Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Hail Roy Helu 307 Yards And A School Record

Final Score

31 17



What to look for:

Can Nebraska finally play a good game at home?
Will Missouri be emotionally ready for the second straight week after last weeks huge victory over Oklahoma?
Will the officials allow Nebraska even a chance to win this game?
Should Nebraska win this game will "people" like AJ and Mike DeArmond be able to sooth their huge inferiority complex in the comfort of each others arms?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Big 12 Predictions

Last Week 4-2 Season 55-10

Nebraska 34 Missouri 20. Missouri is the hot team. Missouri might be the better team. They will get every call as the Big 12 does not want Nebraska to win this game. The game is in Lincoln were Nebraska has played like crap the last 2 years now. It's all in favor of Missouri. Nebraska wins in surprisingly easy fashion.

Oklahoma State 38 Kansas State 31. Something tells me this game could be an upset but i'll go with the safe pick

Iowa State 52 Kansas 0. Kansas is awful and down to their 3rd string QB. Oh and their starting receiver and RB are out on suspension. You spell this one U-G-L-Y

Texas A&M 35 Texas Tech 34. Flip a coin

Texas 27 Baylor 20. Love to be wrong here. Going with the best talent.

Oklahoma 49 Colorado 6. see Iowa State-Kansas

Fuck the Big 12.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How To Spot A Missouri Fan

Week Seven Thoughts from the NFL, Pt. 2

* The Raiders beat the Broncos 59-14. Let me repeat that: Oakland, a storied franchise with 3 Super Bowls, one of the great coaches NFL ever, and after the 03 Super Bowl in SD, the biggest joke in proffessional football, destroyed Denver, a team that finished 8-8 last season, and did it in their own house. If there's any indicator that your favorite foootball team isn't doing jack this year and in the years to come, watching Denver getting anahilated by Oak-town is a glaring example.

* As Romo goes, so do my Cowboys. Its bad enough that my beloved Chargers are in freefall, but now Dallas maybe falling faster thanks to a collarbone injury Romo suffered early in the 2nd quarter vs. the New York Giants on Monday night. Sure it won't need surgery and Tony will be back in 6-8 weeks, but by then, Dallas will be 1-11 or 1-12, have already fired Wade Phillips, and scouting out who they're going to take in the first round of next year's NFL Draft.

* The Brett Farve Era is almost at an end. And it will end with the Minnesota Vikings missing the playoffs, a losing record, and Farve's legacy tarnished as a primadonna who's inflated ego needs to be stroked at all times, how he stabbed the Green Bay Packers in the back, how his protege Aaron Rodgers got even-steven with the Ol' Gunslinger on national television on Sunday night, and finding out what an old pervert he is. In other words: the final goodbye won't have every football fan waving goodbye as he goes off into the sunset. And it's a real shame as well, having one of the most accomplished QB's in the sport leaving while half of the fans chant "good riddence to bad rubbish!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neal Boortz Still Alive Still Classless

From Media Matters

Boortz: "Wanted: A Rand Paul supporter with a bad back to stand on a Media Matters staffer's head for a while"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a motherf#$^ing coward!!

Get used to hearing the name Tim Profitt. If you already don't know by now, this scumbag stomped on the head of a woman working for that was before she was tied down by two or three other men in the crowd.

I have no respect for any man who assaults a woman like that.

Week Seven Thoguths from the NFL, Pt. 1: All's Well That (Won't) End Well?

I'm going to get to the ass whuppin' the Raiders put on the terrible Broncos, the season-ending collarbone injury to Cowboys QB Tony Romo, the soon-to-become bitter end for Brett Farve after Sunday night's loss to Green Bay, and otehr topics from week 7, but i'm going to get right down to the Chargers latest 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots, and who is the true culprit in thisl latest state of affairs.

