Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nelson Phelps "Rich People Shouldn't Pay They're Fare Cher"

Nelsen Phelps commented 4 mins ago · Flag
“He has to repeat himself because the media do not report what he says.” – Peter Lynch

Really? That is all I have heard from the media. I am not sure where you get your news from.

The really sad part is that we can not seem to be able to cut about 3% of our annual budget. Do you people not realize this is just a small fraction of where we need to be?

And as if I needed to say it, I would be embarrassed if Rep. Ellison were from my state. He did not kick anyones ass rather he just acted like one.

The truth is Obama did back the sequester and also vowed to veto any legislation that did not include tax increases. We DO have a spending problem. If we operated our households in this same mannor we would be filing for bankruptcy quickly. Personally I would like to see all deductions cut and tax percentage rate cut with them but to simply ram this ideology that “rich people need to pay there fair share,” is insane. No one in this country should EVER pay half of there income to the government and that is what is happening.
Are there deductions that are getting abused? Absolutely!
Are there social programs that are getting abused?

This should not be a race thing, rich or poor thing, liberal or conservative thing! This is an American problem that affects us all. We need to quite taking sides and get a clue.

Monday, February 25, 2013

One Day Later ODS Sufferers Still Not Over The Oscars

A Squit commented on Todd Starnes: Michelle Obama 'Probably' Felt 'Entitled' To 'Upstage' Oscars 25 mins ago · Flag
How was Starnes unchristian, racist or mean spirited? What attack? These are just self full filling prophecies to justify what you want to hear. Michelle Obama is not an entertainer and is not part of the motion picture business. If the Obamas really wanted to be leaders, they would stop the distractions and start trying to bring people together, not be divisive. The WH knew her appearance to award best film would be controversial. And please provide link to where Laura Bush handed out any Oscars. And for the record, both Ronald and Nancy Reagan were actors with Ronald being president of SAG. So your arguments here are not really talking points for an honest discussion, rather just tit for tat.

A Squit commented 2 hours ago · Flag
I didn’t say crash or uninvited. Again, react only to what you imagine and ignore the facts of what I actually said in writing – that Michelle Obama was meant to be divisive. Can’t we as Americans have a break from the politics, especially during an entertainment award show? 
A Squit commented 18 mins ago · Flag
Visitor 55, this is actually my first post here so you’re off base about troll comment, and I myself have not resorted to childish name calling or personal attacks. I am just wondering if we as Americans can have an honest debate not filled with hateful words. And Aria, I feel she was divisive as the White House and Weinstien knew how the Conservatives would react – that’s not bringing this country together but in my view being divisive. Would it not have been more appropriate for Michelle to give a speech at the Oscars about encouraging young film makers rather than handing out top honors that should be reserved for Academy peers. Another thing, the discourse and dismissive hostility on these blogs is disturbing. Where is the tolerance? I am honestly trying to understand another person’s view, but am put off by the childish name calling and hateful behavior.

A Squit commented seconds ago · Flag
I have not insulted nor been purposefully hurtful to anyone here, and I do not understand the anonymous bully pulpit mentality. I just gave my honest opinion and thought there could be a mature discourse on the subject. Not worth my energy to try and discuss anything of true value on this blog. Bad karma here.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Edward Gijanto Patriot

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Ben Carson had the guts to stand up to King Barack 1. Leftist morons were too busy making fun of Marco Rubio who will be our next president, for drinking water. Honestly, have you lefty liberal losers really gotten that pathetic? Have you really nothing else to stand on? YOU ARE ALL PATHETIC! This must be the millionth website made to kiss up to Barack Obama. Obama has failed this country, and in all honesty I don’t think he wants it to get better. George Bush looks like Abraham Lincoln next to that jug-eared clown. Your media is worthless
Edward Gijanto commented 7 hours ago · Flag
You liberal propoganda cowards. I made an account so I could tell you assholes what I think of you. Your pitiful attempt to stand up for the racist Marc Lamont Hill for standing up for his friend Dorner is reprehensible. If it were a white man defending a white killer you’d be all over them. You think it’s brave to gang up on Fox with the rest of your lying sack of shit media friends? Did you mention that Obama can kill Americans with drones? I’m all for killing America-traitors, but why don’t you “peace-lovers” say anything? You attacked Bush for pouring water on killer wacko terrorists. If you ask me Bill O’Reilly didn’t slam that little bastard enough. He is paid to play the victim card. You’re all a bunch of cowards. Your president is a lying sack of shit who won’t even release his records. You have nothing to stand on 
Too bad little Dick Teddy has been banned already. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

On A Sleepy City Sidewalk Sunday Utard Comin Down...

