Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl Real Time Thoughs Second Quarter.

7-0 Arizona.

Arizona was getting ready to take control of the game but fumbled at the BYU 5.

Blackledge just said one of the players on BYU's team was "pretty" That won't go over well on campus.

7-3 Dallas over Baltimore.

Mike Patrick at his worst.

Neither one of these damn teams can hold on to the ball. BYU fumbled covered it but couldn't hold on. Then Arizona recovered. you could here there players yelling I got it.I got it. Fuck Blackledge just said it was kinda cold in's 43.

4th and inches and Arizona is kicking a field goal. Pussy Ball.

it's good 10-0. Arizona.

Want a cinnamon roll?

So now they are advertising a blanket with sleeves. This ranks right up there with the shamwow as the stupidest fucking thing I have seen on tv.

IF everybody gets employee pricing then what's so great about being an employee?

And who would be dumb enough to send their gold to an online company? Is that tough to go to a pawn shop where you can say no thank you if they try to screw you? When you send in $1,000 worth of jewlery and you get a check for $25 your screwn. Take it to a pawn shop and at least you can walk out instead of getting jobbed.

Mike patrick was just slobbering all over a fairl ordinary catch by BYU.

BYU is driving.

Touchdown BYU. That decision to kick a field goal on 4th and inches sucked.

hahaha. I'm only on this site because I'm on college break. Pretty bored here.Plus, its funny to see people rant about Fox here.I may just stick around after vacation finishes... I'm starting to like you guys, especially Ellen =]
Marcus 12.20.08 - 6:27 pm #

Really how much is she paying you Marcus?

Dropped touchdown pass! Perfect pass by Arizona and the guy dropped it.

Again patrick complains about how cold it is in Vegas. I wish I had a rolls eyes Icon.

Blackledge just called it cold again

Holy Cow Mike Patrick sucks.

Dallas 7 Baltimore 6

That field goal call changed this game. Ever since Arizona pussed out BYU has taken over.

BYU kid caught a pass for 8 yards then stopped and thanked God for an hour and a half.

Then on the next play he dropped the pass.

BYU 3 penalties in a row.

After the BYU kicked made a show out of praying for an hour after an 8 yard catch BYU dropped a pass, had 3 penalties then missed a field goal.

Time for Mike Patrick to slobber on Mike Stoops.

Arizona is running out the clock.

Stoops is really playing this tight.

This is some piss poor football

Kneel Down 10-7 Arizona

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