I don't get how a talented, Super Bowl calliber team like San Diego is now staring at 2-5 record, and on pace to go 4-12 this year. You could point the blame at A.J. Smith for, once again, releasing a veteran player, who is now having the last laugh - Smith did it to Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison, and while the soon-to-be HOF OLB made it to the Super Bowl in 2008, Harrison has 2 with the Patriots - this time, it's LaDamian Tomlinson who's lighting it up with Rex Ryan and the Jets. You can also question the draft picks that have make little impact on the Chargers roster, from WR Buster Davis (who can't catch a pass to save his life) to LB Larry English, who hasn't proven anything since he stepped foot in SD. And you could say that, once again, Smith let his ego hurt his team back in the offseason when he decided to play hardball with Pro-Bowl players like LT Marcus McNeill, and WR Vincent Jackson when it came to renewing their contracts.

You can point the blame on Norv Turner for, once again, coming out unprepared and not executing the game plan, thus making the case for why he should stick to being an Offensive Coordinator, not the head coach of the Chargers - or, for that matter, any team in the NFL. His former HC tenures in Washington and Oakland should have been all the more reason to say no, but A.J., like Dubya, looked at him and must have seen his soul (or someone who won't but heads with him) and presto! He's the new Head Coach of a 14-2 team with a MVP and soon-to-be HOF Running Back.

You can certainy blame Steve Crosby, who's Special Teams unit is a bloody mess and should do us all of us a favor and just resign before he makes our situation much worse.

You could steer your anger toward Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera for having his Defense go into "bend but don't break" mode in the second half while the Wide Outs aren't catching passes and the running game is nowhere to be found, but in seven weeks his group are just giving up 23.5 points a game and his ranked 3rd in overall Defense, so I can't blame him for losing games when he's had his guys keep the Bolts in them.

You could go on and on about the players themselves for making stupid, careless, and costly mental mistakes, like neutral zone infractions, moving before the ump blows the whistle, and pass interference, and the injuries to guys like Antino Gates, Malcom Floyd, Nate Kaeding, Larry English, Jyles Tucker, and Legadue Nannee.

All of these are contributing elements to the Chargers 2-5 record, but truth be told, if you want to find the real culprit behind all of this, then look no further than Chargers owner Dean Spanos, and his lack of action over the last several years. When A.J. and Marty were butting heads, and it was coming to a head, Dean didn't step in and demad those two find a way to work it out, lest poth parties would be canned. When Drew Brees injured his shoulder the final day of the 05-06 season, Dean didn't stop Smith from shipping him out to New Orleans, where he now has a Super Bowl Ring to his name. Dean isn't doing what an owner should be doing: not putting up with a talented football team losing their shit. Putting everyone on blast and putting those responsible on the chopping block if they don't turn it around. Just simply showing the fans that he's just as furious as the rest of us are. And I don't see ownership or the players digging their way out of their new hole this time.

In years past, they've been able to walk away clean from slow starts thanks to a weak division in the West, coupled with a Denver Broncos collapse at the end of the year. Now with a revived and surprising Kansas City team, and a hot-cold Oakland Raiders team with promising draft picks, San Diego won't be so lucky this year or in future years. But in 2010, the Chargers are out of luck. If management can't get their act together and make the necessary chages to keep the Bolts a dominant force in the AFC West and an elite football team in the NFL, they'll be out of time.

I'll Be Fucking Damned If I Can Figure Out The Point This Person Is Trying To Make


Quote# 77084

No one has to go to football games. And imposing a religion of silence is neutral? No, it's a point of view. Taxing Christians for Godless schools is neutral? No. If there were no God, what would be wrong with Christians taxing, or even eating, atheists?

AndrewLohr, Chattanooga Times Free Press 56 Comments [10/25/2010 7:02:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: A Nonny Moose

Anybody want to take a stab at trying to explain this one?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

59-14 Against Oakland? At Home? Really?

As you can tell Bronco fans weren't pleased watching their team getting routed by a franchise that often finds it tough just to win baby let alone win by 45.

Final Score


Friday, October 22, 2010

Game Day #7

Going to Stillwater in the Afternoon so posting this a day early.

What to look for.

