Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gameday #3

Well You wonder why I always dress in black... It's here and hopefully Nebraska's special limited edition one time only Black uniforms aren't apropos for a funeral. Here is what we know if Nebraska's sports media is to be believed. There is no way Nebraska will win this game because UCLA is just too good. And even though UCLA is so much better than Nebraska should Nebraska lose which they will...the program will be forever scarred for life. HOWEVER should Nebraska win UCLA was never any good in the first place. If you don't quite follow the logic here is what it's called. Having your ass and your narrative covered.

And then of course there is the sports media's new favorite word... relevant. They love to use it a lot but of course thy seem to have no earthly clue what it actually means. "If Nebraska loses they will no longer be relevant" How often have we heard this lately? Funny I keep hearing about being no longer and I keep having to pay more money to go to road games than 98% of other teams in America. Hasn't Minnesota learned we are no longer relevant? Of course what the Media means by relevant today is a team that doesn't lose. It's part of today's "if you're not number one your shit society" and really it's sad. Look at how many people made fun of Notre Dame after losing to Alabama and no longer being relevant. All I kept thinking was wait a minute didn't Notre Dame kick your teams ass? Besides if you watch the nation's leader in sports this week the only 2 relevant teams are Alabama and Texas A&M. And A&M's team really isn't relevant either...just their alcoholic quarterback

Then there is the dreaded signature win. What the fux is a signature win? I'll tell you what it is. It's what a game is before a team wins a game. And what it isn't after said team wins that game. Before his teams beat Clemson, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Michigan State twice, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, ETC these games would be signature wins for Bo Pelini. After he won those games he's still looking for a signature win. Is UCLA a  signature win should his team win the game? No of course not. Read the first paragraph again.

So what do I think will happen tomorrow at 11 AM? Honestly I haven't a clue. There are a lot of things Nebraska has in it's favor. Playing at home and the 11 AM Kickoff. One thing that also might in their favor that oddly enough people seem to think will favor UCLA. UCLA didn't play last week. It's my experience and people much smarter than I like Tom Osborne have often said the same. You do not want a bye week in your second week. You want to keep playing early in the season and have your team build momentum. There is one slight thing in UCLA's favor. They have a talented offense that plays the kind of football that Nebraska's defense hasn't shown the ability to stop in the last 3 years. And we still don't know if this defense is even as good as the past 2 were. But then Nebraska's Offense could scorch UCLA's defense and probably should.

What does it all mean? It means this is a game where any outcome would not surprise me other than either team winning 10-7.  I could see UCLA winning close and by 2+ Touchdowns. I can See Nebraska doing The same. However If Nebraska loses it won't permanently scar the program like some have suggested. Hell it's a non conference game. I hate losing period but losing now is better than losing in October or November. But losing 63-38 would be a tough pill to swallow and difficult for Nebraska's perception to overcome.  Taking the preponderance of the evidence  ( I always wanted to say that) and being a homer I'll give the slight edge to Nebraska in a High Scoring Affair.

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 42

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