Monday, December 29, 2008

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Third Quarter

That punt return was a killer. Northwestern dominated the the entire half and they got out of it was a 10-10 tie. They have to start the third quarter with a good drive.

And so far so good. but they need to finish and get some points.

So it is written so it shall be done 46 yard touchdown pass for Northwestern. HUGE. that was Mark Mangino sized huge. Then they missed the extra point. Shit. 16-10 Northwestern.

wide open receiver and pussy boy booger eater overthrew him.

How does Pussy boy bugger eater have 25 minutes to throw if there is no holding going on?

Short by a yard. Will they go for it?


Dammit he picked it up.

No you were out of bounds clown.

Shit. touchdown Missouri.

Haha look at Pussy boy bugger eater flipping out. 17-16 Missouri.

updated 1 hour, 20 minutes ago

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Remind me to take that part out when I post this on my Husker blog.

Great catch. Missouri is playing with a little bit more passion.

CNN has some house negro on. I forgot his name. Anyway he couldn't defend Republican racism so he just went on some rant about Democratic racism. If you can't defend yourself change the subject. You wonder where the trolls get it? there's your answer.

Shit Northwestern just threw an Interception and Missouri has it on the Northwestern 30.

Time for the world's greatest field goal kicker to kick one from's good. 20-16. Missouri. that was a win for Northwestern.

Third and 8 and this the first really huge play of this game. Northwestern has to hold on to the ball...and Missouri get's a sack. This game is teetering on the brink.

Illegal block in the back on Missouri. Another illegal block in the back.Nope holding. Missouri fans are booing. Hey fuck-ups They should have called that one and about 15 other holding penalties.

And Missouri was about to take over the game and Pussy boy bugger eater came through again with another interception. It may take everything in his mama's and AJ's power to sooth him after this game.

Northwestern is not taking advantage of pussy boy bugger eater's fuck up...

Check that... great catch!!!! Northwestern touchdown. clearly in bounds.

What's taking so long? That was clear.

Touchdown 23-20 Northwestern.

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