Will Nebraska be over last weeks tough loss?
How much of OSU's record is built on their level of competition?
Can Nebraska continue their strong play on the road?
Can OSU's passing game work against Nebraska's secondary?
Will Taylor Martinez and the Wide receivers bounce back again?

Big 12 Picks

5-1 last week 51-8 for the season.

Nebraska 38 Oklahoma State 24. There are certainly far easier games and places in which to get over a tough defeat. If Nebraska is off their game just a little bit they'll have a very hard time wining.

Texas 42 Iowa State 17. Iowa State is playing their 4th straight game against a monster opponent. this could get very ugly if the beat down has set in/

Baylor 31 Kansas State 24. A flip a coin game. it's at Baylor and they have the best player so I'll go with them.

Texas Tech 34 Colorado 27. Another coin flip. Don't think Tech will win so much as I expect Colorado to find away to lose.

Texas A&M 48 Kansas 10. Kansas is real bad. If A&M doesn't win this game big they are in more trouble than even I thought possible.

Oklahoma 27 Missouri 23. A Missouri win with a Nebraska loss basically puts Missouri in the Big 12 championship game even after a Nebraska win over Missouri next week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week Six Thoughts From the NFL

* I don't know which team is in a bigger free fall: the San Diego Chargers, who suffered yet another road loss to a team with promise in the St. Louis Rams, or the overrated Dallas Cowboys, making claims that they would be the first team to ever host the Super Bowl in their house. Let's look at the similarities: both Dallas and SD have monster talent on both sides of the ball (Tonly Romo, Miles Austin, Jason Whiten, DeMarcus Ware, Igor Olshansky for Dallas; Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Ryan Matthews, Shaun Phillips, Quentin Jammer for San Diego), both were heavily favored to win their respective divisions again this year, and both have coaches that I personally like, but have proven that they're not HC material (Norv Turner should stick to being a play-calling genius, while Wade Phillips needs to be going back to out-coaching the OC upstairs in the coaching booth.) Both teams also lack discipline - San Diego can't win the games they're supposed to win against gimmie teams like Oakland and Kansas City; Dallas can't quit making dumb, costly penalties, and both teams are near the bottom of the barrel after six weeks, wtih another 10 left to go. One huge differnce separates these two lackluster teams: everytime the Chargers have found themselves in this position, they've been able to get their shit together, and win when it counts in Late October and going into November and December. Dallas wins in Novemeber, but crumble in December. Unfortuately, both teams share another common similarity - both teams windown of opportunity may have closen on them for this year.

* Everyone in the AFC West is damaged goods. The Chargers can't win a game on the road to save their lives (and this was after they had the leauge-best 7-1 record on the road last year) and guys like Malcom Floyd, Antonio Gates, Larry English are injured; the Raiders still have QB issues, despite talented draft picks. The Chiefs have a young and explosive talent at the Secondary, Kickoff Return, and Running Back, but with youth comes not knowing how to play in Nov. and December, and the Broncos just flat-out suck. So let's take out Oakland and Denver, and what we have left is a rejuvinated Kansas City club vs. Norv Turner, once again, looking for a miraculous winning streak to fend off fans who want noting more than bitch loud and long enough to convince him that he made a mistake, fire Norv, and hire Jon Gruden or Bill Cower.

* A quick thought on last Sunday's helmet shots: I understand the need for a LB to take the first shot they see - hell, it's one of the first things they are taught at Training Camp. I love seeing hits like that, as long as the other guy who took the shot doesn't end up in a stretcher. What I don't like seeing are the kind of hits that could seriously injure or kill a player on the field, like the one we saw from James Harrison of the Steelers. Time to take the foot off the peddle...just a little bit. Americans love hard-hitting defensive players, but we don't like to see one of our guys dead on the gridiron. BTW: if the NFL is freaked about tackles, they're gonna have a heart attack if they extend the regular season to 18 weeks.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Sit And Think About This For Awhile...And See If Your Head Explodes.

