Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ray Price 1926-2013

Though Jack Greene had the nicknamed the Jolly Greene Giant had a wonderful voice and his string of hits in the late 60's including some country standards like There's goes my everything and statue of a fool was impressive. It's Jones and Price who were truly the "Giants" That's not a shot at Jack whom I am also a fan of. George Jones was the soul of country music. Country Music was his love. His taste in music unashamedly ran from country to country and back to country and if you want to tell me he was the best ever at it you'll get no argument from me.

But Price's influences went beyond Hank Williams and Bob Wills. To the likes of Sinatra, Crosby and Cole. Price's first big hits Please Release me Crazy Arms are country standards. Any song covered by Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and Louis Armstrong has to be great right? Of curse then followed a slew of Country standards City Lights, Heartaches by the Number etc. In 1963 he recorded what is considered the gold standard of Honkey-tonk albums Night Life. By the mid 60's he begun to evolve in to a more polished balladeer. By the 70's and his recording of For The Good Times his music had evolved enough that he was actually physically attacked at many personal appearances.

In terms of record sells his "snub" of country music didn't cost him. His records sold better than they ever had. In terms of his standing in the community of Country critics it cost him dearly. He wasn't elected to the country music hall of fame until 1988 when he famously said "about damn time"

At the time of his passing when Country music bears almost no resemblance to what it once was his career decisions have been more than justified. Today those records that once angered some are now regarded as Country music at it's finest. I love the Jack Greenes and George Jones of the world. Jones especially is a favorite and for sure their likes will never be seen again. Their legacy some of the greatest music ever recorded. But the Ray Prices, Jim Reeves and Patsy Clines of the world, the folks who left behind the twang, hay stacks and went "uptown" while keeping their country roots were the greatest talents on earth.

Part of the backlash against Price in the 70's came because some felt he was acting as if he was "too good for Country Music." Well I doubt that was the case but if it was...you couldn't really argue with him could you?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's A Winter Repeat

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VS

This year meet in the Gator Bowl (Fuck the corporate name)  And I think the term "fuck" about covers it. Good news is Georgia's also 8-4 and also without their QB. And it's not a bowl game they are thrilled with. I wanted the Chicken wings with Kansas State but if we have to go to "Cracksonville" this is abut as good of an opponent as we could have drawn as far as having a chance to win.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Eileen. We Miss You Everyday.

I think it could be said that in many ways these have been times that have tried my soul. In what was in an all too short a span of time the presence of 4 beautiful souls have been taken from us. I say this in no way to disparage the memory of any of these 4 beautiful people all you need to know about their greatness, love and understanding is that they excepted The Count as a friend. No easy to task. But the passing of Eileen Turri was one that I have taken especially hard.

Such an intelligent, beautiful, loving soul. I have said many times I was in nearly in awe of her. The way she carried herself her amazing understanding and intelligence. I have had my own share of demons and issues in the past year. I do not doubt that losing her all to soon as well as the passing of such wonderful people as Kimberlee, Jon, and Donna have played a role in whatever It was that I was going through this spring and summer. I also have no doubt that had Eileen been here she would have said in her stern but loving way...You're better than this it's time to get on with your life. And then of course she would have stood by you the whole time as you did just that.

I don't fully know Eileen's personal stance on issues of Spirituality. I do know that even if she personally wouldn't identify herself as one Christians could do so much worse to find a role model on how to conduct their lives than Eileen. However I do know where I stand on such issues after a fashion. I will not close by saying God Bless Eileen Turri. I will just close by saying God blessed me for having known Eileen Turri.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Final Score

                        17                                      38
 What you kinda feared was gonna happen at some point finally did but you played with the hand your dealt and don't make excuses. Even with all of the injuries the game was there to be had with Iowa's QB also on the bench. To Iowa's credit they're playing error free football right now which goes a long way in hiding whatever weaknesses your team might have.

I like Bo but he didn't help himself today. The fake punt call was ignorant and the Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was beyond stupid. Yes it was a terrible call and yes Little Kirksy can stand there and yell at the refs and say things to them like that's f'ing BS and have to be restrained and yet not get a flag but you gotta be smarter than that.

What Bowl game is Nebraska going to? I know not. Personally I am fine with going to Detroit and playing a MAC team. Let's just get the 9th win.

Gameday #12

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VS

Yup it's that time again. Time for giving thanks. And one of things Nebraska fans have to be grateful for is when they left the Big 12 for the B1G  that they traded 3 Ne'er do well fan bases with a massive inferiority complex for just one. This means instead of 3 weeks a year of LOOK AT US!!! LOOK AT US!!! LOOK AT US!!! IT'S YOUR FAULT NOBODY EVER LOOKS AT US!!! we only have to live through one week of it. And to be honest Iowa fan is much like Opie Taylor is kinda cute when it throws a tantrum. 

