Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gameday #2 Southern Mississippi


Last year after Nebraska beat Southern Miss in the opener I posted Lesley Gore's Sunshine and Lollipops. Last week after the opener with Wyoming I felt like It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to) Today I'll settle for Judy's Turn To Cry...or hell even You don't own me...

Southern Miss hasn't won a game since 2011. I'll repeat that. Southern Miss hasn't won a game since 2011. And last week they lost to mighty Texas State So Nebraska losing the game is off the table. You'd hope to God. Nebraska losing the game is off the table. The question is will the score be 49-14? 49-24? God forbid 59-42? All I ask is that I am able to get on the internet at 8:30 or so and I am not so pissed off It's best I just log off. If there isn't at least some defense this state might very well commit mass suicide. It can't be as bad as Last week Right? Right? Right?

One last time I am going to try an explain Why this game is in Lincoln. The game was scheduled to be played in Hattisburg, Mississippi but their stadium only seats 35,000 people. Nebraska doesn't like to play in small stadiums. They originally try to get the game moved to New Orleans, Then Kansas City. Those fell through. Then Southern Mississippi fired their coach after one year and owned him 2.1 Million Dollars. Nebraska paid the debt off and got the game moved to Lincoln.

Last Year the score was 49-20 Nebraska. That sounds about right for this year as well...

Count's Krystal Bawl

Nebraska 49
Southern Mississippi 21

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