Monday, February 18, 2013

Edward Gijanto Patriot

Edward Gijanto commented 7 hours ago · Flag
Ben Carson had the guts to stand up to King Barack 1. Leftist morons were too busy making fun of Marco Rubio who will be our next president, for drinking water. Honestly, have you lefty liberal losers really gotten that pathetic? Have you really nothing else to stand on? YOU ARE ALL PATHETIC! This must be the millionth website made to kiss up to Barack Obama. Obama has failed this country, and in all honesty I don’t think he wants it to get better. George Bush looks like Abraham Lincoln next to that jug-eared clown. Your media is worthless
Edward Gijanto commented 7 hours ago · Flag
You liberal propoganda cowards. I made an account so I could tell you assholes what I think of you. Your pitiful attempt to stand up for the racist Marc Lamont Hill for standing up for his friend Dorner is reprehensible. If it were a white man defending a white killer you’d be all over them. You think it’s brave to gang up on Fox with the rest of your lying sack of shit media friends? Did you mention that Obama can kill Americans with drones? I’m all for killing America-traitors, but why don’t you “peace-lovers” say anything? You attacked Bush for pouring water on killer wacko terrorists. If you ask me Bill O’Reilly didn’t slam that little bastard enough. He is paid to play the victim card. You’re all a bunch of cowards. Your president is a lying sack of shit who won’t even release his records. You have nothing to stand on 
Too bad little Dick Teddy has been banned already. 

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