In the 6 years Bo Pelini has been head coach of Nebraska his teams have never fared worse than 9-4. In the same time frame Iowa has had 1 good team. The rest have been average to... well shitty. Still it's Pelini who is looked at as being on "the hot seat" while the media can't get enough of that voodoo that Kirk Ferentz do so well. It's Nebraska at 8-3 who is seen as the poor team sliding down to hell while Iowa at 7-4 is seen as the powerful beast. "Best 7-4 team ever. Could beat the Pats on a neutral field." How is beating Northwestern in the final seconds a sign that Nebraska isn't very good while beat Northwestern in overtime is a sign that Iowa is for real? Because Iowa is the beneficiary of what I like to call the G.W. Bush or Republican debate syndrome. If a Republican shows up to a national debate 3 minutes ahead of time, in the right arena, and with both of his shoes tied the media will already consider it a draw. The same thing goes for Iowa. If they show up on time in the right stadium with their shoes laces tied properly the media will sell that they have over achieved. Part of this is do to the disposition of their fan bases. Nebraska fan, most of them anyway, will be happy...(only just) if Nebraska wins its last 2 games and finishes 10-3. Clem in Carroll is already so happy about being 7-4 he doesn't know whether to carve his prize pig up for breakfast or save him for something else different entire.

There is good news for Iowa. This figures to be the closest the two teams have been since the "rivalry" started in 2011. Iowa has played the tougher schedule and with the Nebraska just one injury away from Ryker Fyfe playing QB there is plenty of reason for Nebraska fan to hold it's breath and for Iowa fan to be optimistic... well again no matter what happens it will get sold as Iowa showing true grit even if the score is somehow 45-7 Nebraska.

Neither of the "Hero's" games have been works of art with Nebraska pounding out a 20-7 win in Lincoln in 2011 and beating both Iowa and the cold in Iowa City 13-7 last year. Iowa likes to hold on to the football play ground pound and keep you down with their excellent defense. Nebraska's defense has gotten better every week while their offense is literally down to the nub with injuries. All of it means expect another ground and pound low scoring slug-fest that wont find it's way to the Louvre or even the Joslyn Art Museum. Or even the Clem and Curly Sue house of finger paintings in downtown Ottumwa.

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 20
Iowa 14

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 14 and 15.

5-1 Last week 74-16 on the season

Nebraska 20 Iowa 14
Ohio State 31 Michigan 28
Michigan State 27 Minnesota 10
Wisconsin 31 Penn State 14
Illinois 31 Northwestern 30
Indiana 42 Purdue 24

Big 10 Championship game December 7th

Ohio State 42 Michigan State 17

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Final Score

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif         OT

                 23                               20

If ever a team deserved to be cheered on by the fans this team does. They just keep fighting no matter the adversity. Injuries, fan bullshit, refs...they just keep fighting. And the officiating...Yeah the B1G should be embarrassed.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gameday #11

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VS           

Earlier in the week I felt very good about this pick but as the week has gone on there has been so much baggage... well garbage really around the program that I am far less certain about this pick. Nebraska has won the last 2 games 17-14 2 years ago ( The Jerry Sandusky game) in State College and 32-23 ( the fumble-touchdown game) in Lincoln.  I am a homer I admit it. And Nebraska is the better team if, and it's a Mark Mangino sized if, if Nebraska has their minds on business and HOLDS ON TO THE BALL they'll win.

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 27
Penn State 17

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 13.

3-2 last week thanks to Nebraska doing what I said they absolutely could not do...5 times and Northwestern finding yet another new and exciting way to lose. 69-15 on the season.

This week it's the game we've all been waiting for Illinois Vs Purdue!!! Somebody has to win...I think. Somebody's 0 has got to go.

Nebraska 27 Penn State 17
Illinois 38 Purdue 24
Michigan 26 Iowa 20
Ohio State 70 Indiana 35
Michigan State 27 Northwestern 20
Wisconsin 38 Minnesota 24.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Final Score

                 28                  41

Gameday #10


Stop me if you've heard this before. Nebraska is playing a team from the state of Michigan and nobody expects them to win the game. There hasn't been a situation like this since...well last week.

Michigan State have never beaten Nebraska. in 1995 in Nick Saban's first game as a head coach they lost 50-10 in East Lancing. The Next year in a game that was nearly statistically even they lost 55-14 in Lincoln thanks to about 15 defensive and special teams scores by Nebraska. In Bo Pelini's first game as a head coach, albeit an interim one, Nebraska beat Michigan State 17-3 in the 2003 Alamo Bowl.

In 2011 everybody picked Michigan State and Nebraska won 24-3. That was because Michigan State had 3 hard games in a row.

In 2012 everybody picked Michigan State and Nebraska won 28-24. That was because of the refs.

In 2013 everybody is picking Michigan State. Should Nebraska win again what will the excuse be this year? It is fun watching little Lee Barfknecht's hopes get up only to get destroyed every year.

I do want to clear up one possible myth. The myth that the winner of this game has the division wrapped up. That is true if Michigan State wins. Well technically it isn't. MSU could lose out and Minnesota could win out. And technically I could have a date after the game with Univison personality Lourdes Stephen after the game. But they won't and I don't. However should Nebraska win there is still work to be done. The game next week at Penn State is no sure thing and should Nebraska stumble bum around the day after Thanksgiving they also could lose to Iowa.

This just feels like Nebraska-Michigan State III Return Of The Same... And it's in Lincoln where the cold weather could be a factor...OK it's suppose to be 62 at kickoff so scratch that!

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 17
Michigan State 10

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 12

Last Week 5-0 (Yay Me!) Season 66-13.

