Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jeremiah Promotes Evangelism Contrary to The Rule of Law

Jer's good pal, "Objective Scrutator" (an interesting counterpoint to the guy we all know as "Reformed Liberal"), posted the following over at Jeremiah's place:
"Travel the Road", a popular Christian reality TV series produced by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), follows the travels of Will Decker and Tim Scott, two "extreme" missionaries, as they circle the world fulfilling their mission -- “Preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth and encourage the church to be active in the Great Commission.”

Season 2 of this series ended with three episodes filmed in Afghanistan -- Journey to the Line: Afghanistan: Part 1, Terrors of the Night: Afghanistan: Part 2, and Fog of War: Afghanistan: Part 3. For these episodes, the missionaries were completely embedded and, thus, actually permitted to stay on U.S. military bases, travel with a public affairs unit, and accompany and film troops on patrols, all for the purpose of evangelizing Afghanis and producing a television show promoting the Christian religion. The number of DoD Public Affairs regulations violated in the military's participation and assistance in producing a religious program alone is staggering, not to mention other violations (including constitutional) documented in the content of the program, which include the outrageous violation of the United States Central Command's General Order 1-A, which absolutely prohibits any proselytization whatsoever in the Middle Eastern theater of operations. In complete disregard of this bedrock standing order, the U.S. Army facilitated these evangelizing Christian missionaries in their distribution of New Testaments in the Arabic native language ("Darri" dialect) to the Afghani people.
Well, whaddaya know? These guys admit and celebrate that they were allowed to violate DoD statutes to spread their point of view.

I don't care for this.


Godzilla104 said...

Good lord. Talk about flagrant. The crusades of the past mixed religion and the military and all it led to was massive bloodshed and animosity spanning hundreds of years. Of all the periods in their history, you'd think christians would be most cognizant of that one, but no, its the one they most want to re-live. What's worse is, we as a nation are letting them get away with this.

I've said it once, I'll say it again: religion makes you stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that watches TBN for any reason other than to laugh it is...wrong.

By the way it seems that idiots who spike our poll questions have made their choice on your question Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else they were endangering the lives of our troops but antagonizing the locals in total violation of General Orders. Plus if they had been kidnapped in retaliation our troops would have had to risk their lives to rescue them.

How selfish of them (typical RW).

Sergei Andropov said...

Have you seen Objective Scrutator's blog? He lists Americaphile as one of his friends.

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