Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl Third Quarter Real Time Thoughts

Well the second half starts with an Arizona fumble and Mike Patrick says "it's not that cold" THANK YOU! Anyway BYU has a third and goal or a fourth in goal the officials aren't sure.

Baltimore 9 Dallas 7. If Dallas loses whose defensive coordinator will Wade Phillips be next year?

And BYU scores a Touchdown. I have no idea how cause I stepped away.

Another fumble. This time BYU. This most be the 50th fumble.

So what is the point of stomp out loud? A bunch of people stomp their feet and what?

Mike patrick was impressed. He called it an amazing skill. I can make the Contessa stomp her feet really hard like that.

The play is under review. UH OH. Baltimore 16 Dallas 7.

That's a fumble.

They took 5 minutes and got the call wrong. They reversed it.

That's a busted coverage.

BYU had two people covering nobody and nobody covering the reciever.

Arizona 17 BYU 14. Arizona looks pissed that they just got jobbed.

You don't know what a house negro is, if you think Juan is one.
Marcus 12.20.08 - 10:42 pm #

BYU ran an option pass and the guy was wide open and dropped it.

53 yard field good! wide right and short.

Oh Lord now Patrick and Blackledge are slobbering all over BYU's knob.

BYU has some of the dirtiest sons of bitches who ever played. Faith Faith Faith blah blah vlah.

HA HA HA HA HA HA! While Patrick and Blackledge were busy lobbering all over BYU Arizona scored another Touchdown. BYU might want to start covering recievers.

I am officially rooting for Arizona now. That little 10 minute slobber fest sealed the deal.

24-14 Arizona after 3.

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