U Mad? commented on Bill O'Reilly, Hate Speech, & Dr. Tiller 37 mins ago · Flag
The question is not about the woman or her choice. Its about your definition of what a baby/fetus is. Your position is that its not a baby, that its a fetus and not given the same rights as what you define as a “child” or “baby”. Meaning you could not call it murder if someone stabbed your pregnant wife in the stomach killing your unborn “fetus”. By your own definition, it would only be an assault on your wife, not a murder of your child.

U Mad? commented on Sean Hannity Once Again Uses LAPD Cop-Killer Suspect To Dishonestly Smear Liberals 4 hours ago · Flag
Certainly not me. I dont use insults and name-calling.

U Mad? commented 2 hours ago · Flag
Anne: they do abortions that late. Just because they “generally” dont do it doesnt mean they dont do it at all. It happens.

And why wont any of you answer the question I posed? Should that person be charged with murder or just assault? 
U Mad? commented 1 hour ago · Flag
No, its not stupid. If your belief is that a fetus is not a child or baby until its born then you can only support charging the man with assault, not murder. According to your very definition, the man did not murder your unborn child, he assaulted your wife causing her to abort a fetus, which by your definition, is not really a child or a baby.

Friday, February 8, 2013

UTARD Is Back.

U Mad? commented 3 hours ago · Flag
So conservatives trust the conservative news and liberals trust all the other (liberal) news. Shocking. 
U Mad? commented 2 hours ago · Flag
Conservatives get their news from a lot of different sources, not just FOX news. I know I watch MSNBC for kicks and giggles. I also read quite a bit; magazines and conservative sites mainly but, by the evidence before you, i also frequent many liberal sites too. I get my information from everywhere. I certainly dont live in one website that tells me how to think about one news channel.
U Mad? commented on Hannity Uses Ex-LAPD Cop Killer To Dishonestly Smear Liberals 8 hours ago · Flag
They’re not saying that liberals are to blame for this guys attacks. What they’re saying is when someone does this and they have ANY ties to conservatives the media falls over themselves trying to blame conservatives for their crimes. But when someone with liberal ties does it there’s no mention of it with the mainstream media.

Its about fairness. You want to hold FOX to a standard you wouldnt dare impose on any other news organizations, because they lean left.

And its not a “so-called” liberal bias in the media. Its real and been documented hundreds (if not thousands) of times. The vast majority of TV News is liberal and has a liberal bias.

Boston 116 LA 95

A Larger Man Than I Would Let This Go But I Am Not A Larger Man. The Best Part Of The Game Came During One Of  Marv Albert and Steve Kerr Typical 50 Minute Soliloquies  On The Greatness Of Kobe...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl XLVII Thread


All Predictions, Comments and thoughts go here.

Edit From The Count: With the score 28-6 Baltimore it appeared the Superbowl's streak of great games was over and we were headed towards an old school Superbowl ass kicking...then the power went out... and the game got good...really good. Baltimore got a stop with a minute and a half left and no they should not have thrown a flag there and held on for a 34-31 win. Great game. Didn't watch Beyonce and muted the commercials. So don't ask me about those things. I just watched the game and in the end that turned out to be one of the best.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Superbowl Quality Idiocy From UMAD

U Mad? commented on Kirsten Powers Blames 'War On Fox' On Media Matters 3 hours ago · Flag
FOX does to the left what NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. do to the right. None are better than the others. Each side has a political lean and agenda. FOX touts for the right, the other news orgs tout for the left. You can deny the others lean left all you want but it is what it is.

U Mad? commented on Megyn Kelly Totally Freaks Out Over "Girls" Getting Drafted!!!! 3 hours ago · Flag
One; this article clearly says exactly what I said. I even posted it on here for you to read again since you seem to have a problem reading on your own. The fact that you cant out 2 and 2 together isnt my fault.

Two: please show me where I “always” post links that counter my claims. This one doesnt. The other link I posted on here doesnt. Do you have ANY instances of links that countered my claims? Or just more lies?

You would think that you could get some decent responses from people who claim to be so much more intelligent than us dumb, redneck idiot right-wing nuts. But for some reason you’re only capable of 3 responses: Name calling, insults and lies.

Future notice; I wont be responding to anything that looks like a monkey shoved a pencil up his ass and banged it against a keyboard. Come with something other than “you’re a troll, liar, lying idiot, stupid, dumbass lying idiot” and other such nonsense.

