Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big XII Championship Game.

Here we go...

The fucking pussies against the fucking hillbillies!

Grr...I guess no real time thoughts the Contessa wants me to watch it with her. I'll be back

38-7 Oklahoma at halftime. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Missouri's major accomplishments in the "glory" years of their program.....

And what about their fans? So fucking worthless they won't got to Kansas City to watch a championship game. AJ The cocksucker says he is closing his blog at the end of the year because he can't devote the time to running it and keeping it "up to standards" OK that's funny for 2 reasons. A. the blog fucking sucks now and always has. and B. He's really closing it because he knows the gravy train days are over after this year. And what does Missouri have to show for it?


Too bad AJ. I know you wanted to get out before Missouri was God awful again and you were a laughing stock. TOO LATE!

Oh and Chase "Pussy" Daniel is really going out like a champ. I wonder if he'll cry about how dirty Oklahoma is and brag about beating Baylor again.

62-21 Oklahoma final score.

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Anonymous said...

I hate Missouri so much I was rooting for fucking Oklahoma. God I feel dirty now.

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