From The good folks at FSTDT

The first operation described in the Bible was the removal of a rib from Adam, which was performed by first putting Adam into an unconscious, "deep sleep-like trance."[2] This was the equivalent of anesthesia -- thousands of years before anesthesia was developed by William Mortan in 1846. Had scientists been more openminded about Genesis 2:21, they may have discovered anesthesia far sooner, and saved many more lives.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia, Biblical scientific foreknowledge 96 Comments [10/19/2010 3:31:34 AM]

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Vatican Makes Homer Simpson Catholic

Simpson's Are Catholic

The official Vatican newspaper has declared that beer-swilling, doughnut-loving Homer Simpson and son Bart are Catholics -- and what's more, it says that parents should not be afraid to let their children watch "the adventures of the little guys in yellow."

"Few people know it, and he does everything to hide it. But it's true: Homer J. Simpson is Catholic", the Osservatore Romano newspaper said in an article on Sunday headlined "Homer and Bart are Catholics."

The newspaper cited a study by a Jesuit priest of a 2005 episode of the show called "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star". That study concludes that "The Simpsons" is "among the few TV programs for kids in which Christian faith, religion and questions about God are recurrent themes."

The Simpsons pray before meals, and "in its own way, believes in the beyond," the newspaper quoted the Jesuit study as saying.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Proud to be an American

At least no leader here in this country has the stones to say what the German Chancellor said on a live, international conference.

"Multikulti", the concept that "we are now living side by side and are happy about it," does not work, Merkel told a meeting of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party at Potsdam near Berlin.

"This approach has failed, totally," she said, adding that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany's culture and values.

"We feel tied to Christian values. Those who don't accept them don't have a place here," said the chancellor.
If there's one thing that pisses me off, its leaders who arrogantly assume that because a large ethos of the population adheres to the Christian faith, that automatically grants them leeway to state that "It's our faith, love it or leave it!" How many times must rational people - believers and non alike - must remind them that not everyone believes what they believe, and that they should not force anyone of a different faith (or none whatsoever) to subject themselves to thier religion?

Yes Because I Needs My $3 A Week Allowance To Buy More Candy Bars

Saw This over at the Rude Pundit. Kind of funny but very sad.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jesse Ventura "O'Reilly Is "a spineless puke"

"He's a spineless puke," Ventura said of O'Reilly. "The whole Fox won't have me on. The nighttime guys. I call them the three stooges, and we all know which one's Curly. If Glenn Beck isn't Curly Howard's kid*...I view him and Hannity and them as the Three Stooges, because if they can't intimidate you, they won't have you on."

Late Edit: Look for a post regarding the prick later tonight.

Final Score

20 13

The times, they are a-changin'

I have seen the future of clothing...and it comes in a spray-on can?!

Gameday #6


What to look for

Will we get Taylor Martinez Kansas State, Washington or Taylor Martinez South Dakota State?

Will Nebraska be too hyped up with the buildup for this game?

Will Nebraska feel jinxed at the sight of burnt orange?

How "Respectful" will our crowd be tomorrow?

Will The Big 12 even allow Nebraska to win this game or will they make sure Texas wins?

Will Texas really try to come in and throw the ball often against Nebraska's secondary?

Win or lose after this game is over ca we get back to acting like Nebraska fans and stop acting like Colorado fans

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1999 Big XII Championship Game

Real Time Thoughts Kansas-Kansas State.

My god traffic was fucking crazy tonight I thought we were in freakin Dallas instead of Omaha.

Passed a billboard that said "Read My Best Seller. There Will Be A Test Later!-God" I think they meant the Bible though for the life of me I don't remember it being written by God.

OK 0-0 Kansas-Kansas State 9 and a half minutes left 1st quarter.

And Kansas Shooting themselves in the foot.

The Tobacco shop was closed so I have to order me some smokes which I'll do soon.

50 piece chicken McNuggets pack from McDonalds? Man that's got to be healthy.

Kansas State still running options with Carson Caufman who runs the 40 in about 10 seconds flat.