U Mad? commented on Hannity's Hilarious Comparison Of Menendez Prostitute Scandal To Larry Craig 'Toe Tapping' 1 day ago · Flag
I certainly wouldn’t defend Craig and Hannity is showing his bias on this one. But, he is right about the lack of media coverage compared to the “toe-tapping” incident. If this was a Republican with allegations of sleeping with underage prostitutes you better believe it would be wall-to-wall coverage. Its a major story.

U Mad? commented on The President is Going After the First Amendment and Free Speech, Screams Fox 1 day ago · Flag
The rest of the post is your interpretations of Obama’s actions. I really don’t care how you interpret what he said.

U Mad? commented on Fox and Friends Guests Hysterically Claim Obama is Out to Silence Them 3 days ago · Flag
My ignorance? Your entire post is a lie wrapped around excuses peppered with deceit. Like I said, you dont know how to debate. You just know how to lie.

U Mad? commented on O'Reilly Describes His Anti-Choice Stance As 'Protecting The Kids' 3 days ago · Flag
Im pathetic? You’re the one trying to justify child murder by calling it another name. It is what it is. They are children. You can call it the technical name all day, but it doesnt change the fact that they are children. If your wife was 7 months pregnant and someone stabbed your child through her stomach, killing him/her would you shrug it off as ok because it was just a fetus? Should that person be charged with murder or just assault?

Again, you use different wording to justify it for yourself. Pathetic is defending child murder. Pathetic is saying its ok to murder them because you use a technical name for them.

U Mad? commented on President Obama Criticizes Fox News Directly: Prepare for the Onslaught 5 days ago · Flag
Oddly he said nothing about MSNBC….

Go figure.

U Mad? commented on Chris Wallace Gives Sexist Clinton Cover A Thumbs Up 5 days ago · Flag
In what way is that sexist?

U Mad? commented on Sean Hannity Uses Pro-Choice Ad To Attack Pres. Obama & Pimp Pro-Life Lies 7 days ago · Flag
Roe is to be celebrated? Only the left could celebrate the right to kill children.

U Mad? commented on Are Fox News’ Tactics Turning Conservatives Off? 7 days ago · Flag
Its just hilarious to see a post about “FOX’s outrage” when this entire site is built off of liberals “outrage” at everything and anything FOX News does.

U Mad? commented on Fox's "The Five" Advances Pro-Life Outrage Over Pro-Choice Ad 8 days ago · Flag
Condemn shooters? When did the GOP condone it? People abuse guns. Outlawing them wont stop criminals from using guns. They’re already breaking the law. You think they’re going to stop and say “well, its against the law for me to have this gun im about to rob these people with, I better throw it away.”? No one in the GOP condones gun violence in the U.S. On the flip side, the left does condone murdering children. No one in the GOP claims that anyone has a right to shoot someone with a gun just because they want to. But the left does claim that women have a right to kill their unborn child because they want to. You want to take away someones right to defend themselves and condone killing the most defenseless people of all; children.

U Mad? commented on Karl Rove's Contract Renewed Through 2016 14 days ago · Flag
Its not like its hard to find out. Just wanted to see if I would get an honest answer.

U Mad? commented on Geraldo Schools O’Reilly On That New York Paper Printing The Addresses Of Local Gun Owners 26 days ago · Flag
Well, there’s already a woman who bought a gun after getting out of an abusive relationship that is scared now because her name and address have been put out there and is scared that her former husband can now find her.

Prison Guards are also being harrassed by inmates taunting them telling them they know where they and their families live.

So yeah, good job.

U Mad? commented on Megyn Kelly Outraged That New York Paper Targeted By Fox Hired Armed Guards 28 days ago · Flag
That story has nothing to do with the comment about someone taking about a FOX News employee. Nothing at all.

And yes, the paper did put hundreds at risk. When you post the names and addresses of people with guns that gives people who want to get a gun illegally a shopping list of places to get one. It also gave the addresses of several law enforcement personel. You think some bad people would be interested in that?

And we know what Mike meant. But like I said, you guys will find a way to excuse it. After all, he only wants FOX News people to be hurt. Thats completely fine in your twisted little worlds.

U Mad? commented on Bolling Endorses Arpaio's Armed Posses In Schools 1 month ago · Flag
Gun laws that prevent felons from getting firearms; Good laws. Gun laws that prevent law abiding citizens from getting firearms; Bad laws.

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