Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The View From My Ass

Sorry Kinda

I had intended to do a real time thoughts tonight on the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (Yes that's it's name) between TCU and Boise State which figured to be one of the best bowl games of the year but Nebraska played basketball at the same time as the football game and Nebraska takes top priority. Nebraska lost to Maryland-Baltimore County (Who?) 66-64 and the Bowl game lived up to the hypeTCU beat Boise State 17-16 .

Smooth Move ESPN

Despite the bowl games hideous name most everyone expected the matchup between 11th ranked TCU and 9th ranked Boise State to be one of the best bowl match ups of the year. Everyone that is except ESPN who seemed to think that instead of a bowl match-up between top 10 teams it was your average game between Bowling Green And Miami of Ohio. They sent the crew of Reece Davis, Mark May and Lou Holtz to call the game. On top of sending those three morons to work a game that figured to be fantastic and lived up to the hype they ran comments from morons who were sitting at home on their computers on top of the screen. Seriously why not send these idiots to Hawaii to work the game tomorrow? Better yet send them to the game on the 26th between Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan. If that isn't a game for this crew and the stupid online participation I don't know what is. This wasn't the game for it. This game deserved better. It deserved to be in a better bowl, it deserved a much better crew, and it damn sure deserved a much better name than the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. I am telling you we are just this close to the Massingale Douche Bowl. Now that would be the game for Davis, May and
Holtz to call.

The Poll Question.

I asked those of you pet lovers if you buy your pets Christmas presents. We do. And they know it. They get excited about it as well. They stay by the tree just waiting to get their gifts. I swear they are half human. They are like little 5 year old kids this time of year. I don't know if DJ our latest member of the family is used to it yet but he's learning. It's my experience that most pet owners do buy their pets gifts.

Merry Holidays And Happy Christmas

And finally I want to wish everybody happy holidays or Merry Christmas or whatever phrase they prefer. I hope everybody has a safe, happy and fun holiday season.

Stay Safe Everybody!


Count Istvan



et said...

Have a serene and beautiful holiday, Count. It's a privilege to blog with you and to consider you a trusted friend.

It's snowing afresh here, replacing whatever might have melted during daylight hours today. A White Christmas for BC is all but assured. My sister, daughter and I plan to build a ginormous snowman out back tomorrow, weather willing. Lobster feast for the holiday eve, and then turkey with ET's famous stuffing and all the applicable trimmings on the day.

May all be merry and bright for the congregation of Banned And Dangerous Ministries. All my love and good wishes for the New Year to come.

MLP said...

The best of Holidays for you and your family, Count.

Jonathan said...

Merry X-Mas, my blogging friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everybody and I hope you had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted!

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