Friday, December 26, 2008

Not A Kook... Not A Racist...Doesn't Like Violence...

This post was left by Melanie over at Newshounds...*

Subject: "Your site."



I believe in the not to distant future that there will be such an uprising in our country of the the traditional white middle class people that will indeed put an end to all types of poisonous & very dangerous thinking such as the site you have. We have been pushed around enough by the media and the current judicail system. Call it a "revolution" or whatever you want, but we are going to take it back....perhaps the U.S. will become two or three separate entities all together. I am not kidding...I have spoken with many, many people like myself and it is coming, I do not like nor condone violence, but this could make the 1860's civil war look like a rock throwing incident.

The open wounds in our society are way beyond repair. Middle class white americans are sick of the minorities who are totally dragging down our culture..yes OUR CULTURE...we built this nation and it is ours..and we openly gave help to others only to have it badly abused. I don't mind helping folks out who are down on their luck, but it has totally gotten out of hand. ILLEGAL immigrants,most but not all blacks, and gutless and hopeless white trash have NO character, NO self pride and NO ambition. The blacks are the only race in the history of this planet that as a whole have never ever accomplished anything for themselves.All one has to do is take a look at Africa. 'Nuff said. Tag me a racist, it's okay because that phrase does not bother me nor the millions like me anymore.

Look around we are watching and listening more than you would ever believe. Groups like the Secular Progressives and the ACLU to name a couple are our arch enemies and will be dealt with.

I am not a kook nor a war monger. I am just a white hard working, god fearing,traditional loving person, with a love of my country and proud of my heritage & character...a person who like millions of others like me are going to take it all back and this time make it stick.

And yes, I greatly admire entities like the Fox news network and especially O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity. Solid people, solid character...their viewership just keeps growing...and gee I wonder why?

*Late Edit: I should have been more clear. This was not written by Melanie but posted by her. It was an email they recieved. Just want to make sure that is clear. I don't want the usual suspects running off to Newshounds posting that I called melanie a racist kook.


et said...


I suppose we really must thank Caribou Barbie, though. Without her stump-speech rhetoric to peel back the veneer of respectability from this crowd and reveal the nasty divisiveness at the core, more people might have continued being able to look away and say "Oh, no - it's really harmless."

This time, I don't think the RW fringe will be given the kind of pass it's had for, lo, this past decade. People are awake.

Sergei Andropov said...

People are awakening.

et said...

Well, yes - everything is a process. But at least enough people proved themselves already awake to deliver a result that won't just be Four More Years of the same. So there is reason to hope that apathy or ignorance will stop being fashionable, sometime in the near-term future.

It doesn't just "happen," though, that is for sure. I was speaking with my best friend last weekend - an intelligent, well-educated woman, a long-time h.s. teacher in a solid North Bay district, and by no means someone I would think of as a stereotypical "low-information voter." She made a comment about how she was pleased that at least the Bush admin was being cooperative in the transition period and, in her words, "not trying to launch any big new programs." I just about lost it at that and gave her an earful about the "midnight" regulations changes gutting environmental protections, the "burrowing" of partisan appointees into career positions hither and yon, and officials like the head of NASA directing staff not to be forthcoming with the Obama teams interviewing them.

We who hang around B&DM (hmm, don't think I'll use that abbreviation again: a little too close to things completely unconnected with this site!) and elsewhere are lucky to have the Series Of Tubes, the time to use the medium to best advantage, and the understanding of where to go for good information. My friend's schedule and family obligations (first-grader plus aging parent, need I say more?) put her in a position where her viable news sources are whatever she catches on the car radio while commuting, and the occasional McNeil-Lehrer broadcast.

Much ground has been traveled. There is assuredly more to go.

MLP said...

"...a person who like millions of others like me are going to take it all back and this time make it stick."

A curious comment, the implication being that there was at least one other effort. Would that be the recent Bush revolution or as long ago as the Civil War? Or???
I almost hope that they do start their little uprising because I'm also confident that the country is finally awake to the danger that these people present. I'm actually guessing that the whole world is aware.
With all due respect to the squads of vigilantes hidden in the hills and forests (Bush's Other Army) I say we give 'em Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and, of course Texas and Oklahoma. They can appoint GWB as their modern-day Jefferson Davis and have all the NASCAR, beer, sheep and white sheets they want.

godzilla104 said...

The poster sounds like he missed his last rabies injection.

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