3-0 Kansas State.

West Virginia is playing South Florida and are wearing all yellow uniforms that look like they were discarded by Carmen Miranda.

I wish Bill Snyder would quit picking his nose on national TV. Unlike Chase Daniel at least he's not eating it also.

St Louis Blues game is being televised blah blah blah.

3 minutes left in the first quarter and this game is already teetering for KU.

Joel Myers and Dave Lapham stop to blow Monty Burns...err...Bill Snyder.

3-0 KSU end of the first quarter.

Turned on the West Virginia game and suddenly I want a Chiquita Banana.

Touchdown slow ass Caufman 9-0. Extra point to come. Kansas is really bad.

10-0 Kansas State.

WTF just happened? Kansas fumbled the ball. KSU ball on the Kansas 25.

Turner Gill's no cussing ban is in danger I suspect.

If slow ass Carson Caufman is doing this to Kansas what will Taylor Martinez do to them?

Touchdown Kansas State. 17-0.

Wide open man over thrown by 40 yards. Either Kansas is quarterbacked by a crappy Freshman college QB or Brett Favre.

Joel Myers Caufman hasn't thrown anything over 10 yards...because he CAN'T throw the ball over 10 yards.

Dropped! so when the ball is well thrown Kansas can't catch it.

Ug Kansas 4th and 2...sack. QB couldn't decide what to do so he did nothing and got sacked.

Dave Lapham confuses himself with size of the dog in the fight cliche.

Kansas State is doing Kansas the way Nebraska did Kansas State.

Just went to say something to Contessa and Kansas State scores again. 24-0 Kansas is Michele Bachmann bad.

Now it's time to blow Daniel Thomas.

It's COFFMAN I guess I should spell his name correctly.

If Kansas State scores here I am gonna call it a night at halftime.

Is Turner Gill capable of getting in some grills and chewing ass? Is anybody on his staff?

And touchdown pass KSU. 31-0. Kansas is making a very average QB look like Joe Montana.

31-0 Kansas State.

To paraphrase Country Singer Bill Anderson for lack of a better way to call it Kansas has called it quits.

And 31-0 at the half. Kansas booed off the field.

Bill Snyder "we're playing better than we played a week ago I can tell you that" Well Monty you aren't playing Nebraska this week.

I'll be back periodically.

52-0 Kansas State. Words can't describe how bad Kansas is.

Touchdown Kansas! Touchdown Kansas!

59-7 Kansas State final score. Embarrassing for Kansas and Turner Gill

Big 12 Picks

5-1 last week 46-7 For The Year. Tough tough week to pick games.

Thursday night. Kansas State 26 Kansas 17.
If KSU isn't completely down in their own shit then they get a win over Turner Gill's bunch whom unfortunately for them are just a bad bad football team.

Nebraska 22 Texas 6.
It's a replay of the 1999 Big 12 Championship game.

Missouri 35 Texas A&M 21.
Yes it's at College Station and yes I hate Missouri with a passion, but I can not figure out for the life of me why A&M is favored and why so many people are picking them to win this game. As long as they are coached by Mike "Bill Callahan South" Sherman they will continue to lose games like this.

Oklahoma State 42 Texas Tech. 35
Another game I am picking the road team and the dog. Texas Tech is just not very good and if OSU's defense is suspect Texas Tech's is flat out bad.

Baylor 36 Colorado 28.
Another tough pick. if this game were in Waco it's a no-brainier. Colorado plays marginally better at home and Baylor is a bad road team. still Baylor is the better team with by far the best player. Who will stop Robert Griffith for CU?

Oklahoma 42 Iowa State 17
Seemingly the only easy pick of the week which of course means Iowa State loses by less than 7 or wins out right right? I don't think so but we shall see.

Personal Grades And Thoughts Kansas State Game.

