Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Big Ten Picks Week 5.

9-1 last week but still kind of a disappointing week because the game I missed (Indiana-Missouri) was one where I went with a hunch instead of my head. Missouri won easy as Indiana is not as good as they'd hoped and thought they would be. In retrospect that was not a tough game to pick and I blew it.

Anywho lite week this week in the B1G as half the teams will be home on the couch this weekend. Still the intra-conference games should be interesting. Ohio State and Wisconsin will be playing for first place in the Leaders ad let's face it...B1G and Iowa and Minnesota, both of whom are probably better than first thought are playing for bowl contention.

Illinois 34 Miami of Ohio 20
Northern Illinois 27 Purdue 17
Iowa 27 Minnesota 24
Ohio State 34 Wisconsin 28

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