Nebraska 17 Michigan State 10
Wisconsin 52 Indiana 24
Ohio State 49 Illinois 14
Northwestern 23 Michigan 17
Penn State 38 Purdue 7

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Final Score

              17                                  13

Gameday #9 The Nebraska Edition

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VS

In 2005 when these teams met in the Alamo Bowl it was suppose to settle the 1997 national championship debate (Yeah I don't get that either) But Nebraska won 32-28 and the national media didn't like that answer so the 2011 game in Ann Arbor settled the 1997 national championship debate. Michigan won 45-17 which was much better for the media and somehow proved Michigan was the better team in 1997. (Yeah I don't get that either.) Last year Nebraska won 23-9 but that didn't count because Denard Robinson got hurt nevermind that Taylor Martinez played injured and Rex Burckhead, Nebraskas best player was also injured.

Despite what you may have heard from the media both local and national on both teams these teams are both 6-2 not 0-8. Michigan is favored which makes sense. If I had to pick a spread I'd favor Michigan as well. But I am not sure what is in Michigan that makes Nebraska fan think they can't win or even compete in this game. Was it those killer victories over UCONN and Akron? Maybe they are just so down on their own team they're hoping they get blown out. You'd hope not but this is Nebraska fan we are talking about.

Call this a hunch or call me a homer...Nebraska wins and does so in surprisingly easy fashion...

Count's Krystal Bawl...

Nebraska 31
Michigan 17

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 11

Last week I said it was the toughest week of the year and I actually went 5-1 bringing my season record to 61-13 but a closer look at the games shows I was dead on about how difficult a week it was to pick the winners. Nebraska beat Northwestern on a last play Hail Mary. Penn State got a field goal late then beat Illinois in overtime. Indiana was down by 3 and inside the Minnesota 10 with less than a minute left and threw a backwards lateral that Minnesota recovered. 3 games, 3 plays and instead of 5-1 it could have been 2-4.

This week isn't that easy either. 3 of the 5 games could go either way and while Wisconsin should win BYU is never an easy out.

Nebraska 31 Michigan 17
Wisconsin 35 BYU 16 
Indiana 49 Illinois 38
Iowa 34 Purdue 10
Minnesota 23 Penn State 20.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Final Score

 http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif  http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Northwestern.gif 
         27                           24

Gameday #8 The Northwestern Edition

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif VShttp://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Northwestern.gif  
It's not hyperbole to call this the biggest game of the Bo Pelini era. Win this game and there is still a chance albeit a shrinking one that both his job and the season can be saved. Lose this game and both are all but over. Northwestern is beat up. Mentally and Physically. They've lost four games in a row since giving Ohio State hell four weeks ago. But Kain Colter who has given Nebraska fits the last 2 years is getting healthier and after the last two years, a Northwestern win in Lincoln, and a one point Nebraska victory in Evanston there is no reason for Northwestern to believe they can't win this game.

Nebraska is going with Tommy Armstrong and Ron Kellogg III at QB this should make the world's greatest fans happy. No matter that Armstrong threw 3 Interceptions and looked in over his head against a Purdue team not as good as this Northwestern bunch. So long as he's not named Taylor Martinez it's all good for the worlds greatest.

And about the world's greatest fans? If things start badly will they turn, or should I say act pretty much like the usually do, and begin to boo, mock and ridicule their own team? We all stick together you know... in all kinds of weather...hahahahahahaha. No worries though win or lose they'll cheer the team at the end of the game...Northwestern can count on it. Through these gates!

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 31
Northwestern 28

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 10

Last Week 3-1 Season 56-12. This is the toughest week of the year so far to pick games as 5 of the 6 could go either way. There is only 1 lock on the docket. (watch me miss that game)

Nebraska 31 Northwestern 28
Minnesota 35 Indiana 31
Penn State 38 Illinois 21
Michigan 23 Michigan State 20
Ohio State 52 Purdue 7
Wisconsin 28 Iowa 17

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Final Score

          34                                 23

Significant program loss. I like Bo. But the facts are these. There are 2 possible wins left on the schedule and 0 guarantees. They can't score enough to beat Michigan State and they won't win on the road against Michigan or Penn State. So best case scenario is they beat Northwestern and Iowa at home and finish 7-5. That won't be good enough nor should it be.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gameday#7 Minnesota Edition


It's hard to believe but historically Minnesota has an edge in this series 29-22-2. What makes that so hard to believe is Nebraska has won the last 16 contest between the teams dating back to 1960. And most of those games have not been close. Of course the most lopsided and maybe famous was played 30 years ago when Nebraska beat Minnesota 84-13 in the HHH Metrodome. For the first 3 or 4 decades of the last century Minnesota was THE football power in the Midwest those days are long gone.

The news is not entirely grim for the Golden Gophers. This is a better Minnesota team than many of the ones who have gone painfully down to defeat to Nebraska in the last 50 years. Last week they upset Northwestern and carry a 5-2 Record into the game. They are also playing for their coach Jerry Kill who has taken some time away from the game to deal with his on going battle with Epilepsy. Kill is one of the really good guys and everyone hopes he beats it and returns to the sidelines and more importantly that he gets well again.

