Saturday, October 5, 2013

Final Score

                  39                                           19

Best game Nebraska has played all year. For 3 quarters at least. To paraphrase famous words of Johnny Dollar "no not that Johnny Dollar, the Johnny Dollar who sang country music and drank himself into suicide" in the 4th quarter the Wheels Kinda Fell Of Wagon.

Weather was a story. Early on walking around Lincoln with temps in the 40's and the wind blowing 30 miles and hour it was nippy to say the least. And seeing as how the temperature until today have been around 80 it really felt a shock to the system. In the first half the sun came out and it actually felt didn't feel too bad. Then at the end of the first half and for the rest of the game the sun went behind the clouds and the second half was nippy again. 

The Good...

Ameer Abudllah had the best game of his career and ran like a man possessed rushing for 225 yards.
Kenny Bell made an unhuman one handed catch for a touchdown in the second half.
The Defense gave up yards but also made plays. More than they've made in any game this season.
Nebraska pretty much shut down the Illinois passing game and actually made several plays behind the line of scrimmage.
Tommy Armstrong looked more like a Freshman today but still looked calm and smooth running the offense.
Even in the wind kickoffs and the one punt were outstanding again today. Nebraska also made both of their field goals.

The Not So Good...

The Defense had it's best game against a good offense but still got gashed at times in the running game.
You can not miss extra points let alone 2. Inexcusable.
Nebraska could have scored 3 more TD's in the 4th quarter and only got 3 points. Missing a wide open pass on 4th and goal at the 2 and fumbling at the 20 before making a 33 yard kick to conclude scoring.
What game was this officiating crew watching? Good Lord they were sorry. Holding might as well be legal on passing plays. A late hit on a play when Nebraska hit the QB in bounds. The no calls on the illegal pick plays. Not allowing Nebraska's defense to properly set up. B1G officials are awful.

 All an all it was a feel good day for Nebraska football. It wasn't perfect and you wish they would have closed the show a little better. Still as a Nebraska fan you have to feel better than you've felt after any game this year. And as for all the people who picked Illinois to win this game...go ahead and say it. You knew Illinois wasn't any good in the first place. Am I right? P.S. Time to cut back tickets to students. If they aren't going to show up and leave in the 2nd quarter give the tickets to people who will use them. Yes it was at times uncomfortably cool out with the wind blowing like a Fox News Blonde. But still it was 50 degrees not -5 If the kiddies don't want to use the tickets there are lots of other people who do.

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