Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Great Christmas Gift For The Bond Fan in Your Life And A Good Read

Whether or not you like Roger Moore's portrayal of James Bond or you did not the odds are good if you're a James Bond fan you are a also a fan of Roger Moore the person. After reading his long awaited autobiography I can tell you your opinion of him won't change. Moore's greatest gift seems to be he rarely takes himself too seriously constantly criticizing his own acting ability while admitting he will do most anything if the paycheck is right. There are a lot of stories about the people he's met over the 80+ years of his life though there isn't a lot of "dirt" Which Moore purposely and wisely. avoids.

If there is a negative it's the last 50 pages or so. Moore clearly is more proud of his work with UNICEF than he is work as an Actor and while that's understandable the problem is that reading about getting kids to take salt tablets doesn't make for better reading than his work as James Bond. Still Moore has justifyable reason to be proud.

My Word Is My Bond

Roger Moore

**** 1/2 out of *****

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