Warning this is the length of a certain conservative troll on newshounds blog posts tonight)

You may or may not have have heard already but Saturday Nebraska is playing Texas in Lincoln for possibly the last time (though there is a hell of a lot better shot at playing Texas down the road than say Kansas State) and the entire state of Nebraska is about to blow a gasket because well we hate those dastardly fuckers from Austin. We even have scheduled a "red out around the world" Saturday which officially has nothing to do with Texas yet the video promoting it originally ended with beat Texas. It pains me to say this but...we are acting like Colorado fans. We aren't getting ourselves up for this game using our love for Nebraska but our hate Texas. Isn't that exactly what Colorado fan does? Or Missouri fan for that matter? or any other fan who can't be bothered to ever follow his or her team unless there is the Scarlet and Cream to stir up the hate in their bones. So no I am not a fan of Red Out Around The World, though admittedly I put my name on their little internet map, hell I don't even think the Texas is all that important. Well not as important as the Kansas State, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa State games.

You see if Texas loses to Nebraska it's one more loss during a rare rebuilding year. In the grand scheme of things by net year it will be forgotten. Texas will most likely be really good again next year and well on their way to independence. It's all part of the what I like to call make those rubes from the Midwest think we're their savior and then really fuck them up the ass tour. Win or lose Saturday past this year Texas really doesn't care, but Kansas State on the other hand. This one lasts a life time. For Kansas State fan it was win or else. Or else spend the rest of your life knowing the very school you hate most left laughing as they once again did you like your Daddies did you.That's why you saw butt hurt coming from Kansas State that was off the charts. It's why Kansas City radio sports show host had an actual mental breakdown on air. This was it for KSU fan win or else. And they didn't win. Even worse they got beat by Nebraska in the same manner they have been beaten by Nebraska so many times before. You could have closed your eyes and listen to the sounds of this game and swore it was 1988 and Kansas State was winless again and Nebraska was on their way to another yearly thank you very much ass kicking in Manhattan.

Nebraska won 48-13. After it was over did KSU fan turn around and say Congratulations you kicked our ass...again! You're a better team than we are. And the "rivalry" is over with a final record of Nebraska 78 Kansas State 15 2 ties. You clearly have a better program than we do. Of course not. The next morning Kietzman had another mental breakdown while every Kansas State fan with a twitter account was expressing their butt hurt in a 140 characters or less. "Fck U Cornholers U Guys suck dick and y'all think UR Bttr Than Us! " Actually 78--15-2 and 48-13! I don't think it.... I know it! Even a crash course at the Los Angeles Lakers school of statistic manipulation could help make 78-15-2 look like anything other than total domination.

Kansas State fan and Missouri fan, which are actually the same cocksucker different school colors, love to complain that Nebraska fan is myopic and lives in the past. Yet this is my second trip to Manhattan to see a game, the other being in 2008, and Kansas State fan is still stuck in 1998! Ok they did move on a little this time all the way up to the year 2000. Hell Missouri fan, who is still living in 2007, is totally living in the here and now by comparison.

A Kansas State game is still the only place I know of where for whatever reason we have to flashback to the third grade and mouth the pledge of allegiance. If it wasn't for their tradition of dry humping the person in front of them while the band plays the Wabash cannonball it might be the dumbest ceremony I have ever seen in a football stadium. Also the tackling the hick Nebraska farmer boy by the Wildcat wasn't funny in 2008 and was less so in 2010. Time for a new script write boys. Nebraska at least changes it's tunnel walk every year. Nothing like a school is Central Kansas calling out another school for being "farm boy hicks" Especially as they dry hump their neighbor to some Roy Acuff.


