Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nelson Phelps "Rich People Shouldn't Pay They're Fare Cher"

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“He has to repeat himself because the media do not report what he says.” – Peter Lynch

Really? That is all I have heard from the media. I am not sure where you get your news from.

The really sad part is that we can not seem to be able to cut about 3% of our annual budget. Do you people not realize this is just a small fraction of where we need to be?

And as if I needed to say it, I would be embarrassed if Rep. Ellison were from my state. He did not kick anyones ass rather he just acted like one.

The truth is Obama did back the sequester and also vowed to veto any legislation that did not include tax increases. We DO have a spending problem. If we operated our households in this same mannor we would be filing for bankruptcy quickly. Personally I would like to see all deductions cut and tax percentage rate cut with them but to simply ram this ideology that “rich people need to pay there fair share,” is insane. No one in this country should EVER pay half of there income to the government and that is what is happening.
Are there deductions that are getting abused? Absolutely!
Are there social programs that are getting abused?

This should not be a race thing, rich or poor thing, liberal or conservative thing! This is an American problem that affects us all. We need to quite taking sides and get a clue.

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