Monday, February 25, 2013

One Day Later ODS Sufferers Still Not Over The Oscars

A Squit commented on Todd Starnes: Michelle Obama 'Probably' Felt 'Entitled' To 'Upstage' Oscars 25 mins ago · Flag
How was Starnes unchristian, racist or mean spirited? What attack? These are just self full filling prophecies to justify what you want to hear. Michelle Obama is not an entertainer and is not part of the motion picture business. If the Obamas really wanted to be leaders, they would stop the distractions and start trying to bring people together, not be divisive. The WH knew her appearance to award best film would be controversial. And please provide link to where Laura Bush handed out any Oscars. And for the record, both Ronald and Nancy Reagan were actors with Ronald being president of SAG. So your arguments here are not really talking points for an honest discussion, rather just tit for tat.

A Squit commented 2 hours ago · Flag
I didn’t say crash or uninvited. Again, react only to what you imagine and ignore the facts of what I actually said in writing – that Michelle Obama was meant to be divisive. Can’t we as Americans have a break from the politics, especially during an entertainment award show? 
A Squit commented 18 mins ago · Flag
Visitor 55, this is actually my first post here so you’re off base about troll comment, and I myself have not resorted to childish name calling or personal attacks. I am just wondering if we as Americans can have an honest debate not filled with hateful words. And Aria, I feel she was divisive as the White House and Weinstien knew how the Conservatives would react – that’s not bringing this country together but in my view being divisive. Would it not have been more appropriate for Michelle to give a speech at the Oscars about encouraging young film makers rather than handing out top honors that should be reserved for Academy peers. Another thing, the discourse and dismissive hostility on these blogs is disturbing. Where is the tolerance? I am honestly trying to understand another person’s view, but am put off by the childish name calling and hateful behavior.

A Squit commented seconds ago · Flag
I have not insulted nor been purposefully hurtful to anyone here, and I do not understand the anonymous bully pulpit mentality. I just gave my honest opinion and thought there could be a mature discourse on the subject. Not worth my energy to try and discuss anything of true value on this blog. Bad karma here.

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