Offense A. Nebraska 'only" had 17 points at halftime but it wasn't because their offense was clicking. In the first half at least Kansas State's game plan of going on long drives that shortened the game was working to a point. Nebraska only had 4 possessions in the first half of the game. Problem for KSU was they scored on 3 of them. And while KSU was going on 6,7,8 minute drives in the first half all they could manage was 3 points. Taylor Martinez, who bounced back very well thank you very much, broke his 2nd long run of the game late in the first half which led to an Alex Henery field goal that made the score 17-3 at half and essentially ended the game. For at that point if things kept going as they were Kansas State would have to make a decision. Do we continue to sit on the ball and lose by a "respectable" or do we start throwing and lose by 60. As it turned out it did not matter what KSU chose to do. On Nebraska's first possession of the second half Martinez broke an 80 yard run for a touchdown. On Nebraska's second possession of the second half Roy Helu broke a 69 yard Touchdown run. Then Doc Severinsen fired up the tonight show band and Ed McMahon told us all to go home and drive safely. A 79 yard pass to Kyler Read and another 40+ yard Martinez touchdown run were only necessary in successfully making sure that the psychiatrist and therapist in the Manhattan, Junction City area had a going concern for at least the next two years having their hands full bringing Kansas State fans back to being useful citizens in the community again.

Defense. A-. Kansas State did have 315 though half of that came in garbage time. When Bo Pelini put his starters back in on defense with Kansas State enjoying a first in goal at the one it took 4 plays for KSU to get a yard and then they had to throw to do so. Daniel Thomas who was thought to have a huge game against Nebraska's run defense had less than 70 yards on 20+ caries and was not a factor at all. The A- here instead of an A is because Kansas State did have some long time consuming drives in the first half though the total harvest for their hard labor was a measly 3 points in the first half.

Special Teams C-. There is no such thing as a perfect game. Kansas State had several long kickoff returns and that was really the only bothersome thing about the entire night for Nebraska. Niles Paul didn't fumble but he made some very questionable decisions on kick returns. Field Goal kicking and punting Alex Henery was Alex Henery.

Overall A. The only piece of not playing Kansas State again that breaks my heart is seeing the faces on loud mouth pieces of shit like the fool that sat behind me make Nebraska jokes all night long when they get up to leave with their tails tucked between their legs. As he got up to leave I asked where he was going and why he wasn't still running his mouth. Yes I should have lead it go. The poor loser is a Kansas State fan and his glory days are over. And for a school that still talks about a 20 year old victory over mighty North Texas state as one of their greatest wins in the history of their program glory is rare. And it will only get rarer when Bevo decides to cut off her spigot and Kansas State is playing North Texas State in conference every year. Nebraska on the other hand is through with Kansas State if not forever than for a very long time. Though in this case I suspect it may very well be forever. Unless Kansas State is closer to a major bowl game than they appear in the net 3-5 years. After that Kansas State's days as a major college football team are numbered and it would take a 6-6 like meltdown type year for Nebraska to have to play a conference USA-Mountain West team like Kansas State in a bowl game. Good riddance. And the last thing I'll say about possibly the last Nebraska-Kansas State game is 78-15-2, 48-13.

Around The Big 12. 5-1 last week. 46-7 for the year

Oklahoma State 54 Louisiana-Lafayette 27. The Cajuns lead at halftime before Oklahoma State woke up in the second half and took over. OSU has the offense to be a major player in the Big 12 and the defense to continue to be same old sorry-assed OSU.

Arkansas 24 A&M 17. Shit game. Arkansas was making sure they kept the game close and A&M was making sure they would lose it.

Texas Tech 45 Baylor 38. Sure wish we had the clock operator who worked this game last year against Texas. They wouldn't give Baylor a second back at the end of this game like they did Texas because well.. Texas is Texas and Baylor is not.

Utah 68 Iowa State 27. Shocked! Not that Utah won or even that Utah won by more than 14 points though I thought it would be close. I am shocked that Iowa State just bent over and smiled while Utah violated them all night long. I really like Paul Rhoads at Iowa State I didn't think one of his teams would allow admittedly a very good Utah team to do them like this.

Missouri 26 Colorado 0. This game gave me a headache. It's not like Missouri played all that damned well either. but every-time Colorado would get to the Missouri 30 yard line they would go all Barney Fife on themselves. It's amazing that Dan Hawkins bunch is still making the same old stupid ass mistakes that they have always made under Dan Hawkins. perhaps former CU Quarterback Joel Klatt who was calling the game on Fox Sports said it best Colorado is doing things division 1 teams should not do. They have been for 5 years now at least.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why You Should Vote...