2 Years ago when these teams played in Minneapolis it was about a 50/50 Crowd. This year Minnesota is hoping for more of a split though anything more than 60/40 for the Gophers seems unlikely. It is suppose to be a "cold" game with temps at kickoff around 40. It's not official but it seems that Taylor Martinez will be back at QB for Nebraska. This of course is causing much chagrin in Huskerdom because they hate Taylor Martinez because...well just because they don't need a reason they are the worlds greatest fans. Even if they secretly hope their QB gets hurt or loses the game because well...they hate him. That's what the worlds greatest fans do right?

This is a better Minnesota team than the last 2 and maybe the last several Nebraska has seen. This could very possibly be a close football game if Nebraska is as sloppy offensively as they were against Purdue. Still if Nebraska takes care of the football and doesn't beat itself it should win the football game. Especially against a Minnesota team that isn't a great offensive team and has questions of it's own at QB. Plus Nebraska's defense seems to be getting better every game.

Count's Krystal Bawl
Nebraska 38
Minnesota 17

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BIG 10 Picks Week 9

7-2 the last 2 week 53-11 Season.

Nebraska 38 Minnesota 17
Michigan State 24 Illinois 10
Ohio State 38 Penn State 28
Iowa 24 Northwestern 20

The Iowa-Northwestern game is a case of when in doubt go with the home team. Northwestern is the better team but they are hurt and down in their own shit. The other 3 games could all be competitive but I feel pretty sure of the picks.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Final Score

         44                                   7

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gamday #6 Purdue Edition


Well Purdue has history on their side.  Ok they've played once and that was in 1958 so take that for what it's worth. There are easier places to play than Ross-Aide Stadium (Just ask Ohio State) but outside of a spirited showing against Notre Dame Purdue has been dreadful. The used their bye week to move their starting QB to safety and are going with a True Freshman at QB Saturday. Nebraska's QB situation is also up in the air but if it's Tommy Armstrong again he's shown no signs of being overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Of course with tickets going for $3 on secondary ticket sites how overwhelming will the atmosphere be?

The Blackshirts showed some growth Saturday against Illinois and have only given up 22 points in the last 7 quarters. I suspect this gets ugly...

Counts Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 49
Purdue 17

Big 10 Picks Week 7 and 8

3-2 Last week 43-9 on the season. The Big surprise was Indiana beating Penn State easily. A mild surprise was Michigan State. Certainly not that they won but that they won a little bit of offense. With their Defense a little bit of offense might be all they need.

Week 7
Nebraska 49 Purdue 17
Michigan State 24 Indiana 14
Wisconsin 31 Northwestern 24
Michigan 27 Penn State 17.

Week 8.
Michigan 38 Indiana 17
Ohio State 31 Iowa 14
Wisconsin 41 Illinois 21
Northwestern 42 Minnesota 13
Michigan State 30 Purdue 3.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Final Score

                  39                                           19

Best game Nebraska has played all year. For 3 quarters at least. To paraphrase famous words of Johnny Dollar "no not that Johnny Dollar, the Johnny Dollar who sang country music and drank himself into suicide" in the 4th quarter the Wheels Kinda Fell Of Wagon.

Weather was a story. Early on walking around Lincoln with temps in the 40's and the wind blowing 30 miles and hour it was nippy to say the least. And seeing as how the temperature until today have been around 80 it really felt a shock to the system. In the first half the sun came out and it actually felt didn't feel too bad. Then at the end of the first half and for the rest of the game the sun went behind the clouds and the second half was nippy again. 

The Good...

Ameer Abudllah had the best game of his career and ran like a man possessed rushing for 225 yards.
Kenny Bell made an unhuman one handed catch for a touchdown in the second half.
The Defense gave up yards but also made plays. More than they've made in any game this season.
Nebraska pretty much shut down the Illinois passing game and actually made several plays behind the line of scrimmage.
Tommy Armstrong looked more like a Freshman today but still looked calm and smooth running the offense.
Even in the wind kickoffs and the one punt were outstanding again today. Nebraska also made both of their field goals.

The Not So Good...

The Defense had it's best game against a good offense but still got gashed at times in the running game.
You can not miss extra points let alone 2. Inexcusable.
Nebraska could have scored 3 more TD's in the 4th quarter and only got 3 points. Missing a wide open pass on 4th and goal at the 2 and fumbling at the 20 before making a 33 yard kick to conclude scoring.
What game was this officiating crew watching? Good Lord they were sorry. Holding might as well be legal on passing plays. A late hit on a play when Nebraska hit the QB in bounds. The no calls on the illegal pick plays. Not allowing Nebraska's defense to properly set up. B1G officials are awful.

 All an all it was a feel good day for Nebraska football. It wasn't perfect and you wish they would have closed the show a little better. Still as a Nebraska fan you have to feel better than you've felt after any game this year. And as for all the people who picked Illinois to win this game...go ahead and say it. You knew Illinois wasn't any good in the first place. Am I right? P.S. Time to cut back tickets to students. If they aren't going to show up and leave in the 2nd quarter give the tickets to people who will use them. Yes it was at times uncomfortably cool out with the wind blowing like a Fox News Blonde. But still it was 50 degrees not -5 If the kiddies don't want to use the tickets there are lots of other people who do.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gameday #5 Illinois Edition


The last time Nebraska played Illinois was on September 20th 1986 in Champaign, Illinois when on that date at halftime they retired the great hall of fame linebacker Dick Butkus' jersey. With Illinois behind 38-0 at half Butkus told the crowd to enjoy the rest of the game and rolled his eyes. Nebraska ended up winning 59-14. And for most a similar score seemed to be in order this season. But Illinois has seemingly been better than advertised with their one loss being in a spirited effort against a fine Washington team. Nebraska's defense is at least so far worse than it was feared they might be. And it was feared it might be pretty bad. Plus Redshirt Freshman Tommy Armstrong is getting his second start at QB this weekend. Add it all up and the Illini are a trendy pick to pull the upset.

