Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big 10 Picks Week 6

4-0 Last week 43-7 on the season.

The conference schedule starts in earnest and this is an intriguing week of match-ups in the B1G. Ohio State @ Northwestern might be a B1G Championship game preview. Nebraska and Illinois figure to put up some points and Penn State @ Indiana might be fun as well although Indiana still oftentimes looks suspiciously like Indiana especially defensively.

The most intriguing game of the week might be Michigan State @ Iowa. Iowa has a very average offense. Michigan State has no offense. Iowa has a very good defense. Michigan State has a world class defense. For people like me who bemoan the death of defense in college football this might be the game to watch. 17 points will probably take this game.

Nebraska 38 Illinois 24
Iowa 17 Michigan State 14
Michigan 31 Minnesota 14
Ohio State 35 Northwestern 28
Penn State 37 Indiana 28

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