Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughts First Quarter

Just like last year all non football related posts will be in red like this...

You people here are disgusting you know... No respect for people who have differing opinions of yours!

Marcus 12.20.08 - 4:57 pm #

Welcome to frigid Omaha where it is currently 1 degree. Low of -11 tonight. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 0 with a low of -16. It's fucking Ice Station Zebra here. I am writing this on the Contessa's new computer. I don't much like it cause I am not used to it BUT my computer crashed...again. MY cousin thinks the hard drive crashed which is dandy since my music was on it and like a fucking moron I never backed it up. So when I get my computer back I don't know what I am going to do about my Ipod. I found ways on the net to get your music back on your Hard drive but they may has well have been speaking Greek. Because to say I am computer illiterate is putting it mildly. I ask the Contessa to wait until after Christmas to take the Computer to my Cousin. That way when he gives me the bad news it won't ruin Christmas.

Here we go Arizona Vs BYU...Arizona is wearing all red uniforms with blue helmets. Ugly uniforms.

The BYU kids have to love Vegas after staying on the BYU campus where breathing is against the rules.

Good sports day. There has already been 3 bowl games. Wake Forest beat Navy 29-19, Colorado State beat Fresno State 40-35 in a great game and South Florida skull fucked Memphis 41-14.

Nebraska beat Indiana-Purdue University At Fort Wayne (fuck that's long) in Basketball 75-48. A combination of things including the fact that the game was moved back 2 hours, it's fucking awful out and it's Christmas week meant the crowd at the Basketball game was awful. Nebraska was behind by 5 at half but but dominated the second half.

Dallas is Playing Baltimore in an NFL game tonight. I'll turn that game on the radio.

Congratulations to Iowa State on hiring somebody nobody has ever heard of.

I am happy I am wrong then. Very good to know differing opinions are allowed.Kisses everyone!Marcus 12.20.08 - 8:16 pm #

UH Oh controversy. BYU picked a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown but they ruled Arizona's forward progress was stopped. Looked like a bad call.

That's a real bad call.And

Arizona takes advantage. Huge pass play down to the 1 yard line.

Arizona scores!

Marcus over at NH reminds me of that little 15 year old douche on Off Topic last year.

Man I love gambling...hate Vegas. The Rat pack are all dead so is Elvis...some of you Elvis fans out me on this he's dead. And I can gamble just about anywhere now. Vegas serves no real purpose for me. I haven't been to Vegas in years so maybe I should not say that but...don't really like Vegas. Maybe I'll go again soon and change my mind.

BYU just fumbled the kickoff and Arizona should have recovered but Arizona kicked the ball out of bounds Arizona's defensive line is eating up BYU'S Offensive Line.

Arizona player just shoved Mike Stoops. That's funny. It's not good. ( you shouldn't shove your coach) but it's funny. Arizona is moving the ball again. I hate BYU but I am hoping this is a close game.

By the way the announcers are Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge. Patrick is awful. He's better at football than basketball, especially Duke basketball, where he is so busy slobbering on K's knob he is unlistenable, but he's still awful.

I wonder if he'll ask about Blackledge about Britney Spears again.

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