Friday, February 8, 2013

UTARD Is Back.

U Mad? commented 3 hours ago · Flag
So conservatives trust the conservative news and liberals trust all the other (liberal) news. Shocking. 
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Conservatives get their news from a lot of different sources, not just FOX news. I know I watch MSNBC for kicks and giggles. I also read quite a bit; magazines and conservative sites mainly but, by the evidence before you, i also frequent many liberal sites too. I get my information from everywhere. I certainly dont live in one website that tells me how to think about one news channel.
U Mad? commented on Hannity Uses Ex-LAPD Cop Killer To Dishonestly Smear Liberals 8 hours ago · Flag
They’re not saying that liberals are to blame for this guys attacks. What they’re saying is when someone does this and they have ANY ties to conservatives the media falls over themselves trying to blame conservatives for their crimes. But when someone with liberal ties does it there’s no mention of it with the mainstream media.

Its about fairness. You want to hold FOX to a standard you wouldnt dare impose on any other news organizations, because they lean left.

And its not a “so-called” liberal bias in the media. Its real and been documented hundreds (if not thousands) of times. The vast majority of TV News is liberal and has a liberal bias.

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