Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trolls Make Wonderful Parrots.

Many of these left wingers like 1-20 and Abby are truly commies who want to have the government replaced by a communist dictatorship. Just listen to their rheoteric. Straight out of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. And Rahm Emmanuel has been shown to have made over 20 hours of tapes with Blagojevich negotiating who would replace BHO as senator. YASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me!!!!

Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 10:06 pm #

Where is your basis for that allegation?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:17 pm #

Do you believe that MSNBC is getting paid to back the DNC?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:20 pm #

What crimes has Bush committed? What are the jurisdictions and case numbers?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:47 pm #

MSNBC is a working part of the DNC now. Just watch Chris Matthews, K.O. and Big Butch Mad Cow. All they do is pump for BHO and have the heads of the DNC and the left wing HATE BUSH, HATE AMERICA FIRST media.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:47 pm #

What about the clintoncrimefamily? Their crimes are documented.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:49 pm #

Now it comes out that Rahm Emmanuel is on tape with Blagosonabitch for over 20 hours discussing the selection of BHO replacement. BHO is going down when Blagojevich starts talking. It may take awhile but your Great Nubian Mulatto Messiah is going to be shown just another part of the corrupt Chicago slim machine.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:50 pm #

The election of that half-breed proves the old P.T.Barnum statement that "there is a sucker born every minute"!
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 9:52 pm #

The liberal media ignored signals about the connection between BHO and Blogajehvich; instead they went after Sarah Palin and her personal life yet ignored the filth and corruption going on in Chicago. YASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me bout yo mamma.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:55 pm #

There were a lot of welfare suckers who voted for the Great Nubian Mulatto Messiah as well as the HATE AMERICA FIRST far lefties.
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:57 pm #

I won't have to worry 'bout payin' my Mortgage...I won't have to worry 'bout puttin' gas in my car...
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:04 pm #

Where my motha-fuckin' check Obama?
I voted for your black ass 12.17.08 - 10:11 pm #

Unbelievable! You jerks fought Bush every second of his presidency and now you think we should support that thing you stupid people just elected?Give me a break...

Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:26 pm #

Your white robe is showing.Satan Homepage 12.17.08 - 10:38 pm Happiness is having Satan hate you....

Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:39 pm #

How many years would you last in a NVA prison camp?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:41 pm #

When you call McCain "spineless" you lost what little credibility you had.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:44 pm #

Hold on to your wallet...
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:44 pm #

Is it unpatriotic to be shot down in combat?How did McCain kill fellow servicemen?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:49 pm #

Wait for it... Here it comes

BTW I flew almost 100 combat missions in Southeast Asia.
What is your combat experience?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:51 pm #

And there it is!

Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:52 pm #

Just like the "fair chance" you jerks gave Bush?I remember sites that featured thousands of unwashed people holding signs apologizing to the third world for Bush's election.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:54 pm #

Enter the village idiot, john t, who continues to demonstrate his stupidity and lack of knowledge as to who is who.


Diogenes 12.17.08 - 10:57 pm #

john t is the stupidest creature that ever crawled out from under a rock; joined a corrupt, thieving union; and began to roam the earth proving his lack of any intelligent reasoning.NotSoFast and DavidRWoods are a close second.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:09 pm #

Yes! The truth hurts so you want your mother mod to erase my posts.You are all like small children.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:14 pm #

Liberals are like mushrooms - they eat shit and stay in the dark.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:17 pm #

How far did you get in grade school?
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:26 pm #

Please explain what the "blood trail" is, besides a liberal catch phrase.(Who is "halicheney"? What crimes did the Bush family commit?)
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:32 pm #

The authoritative words of "john t" - union hack and expert on security contractors in the middle east.Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:34 pm #

Nothing more pathetic than a person caught with poor grammar trying to extricate himself...Look up "foist" and you will see that it makes much more sense in the context of your sentence than the description of what a crane accomplishes.
Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:40 pm #

Well articulated, trash mouth
.Diogenes 12.17.08 - 11:41 pm #

I just posted on THE Newshounds Mod's thread to warn John T. Hopes that doesn't get me banned.

All of these but the first quote were on THE Newshounds Mods Thread.


theroachman said...

Dude funny and the troll sounds like the guy from last week who claimed to be a Lt Corarnal. Remember the guy who claimed to have taken part of the illegal bombing of Cambodia and Laos.

theroachman said...

Amending my last post

It is that liar from last week.

Anonymous said...

He's still going.

I don't see anything in the "core principles of journalism" that contradicts publishing an article analyzing public service.
Diogenes | 12.18.08 - 12:42 am | #

Or maybe you commie pinko liberals think the FBI is a fascist organization...
Diogenes | 12.18.08 - 12:44 am | #

His GPA was higher than Kerry's...
Diogenes | 12.18.08 - 12:32 am | #

In 1999, The New Yorker published a transcript indicating that Bush had received a cumulative score of 77 for his first three years at Yale and a roughly similar average under a non-numerical rating system during his senior year.

Kerry, who graduated two years before Bush, got a cumulative 76 for his four years...
Diogenes | 12.18.08 - 12:35 am | #

Aren't you late for a union meeting?
Diogenes | 12.18.08 - 12:36 am | #

Sergei Andropov said...

Great Nubian Mulatto Messiah
Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 9:50 pm #

Has anyone ever pointed out to him that Kenya and Nubia are nowhere near one another?

godzilla104 said...

YASSAH, SHONUFFS, jes axxe me!!!!

Hussein OBOB 12.17.08 - 10:06 pm #

I'd love to axe him... Really, I really, really would.

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