On the weather front No rain or severe weather is in the forecast but it is suppose to be by far the coolest game of the year with temps topping out in the mid to low 50's. The temperature is expected to be about 48 or so at the 11 O'Clock kickoff.

For Bo Pelini's sake Nebraska needs to win this game. Win this game and beat Purdue and Minnesota and maybe the team picks up momentum for the tough, tough, tough November stretch. But lose this game and his tenuous grasp on the head coaching job at the University of Nebraska may begin to slip out of his control.

I am not sure what to expect tomorrow except both teams will score some points...Nebraska scores a couple of touchdowns more...

Count's Krystal Bawl...

Nebraska 38
Illinois 24

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 6

4-0 Last week 43-7 on the season.

The conference schedule starts in earnest and this is an intriguing week of match-ups in the B1G. Ohio State @ Northwestern might be a B1G Championship game preview. Nebraska and Illinois figure to put up some points and Penn State @ Indiana might be fun as well although Indiana still oftentimes looks suspiciously like Indiana especially defensively.

The most intriguing game of the week might be Michigan State @ Iowa. Iowa has a very average offense. Michigan State has no offense. Iowa has a very good defense. Michigan State has a world class defense. For people like me who bemoan the death of defense in college football this might be the game to watch. 17 points will probably take this game.

Nebraska 38 Illinois 24
Iowa 17 Michigan State 14
Michigan 31 Minnesota 14
Ohio State 35 Northwestern 28
Penn State 37 Indiana 28

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Big Ten Picks Week 5.

9-1 last week but still kind of a disappointing week because the game I missed (Indiana-Missouri) was one where I went with a hunch instead of my head. Missouri won easy as Indiana is not as good as they'd hoped and thought they would be. In retrospect that was not a tough game to pick and I blew it.

Anywho lite week this week in the B1G as half the teams will be home on the couch this weekend. Still the intra-conference games should be interesting. Ohio State and Wisconsin will be playing for first place in the Leaders ad let's face it...B1G and Iowa and Minnesota, both of whom are probably better than first thought are playing for bowl contention.

Illinois 34 Miami of Ohio 20
Northern Illinois 27 Purdue 17
Iowa 27 Minnesota 24
Ohio State 34 Wisconsin 28

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Final Score

        59                                   20

After a  disastrous first quarter defensively things go pretty smoothly in the final 3 quarters for Nebraska. The back up QB's play very well. The SDSU running back is the real deal. In fact the entire SDSU squad, coaches, program fans...is pure class. I think in the end the game was more of a blow out than I would have thought before hand.

Thoughs From the NFL: Week 2

Third Time Isn't the Charm -- The most hyped game of Week 2 was the third match-up between Peyton Manning and his little bro, Eli turned out to be the most disappointing game I'll probably see all season. We've heard the chatter: in the two games both siblings have played, the elder Manning has prevailed, and in convincing fashion. Maybe this would be the year Eli can forge his own path and come on out from under the shadow of the great Peyton (the same Peyton that's won one Super Bowl title and has a magnificent postseason record of 9-11). Unfortunately, he's still the red-headed step-child, wanting to be taken seriously. Guess he'll have to take his argument that he's won two Super Bowl titles, won the game's MVP title twice, both times against Tom Brady and the Patriots, elsewhere. It's hard for me to cheer on the younger Manning brother and his New York Giants when Eli throws one interception after another (four in total), when there's no running game to keep drives going and a surprisingly absent pass rush to put the pressure on Peyton. Much like the lopsided score of 41-23, Denver's 2-0 and rolling, while New York is 0-2, and in trouble, fast. Actually, maybe not, because this brings up the next point......

The NFC (L)east -- This division quickly has all the makings of which team will be the most mediocre to win it. Will it be the Dallas Cowboys, who were leading at halftime, but coughed up the lead with two costly turnovers to lose to Kansas City? Can rookie head coach Chip Kelly and his dynamic, video game offense be enough to come out on top, despite a poor defense? Could New York go on another late-season run to save Tom Coughlin's job for a third time? Or is this division still Robert Griffin III's to lose? You could make a logical argument for each team, and have said argument challenged for the other team. I know it's only Week 2, but the NFC East, much like the AFC West, has a history of being a weak division over the last few years, and given the start the four teams have had, that doesn't look to change anytime soon. Speaking of starts...

