Monday, December 29, 2008

Alamo Bowl Real Time Thoughts Fourth Quarter

Even if Missouri win's this game it's safe to say their heads have been safely left in their sphincter.

23-20 Northwestern.

Pussy boy bugger eater is 0-9 when trailing at the start of the fourth quarter.

Now we have a huge play for Missouri...third and five.

Threw it away.

Pussy boy bugger eater is starting to press.

The only way pussy boy bugger eater makes it into a regular season NFL game is if his Mommy buys him a ticket.

Another huge play. If they have to punt here Missouri will have great field position.

And another huge first down for Northwestern.

Sack. That should be a late hit on Missouri.

Northwestern got lucky. That was a shitty punt that could have been returned. Missouri has it at the 50 which is bad enough but it could have been another punt return for a TD.

Uh OH! pussy boy bugger eater just got sacked. I am sure he's whining about how dirty Northwestern is.

That worked. Missouri put Macklin at QB had him run a reverse the play lost 6 yards

Third and 16 way out of bounds. Missouri is getting upset and bothered and Pussy boy bugger eater is not a leader to say the least.

Missouri downs the ball at the one.

HUGE first down for Northwestern. Got the ball out of their goal line.

Now the officials are going to hand the game to Missouri. Second time in a row they have called a holding penalty after standing there picking their ass as they watch Missouri on every play.

Nice 17 yard run. Where's the flag? come on there has to be a flag.

Missouri has good field position again.

Haha Pussy boy bugger eater kept the ball and got tackled and some Missouri fool was crying for a flag waving his arms just because he was tackled.

This is a great. Missouri is driving and after every play they showing pussy boy bugger eaters fucking family. Like we give a shit about that maggot's family.

If Missouri loses I wonder if Pussy boy bugger eater will brag about beating Baylor again.

God Dammit quit showing Pussy's family.

Strange call there. Went with the draw. Now it's 4th down.

The world's greatest field goal kicker comes on...

From 36 and he got it 23-23.

Shit incomplete and Missouri is going to get the ball back. 1:45 left

Not a bad punt. Missouri has it at their own 34.

Yeah let's show pussy boy's family again.

And again.

Missouri is going to win I am afraid.

Fuck face mask on Northwestern. the refs are going to win this for Missouri. Well AJ will get to jerk off to his poster of Pussy boy bugger eater in joy instead of anger.

God quit showing his fucking family.

Oh God Pussy boy bugger eaters parents are fucking in the stands.

Well 43 yard field goal for the worlds greatest kicker to win the game...

And Northwestern calls a time out to ice the kicker which never works.

And he fucking chokes!!!! And they show Pussy boy bugger eaters family crying.

Yeah I am glad Alex Henerey was honerable mention Big XII to these guys. I mean sure he hasn't missed multiple game winning field goals like this Missouri clown but hey has made a 57 yard field goal to win a game...but hey that's not impressive. Missing a 43 yard field goal indoors...that's impressive. Seeing pussy boy bugger eaters Sister crying was pretty cool


Shit Missouri scored a Touchdown. And they show pussy boy bugger eaters family fucking in the stands. His dad, his mom, his sister and his woman all making out together.

Now Northwestern has to score a Touchdown.

And they show his God damn family again.

For the first time I can comment how much the College football overtime rule sucks ass.

What the hell was that? Quarterback draw?

Yeah Missouri is going to win. Northwestern just fumbled all the way back to the thirty. Fourth down and goal from the thirty.

4th and 32...

Missouri wins.

Mama pussy boy booger eater just shit her pants in the stands.

30-23 Missouri. missouri's glory years are over. And this is as good as it gets for them. An overtime Alamo bowl win over an average Northwestern team. Hope you enjoyed it Tiger fans...both of you.

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