world wide. The film still has yet to open in Japan and some South American countries. it appears as if the film is on pace to about be about equal with Casino Royale which made 594 million. It's possible the movie won't quite make as much and it's possible it makes a little bit more so some of the fan boys at commanderbond have decided it's a financial failure. Don't even try to follow the logic. The fact that the that QOS has done as well world wide as CR despite the current climate has to be seen as a success anyway you slice it. Some of the pie in the sky dreams of $700 million were ridiculous to begin with $650 million was even more a pipe dream than reality. I am sure that there were some serious hopes for the film grossing over $600 million and it still very well might but I would say equaling Casino Royale's gross should be seen as roaring success.

By the way. I have a good laugh at some people over there who say things like I have seen the movie 5 times and I still hate it. Damn I've seen it once and I loved it. Won't see it again until March when it comes to DVD. Maybe I am too blame for the fact that the movie isn;t grossing what some hoped it would huh?

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et said...

It's March 24 2009 for those who are counting, and we just rented QoS and watched it this evening. I'm no connoisseur of 007 like The Count, but for my money it was far from the bottom of Bond films. As the Count has commented, there are some fond nods back to prior films in the canon; and while the plot might have seemed prosaic, it at least revolved around what will be a real resource issue in the coming decades and had the ring of reality rather than the over-the-top, let's-build-a-death-ray-in-the-barn tone of some earlier efforts.

I'm embarrassed not to have even recognized Gemma Arterton after loving her performance as Elizabeth Bennet in "Lost in Austen." And I loved the conceit of the opera in Austria, particularly the end sequence (which is a nod to the conclusion of "Tosca," the opera being performed, in which the heroine named in the title kills herself by leaping off a wall).

All in all, an enjoyable viewing, if not necessarily something I would line up for again and again on the big screen.

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