Is Phllip Rivers Back? -- If you haven't followed the saga of Chargers football over the last few years, here's a brief synopsis: since their last playoff appearance in 2010, San Diego's gone 24-24, missed three straight appearances in the postseason, lost key pieces in the high powered Chargers arsenal (WR Vincent Jackson, OT's Marcus McNeill, Kris Dielman and Louis Vasquez, RB's LaDanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles) drafted a near bust in Ryan Matthews in the 11th round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and Rivers himself has seen his style of play drop almost dramatically; he's thrown as many picks as he has TD's, taken more sacks, coughed up more fumbles (17 fumbles combined in the last three years) and had the lowest yards per game last year with 225.4 (in 2007, he had 197.0). This all resulted in last year the Bolts going 7-9, their first losing season since going 4-12 in the first year of the Marty Schottenheimer era in 2003, and Dean Spanos (finally) firing both Norv Turner and A.J. Smith. Since then, Tom Telesco replaced A.J as the General Manager, and rookie head coach Mike McCoy (formerly the offensive coordinator for Denver) taking Norv's place. In the early weeks of the 2013 campaign , Rivers looks to have turned a corner and returned back to the Philip Rivers of old: he's more comfortable in the pocket, he's got time to find his receivers and get the matchups he likes, and most importantly, he's trusting himself again. He's thrown 7 TD's to 1 INT (the one on Monday Night vs. Texas) and he's done something that I, as a fan, haven't seen him do in years: lead his team back to win the game. Sure, Nick Novak technically won the game last week vs the Eagles with his 41-yard field goal, but Rivers led the final drive to get the kicker into position.Drives are being sustained and Rivers is keeping the ball moving again (and Matthews is finally becoming dependable on carries -- 16 carries for 76 yards), and giving a really poor passing defense a break on the sidelines. Maybe it's early to say that Rivers has his groove back, but under McCoy and new offensive coordinator Ken Wizenhunt (yes, the same Wiz from his head coaching days at Arizona), but it's a great sign to see Rivers being the cocky hot shot that most of the league hates him for.

Steel Curtain Falling -- Let's not beat around the bush with this one: the Pittsburgh Steelers are in serious trouble, and don't expect it to get better anytime soon. Two loses, one vs. Tennessee at home, and a disastrous showing on Monday Night vs the Bengals, have the team and fans in panic mode. A breakdown of their stats can be found here, but here's the brief rundown: 30th in points scored (9.5), second to last in yards per game (236.0), and a run game, the team's bread and butter, is essentially non-existent. To put this into perspective, here's a screen shot of the Steelers when they run the ball.

I din't make that up. That's their line as it stands now.

Add to it, in-fighting between player personnel and offensive coordinator Todd Haley and the team banning younger player from playing ping pong and other recreational activities, and we have a team that's headed towards a nose dive, if they're not there already.

Gameday #4 South Dakota State


Well that was a fun week wasn't it? First UCLA out scores Nebraska 31-0 in the second half, 38-0 going back to the second quarter. Then a former great Nebraska player yet lousy coach ( his record was 3-17) goes off on his twitter account about the coaching. Then some cowardly chickenshit released a 2 year old audio tape that was recorded in private to deadspin.com The TMZ of sports websites. Lowlifes who delight in the pain of others.

About the tape. Not only was I not offended by what Bo had to say I agreed with it and had been saying the same things about Nebraska's fans...and Dirk Chatelain for years. But of course many of the worlds greatest fans...you know the Olympic slap your own ass team was offended. Some apparently are going to show Bo by not going to the game today. Because if there is one way to show a coach who calls you out for being fair-weather fans and not supporting the team the thing to do is not show up and don't support the team...that'll show him!

There is a game this week! South Dakota State. How in the blue hell do you hate South Dakota State? First of all I wish I could use the old Brookings is a shithole card...it isn't. It's a very nice town. The fans? My experience from UNO game is they are awesome. In fact most are Nebraska fans when Nebraska isn't playing South Dakota State of course. There should be lots of love in the Stadium this afternoon. Much like the Wyoming game 2 years back. People breaking bread rooting for both teams. + South Dakota State has a roster full of Nebraskan's who are sure to bust butt. They are well coached play extremely hard and extremely well. The only negative vibes that should come from the stadium might come from  the worlds greatest fans hating on their own team. they're really good at that.

Remember 2010? When they came to town to take their ass kicking and their check and then leave town? Well somebody forgot to tell them that. Nebraska won 17-3. But South Dakota State won the event. And guess what? They are a better team this year. And Nebraska sad to say is not as good. This is a South Dakota State team that should have every reason to feel they can win this game. We now know Taylor Martinez is out for the game and a redshirt Freshman Tommy Armstrong will start at Quarterback. And given the kind of week this program has had all they need now is to lose to a FCS team. Oh and in case you haven't seen or heard FCS teams are winning regularly against FBS schools now.

Nebraska had better win or all kinds of spit will hit the fan. And they will win.  But it won't be a total romp. It will be "good enough" A win to get us in to the bye week and  hopefully get us refocused on what's important. Not tearing each other and the program down but winning football games. It's starts today...

Counts Krystal Bawl
Nebraska 42
South Dakota State 17

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Ten Predictions Week 4

Last Week 9-3 Season 30-6

Nebraska 42 South Dakota State 17
Ohio State 56 Florida A&M 6
Minnesota 31 San Jose State 14
Iowa 34 Western Michigan 14
Notre Dame 20 Michigan State 10
Penn State 38  Kent State 14
Northwestern 49 Maine 13
Wisconsin 42 Purdue 17
Michigan 49 Connecticut 14
Indiana 38 Missouri 31.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Final Score

http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/UCLA_OLD.gif         http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h66/Stephist_2006/Nebraska.gif
           41                    21    


Gameday #3


Well You wonder why I always dress in black... It's here and hopefully Nebraska's special limited edition one time only Black uniforms aren't apropos for a funeral. Here is what we know if Nebraska's sports media is to be believed. There is no way Nebraska will win this game because UCLA is just too good. And even though UCLA is so much better than Nebraska should Nebraska lose which they will...the program will be forever scarred for life. HOWEVER should Nebraska win UCLA was never any good in the first place. If you don't quite follow the logic here is what it's called. Having your ass and your narrative covered.

