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Fighting Soldiers From The Sky Part 2.

Part One

"In the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Navy cruiser Vincennes shoots down an Iranian passenger jet that it mistakes for a hostile Iranian fighter aircraft.... The U.S. Navy report blamed crew error caused by psychological stress on men in combat for the first time."

Why do you people hate our military?


28 years in the Air Force, 18 months and a thousand flying hours combat, Southeast Asia.
I'll bet a thousand dollars the idiot john t will jump in shortly and call me "fat Mikey Thayer" in his grade-school English.
Count Istvan

* Age: 34
* Gender: Male
* Astrological Sign: Virgo
* Zodiac Year: Tiger
* Occupation: Making Trolls Shit Themsleves
* Location: Omaha


So you joined the Army over two years before your mother was raped?

Every day you idiots -- who are so stupid and hate Bush so much you voted in a totally unknown, and now seen to be possibly corrupt, president just because he was able to associate McCain with Bush -- prove your complete inability to reason.

I said you fucking idiots are brainless and don't have a clue...
1963 Attended Air Force Officer Training School, San Antonio TX - commissioned 2d Lt
1963 Assigned to 22 Air Defense Missile Squadron, Langley AFB VA (BOMARC missiles)
1964 Assigned to 10th Aerospace Defense Squadron, Vandenberg AFB CA (Anti-satellite unit, Thor missile)
1966 Attended Undergraduate Navigator Training, Mather AFB CA
1967 Attended Navigator-Bombardier Training, Mather AFB CA
1967 Attended B-52 Combat Crew Training, Castle AFB FL
1967 Assigned to 62nd Bomb Squadron, Barksdale AFB LA
1969 Served 6-month Arc Lite combat tour - 58 combat missions over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
1971 Assigned to 348th Tansport Airlift Sq (C-130), Dyess AFB TX
1973 Assigned to 7th Airborne Command & Control Sq, Korat RTAFB Thailand. 50 combat missions, Laos & Cambodia
1974 Assigned to 526th Bomb Squadron, KI Sawyer AFB MI.
1975 Left active duty, assigned to 711 Special Operations Squadron (AC-130A, USAF Reserve), Duke Fld FL
1986 Assigned to San Antonio Air Material Area as Electronic Engineer (USAF Reserve), Kelly AFB TX
1991 Retired as Lt Colonel after 28 yrs 30 days commissioned service

Let's hear your service record...
But since you people hate the military so much, you probably can't stand me for such a good record of service.

But I don't really care - the government sends me a check every month and pay for all my medical bills and prescriptions. I haven't worked since 2000.
So you think retired combat veterans are freeloaders?

I am fascinated by how completely idiotic this site and the regular posters can be.

It is an interesting study on how people can just go through life with no clue.
"They often claim they are Christians and Americans with great deeds of their past to share."

I am an atheist.

"Not a good way to keep this nation from falling into a hole it may never recover from."

So electing a Chicago-raised corrupt politician IS a good way?

Where's my thousand dollars?

Speaking of "no clue" and "freeloader" - this guy takes the cake.
I am 68.
I was never assigned to "Lowry" AFB (I guess you have never been there since you can't spell it) abd I never said so.

I have visited there and visited bars on Colfax.

It's not 2008 who found out that Ellen was posting as Ralph. It was me. Ellen forgot to change sockpuppets and got caught. Oopsies!


Again you prove you have no clue.

I was born in San Antonio Texas at the Baptist Memorial Hospital on May 4, 1940. I am mostly Irish but I am a card-carrying, certified 5/512 Cherokee Indian.

Hell, Ellen even admitted to posting as Ralph, and said it was no big deal because Newshounds was her blog and she could post whatever she wanted.


That I believe at least the quote.

On what do you base those "facts"?

Doesn't say much for the assclowns he defeated.


"[President Bush] received a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University in 1968 ... President Bush received a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 1975." biography.html

Pretty good accomplishment for someone who you say "doesn't read"!
And yet he earned better grades at Yale than John Kerry.



You crackhead atheist have no place to be speaking about religion since all of you are bound for HELL so your blasphemy just adds nails in your coffin. Barak HUSSEIN Obama has a handfull and the economic crisis is gaining on him. Throwing money at the Big 3 Automakes is crazy since the unions refuse to cut back the exorbitant contracts back. Union workers missing one day per week adds 20% manpower and the fact that they make about 3 times as much as they should and that their wage is guaranteed makes it impossible for the US automakers to compete. These idiots can not see that so the automakers are going down for bankruptcy and the UAW and the libs are blowing smoke up you know what.

No one hates the USA and veterans more than the sickos at NHs and their mother ship, Have you noticed the increase in school problems as the black kids are shooting down teachers and principals and painting OBAMA grafitti all over school buildings and then shouting racism when the school administrators try to stop them. Ever wonder why over half black males under 30 are in prison. Cause the libs tell them that the rules for blacks and homosexuals are different than for the rest of society. OBAMA GWANA TAKE CARE OF ME, YASSA, SHONUFFS, JES AXXE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes yo move, Abby.........are you from Kings Mtn, NC, Rutherford Co, NC or Forsyth Co, GA???? Yassa, shonuffs now, jes axxe me.

The Obama Circus is going to raise the taxes only on the top 1% and that is going to pay for all the welfare programs that they cook up. The UAW members miss an average of one day per week, every week of the year. They must therefore hire 20 percent more folks than the foreign competition. And you far lefts call your self intellectuals, DUH!!!!!!

We know where you keep yo little pointy thing, now don't we, you and DELIVERANCE MAN are probably lovers, right? Shonuffs, jes axxe me.

Guess yo bed will be sort of messy in the morn.................but we shall see a she man with a horn and forked tail that will keep the mods off the trail.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE get some new, original material. That line is really old.

You are such a boor (probably a new word for you - it means "disagreeable, dull, gauche, loutish, oafish") that the other boorish people here are beginning to notice.
Atypical Newshound Commenter | 12.14.08 - 1:04 am | #

Sergei Andropov said...

"but we shall see a she man with a horn and forked tail that will keep the mods off the trail."

Sounds like something from the Book of Revelation.

By the way, is it just me, or has Blogs For Noonan been down an awful lot lately?

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