And then of course there is the sports media's new favorite word... relevant. They love to use it a lot but of course thy seem to have no earthly clue what it actually means. "If Nebraska loses they will no longer be relevant" How often have we heard this lately? Funny I keep hearing about being no longer and I keep having to pay more money to go to road games than 98% of other teams in America. Hasn't Minnesota learned we are no longer relevant? Of course what the Media means by relevant today is a team that doesn't lose. It's part of today's "if you're not number one your shit society" and really it's sad. Look at how many people made fun of Notre Dame after losing to Alabama and no longer being relevant. All I kept thinking was wait a minute didn't Notre Dame kick your teams ass? Besides if you watch the nation's leader in sports this week the only 2 relevant teams are Alabama and Texas A&M. And A&M's team really isn't relevant either...just their alcoholic quarterback

Then there is the dreaded signature win. What the fux is a signature win? I'll tell you what it is. It's what a game is before a team wins a game. And what it isn't after said team wins that game. Before his teams beat Clemson, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Michigan State twice, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, ETC these games would be signature wins for Bo Pelini. After he won those games he's still looking for a signature win. Is UCLA a  signature win should his team win the game? No of course not. Read the first paragraph again.

So what do I think will happen tomorrow at 11 AM? Honestly I haven't a clue. There are a lot of things Nebraska has in it's favor. Playing at home and the 11 AM Kickoff. One thing that also might in their favor that oddly enough people seem to think will favor UCLA. UCLA didn't play last week. It's my experience and people much smarter than I like Tom Osborne have often said the same. You do not want a bye week in your second week. You want to keep playing early in the season and have your team build momentum. There is one slight thing in UCLA's favor. They have a talented offense that plays the kind of football that Nebraska's defense hasn't shown the ability to stop in the last 3 years. And we still don't know if this defense is even as good as the past 2 were. But then Nebraska's Offense could scorch UCLA's defense and probably should.

What does it all mean? It means this is a game where any outcome would not surprise me other than either team winning 10-7.  I could see UCLA winning close and by 2+ Touchdowns. I can See Nebraska doing The same. However If Nebraska loses it won't permanently scar the program like some have suggested. Hell it's a non conference game. I hate losing period but losing now is better than losing in October or November. But losing 63-38 would be a tough pill to swallow and difficult for Nebraska's perception to overcome.  Taking the preponderance of the evidence  ( I always wanted to say that) and being a homer I'll give the slight edge to Nebraska in a High Scoring Affair.

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 42

Thursday, September 12, 2013

B1G Picks Week 3.

10-2 Last Week 21-3 On the season.

Nebraska 42 UCLA 35
Minnesota 45 Western Illinois 14
Michigan 59 Akron 7
Indiana 38 Bowling Green 28
Michigan State 31 Youngstown State 10
Iowa 20 Iowa State 17
Penn State 28 Central Florida 10
Washington 38 Illinois 14
Ohio State 38 California 17
Notre Dame 37 Purdue 10
Northwestern 45 Western Michigan 14
Wisconsin 31 Arizona State 24

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Final Score

              56                                           13       

Gameday #2 Southern Mississippi


Last year after Nebraska beat Southern Miss in the opener I posted Lesley Gore's Sunshine and Lollipops. Last week after the opener with Wyoming I felt like It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to) Today I'll settle for Judy's Turn To Cry...or hell even You don't own me...

Southern Miss hasn't won a game since 2011. I'll repeat that. Southern Miss hasn't won a game since 2011. And last week they lost to mighty Texas State So Nebraska losing the game is off the table. You'd hope to God. Nebraska losing the game is off the table. The question is will the score be 49-14? 49-24? God forbid 59-42? All I ask is that I am able to get on the internet at 8:30 or so and I am not so pissed off It's best I just log off. If there isn't at least some defense this state might very well commit mass suicide. It can't be as bad as Last week Right? Right? Right?

One last time I am going to try an explain Why this game is in Lincoln. The game was scheduled to be played in Hattisburg, Mississippi but their stadium only seats 35,000 people. Nebraska doesn't like to play in small stadiums. They originally try to get the game moved to New Orleans, Then Kansas City. Those fell through. Then Southern Mississippi fired their coach after one year and owned him 2.1 Million Dollars. Nebraska paid the debt off and got the game moved to Lincoln.

Last Year the score was 49-20 Nebraska. That sounds about right for this year as well...

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 49
Southern Mississippi 21

Thursday, September 5, 2013

B1G Picks Week 2.

B1G Picks. 11-1 Last week. Now that's always good but the B1G didn't exactly tax themselves. They tax themselves less this week (sans Michigan and possibly Michigan State...

Nebraska 49 Southern Miss 21
Cincinnati 38 Illinois 14
Penn State 42 Eastern Michigan 9
Purdue 31 Indiana State 14
Wisconsin 49 Tennessee Tech 7
Michigan State 38 South Florida 10
Ohio State 49 San Diego State 17
Indiana 45 Navy 24
Northwestern 38 Syracuse 21
Minnesota 42 New Mexico State 20
Michigan 31 Notre Dame 28
Iowa 41 Missouri State 7

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nebraska-Wyoming Review.

There are basically 2 kinds of football fans. sunshine pumpers and realist despite the nae it's often the "realist" who live in a world of what if's. They are the ones that tell you what really happened even though it actually didn't. If you take away this, factor in that, change all of that this is what really would have happened so there for it is what really happened. Confused? Well usually so are they. Another personality quirk most realist share is they are perpetually miserable. These are not glass is half empty people. These are if you take away the fact that the glass is half empty the glass would be completely empty people. I am a sunshine pumper...mostly. I find that the sunshine pumpers though sometimes a little too positive are the actual fans. With the realist you find yourself asking wow if this is how you treat a something you are a fan of how do you treat something you hate? And you also find yourself hoping these people don't have children and feeling the children if they do. But last night after Nebraska's 37-34 victory over Wyoming I was a realist fan! I was the very fan I hate.  Last night about 10:30 I was sure Nebraska was going to struggle to win games. I called the team "shitty" on twitter and of course felt terrible about it afterwords. I did not get on players social sites and call them out. There is a special place in hell for people who do that. But I was about as negative and abusive towards Nebraska football as I get. Thankfully I didn't linger on twitter and facebook last night. I made a few posts and then logged off. I was pissed. Too pissed to hear others just as pissed as me. Nebraska football is like your brother or sister For you see I can say the team is shitty. But you can't. So after 5-10 minutes on social media I logged off ate a cold cut, smoked a cigar, listened to music watched the late games. With in a half hour I was a sunshine pumper again. Sorta. I'm still not sure with that defense how this team wins more than 8 games. But they'll win more than 4. Hey  I must be getting better. Last night I just broke my glasses case in past years I would have broke my glasses.

Offense.  C- Nebraska had 530 yards and 375 yards rushing. 2 backs had 100 yards+ 2 more had more than 80. So it was all good right? right? Uh no. Nebraska's offense in the first half was spotty at best. Minus one 62 yard run the running game did next to nothing. There I am again being a realist. In the second half it appeared Nebraska's issues were solved as they were pounding Wyoming and scoring on every possession. then with Nebraska leading 37-21 and on there way to putting the game away a freshman receiver ran the wrong route  and Taylor Martinez threw and interception. Game on. Score there and it's 40-21 or 44-21 and Wyoming becomes one dimensional. The Wyoming defense which was tired checks out and maybe just maybe Nebraska scores again and today we are all happy. Later in the game Nebraska had 4th and a chihuahua's testicle and got stuffed on a QB sneak. The greatest offensive line in the Bo Pelini era could create enough space to gain an inch.

Defense D-. They won so that saves the F. Watching this defense last night put me in the mood for some Ray Charles "Here we go again" Wyoming was 99th in rushing last year. That makes you feel all warm and fuzzy after seeing them run all over the place on Nebraska last night doesn't it Nebraska fan? And that secondary that's suppose to be the strength of the defense? Oh dear! Wyoming had 603 yards last night. Don't dwell on that it will make your head explode. Wyoming's offense is good. But not that damned good. there's only one place to go from here...up. The fact that this is year 3 of the same old same doesn't fill your heart with much optimism. They're young...they're young. Rinse and repeat. Oh UCLA scored 58 points yesterday...

Special Teams. B-. They fielded the kickoffs! Nebraska's return team was ok. Like I said they fielded the kicks. That's an improvement. The defense against the return was great all night. Sam Fultz is going to be a great punter. The Field goal was shaky but good. And we made all of our PAT's well except one that was shanked it might have been blocked. let's hope it was cause he missed it real bad.

Overall. C-. Nebraska won. 15 years from now when you look the score up it will show a win. The details will fade. They can't fade fast enough. Next week Southern Miss comes to town. They lost yesterday to Texas State 22-15. Nebraska has to win big and has to hold Southern Miss to less than 20 points. HAS TO. If they don't...God help us after that. But keep it in perspective. Nebraska won. Did Kansas State? Did Iowa? McNeese State beat South Florida 53-21. Makes 37-34 over Wyoming sound not so bad.

Last Thought.
Can we please...please start having officiating crews from conferences where neither team is involved? Don't tell me the NCAA cant afford it. This Mountain West crew last night went out of their way to keep Wyoming in the game. And of course B1G crews do the same. All of the officials do. How is there roughing the passer on a play where there was no pass? This wasn't the only head scratching call. All night this Mountain West crew kept Wyoming in the game. With calls and no calls. Poor Vincent Valentine is probably still being held. Amazingly after not calling holding all night When Wyoming could least afford it the officials called Wyoming for a marginal holding penalty. Ask me if I feel bad for them.

On the whole Dave Christianson and his staff had a better night than Bo Pelini and his staff. But their play calling at the end of the first half was baffling. Why not try and get points to end the half when you were moving the ball all half? Why waste 30 seconds at midfield? Why call a timeout with 2 seconds left and kneel down on the ball? It made no sense. And with a final score of 37-34 the way Wyoming played the end of the half may have been the difference in the game.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Final Score

          37                   34

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