Credit to Newshounds Ellen for posting this on her twitter page.

A few more reasons to vote

Eddie Burke Voting

Bob Peters Voting

Pedophile Mark "Blackflon" Barnard Voting

Mark Noonan Voting.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 5 Thoughts In the NFL

* I don't know what to say, or where to start with the Chargers. This is the fourth consecutive time San Diego has started 2-3 under Norv Turner. What fustrates me as a fan is that 3 of the 5 losses came agains shit-kicker teams like the Chiefs, Seahawks, and now the Raiders. Our Special Teams unit is a mess, as they've made guys like Leon Washington (Seattle) and Dexter McCluster (Kansas City) look like the next Devon Hester and Darren Sproles by comparison. Next week is a revived St. Louis team, and their star rookie QB, Sam Bradford, again on the road. I haven't been a staunch defender of Turner, but if his team loses next Sunday, and the Bolts miss the playoffs, I can honestly say that no fan will want to go to a Charger game until Norv is removed from his post.

* If there's one thing that infuritates me more than the Chargers handing a win to Raiders, its how far the Dallas Cowboys have fallen this year. It's not just the that excessive celebration penalty that Jason Whitten got flaggged for wich cost the team yards on their kickoff in the 4th quarter, it's how badly the D played agianst Vince Young. It's the stupid and penalty-killing drives that Tony Romo's been producing. (the holding call with 03 seconds left in the season opener vs. Washington and yesterday's fiasco.) It's been costly turnovers. The talk coming out of Dallas was that this was a Super Bowl Contender, that Jerry Jones's team would be the first in NFL history to host the big game in their house. They're far from it, and, like the Chargers, they need to quickly find themselves.

* We're five weeks into the season, and they're isn't a clear favorite. Teams like Dallas, San Diego, Indy, and New Orleans are all struggling and/or dealing with injuries. Minnesota is 1-3, even with Randy Moss back with the Vikings. Kansas City is a surprising 3-1, but they have a young Secondary and an average QB that will come back to earth late in the season. The Texans, at 3-2, are the real deal but I don't see them beating the Colts twice. You could make the case that the Steelers are probably the favorites, based on a healthy Troy Polamalu and the return of Big Ben after serving a 4 game suspsension, or on the Jets, with the stellar defense, and continuing growth of Mark Sanchez. There's just hasn't been a big game where you can clearly see a favorite.

* Speaking of the Vikings, after the Jets win over the Vikings 29-20 last night, is it fair to say that Minnesota's dead, and that Farve should have stayed on his farm in Missisippi, doing whatever it is Brett does in his spare time (other than sending pics of his "junk" to women in the locker room)?

Burned by the Fundies...

I was hoping for a chance to take on the "compassionate" fundies out there claiming that Jesus would have wanted a man's house to burn over a (comparatively) trivial amount of money. Fundies Say The Darndest Things gave me the ideal opportunity tonight, with the post that follows....join me below the fold and check your cognitive dissonance at the door: plenty will be available at the buffet of lunacy about to unfurl.

- - - - -

[Gene Cranick's rural Tennessee home was allowed to burn to the ground by the fire department because he never paid a $75 fee for being just outside of the city limits.]

The fire department did the right and Christian thing.
Astonishing declaration right out of the gate. What happened to, whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me? Jesus wants his house to burn down? WTF?
The right thing, by the way, is also the Christian thing, because there can be no difference between the two. The right thing to do will always be the Christian thing to do, and the Christian thing to do will always be the right thing to do.
Obviously not, given this chump's blind, black-and-white opinion.
If I somehow think the right thing to do is not the Christian thing to do, then I am either confused about what is right or confused about Christianity, or both.
Leave it at that. You're just confused across the board. Perhaps to the point of requiring professional help.
In this case, critics of the fire department are confused both about right and wrong and about Christianity. And it is because they have fallen prey to a weakened, feminized version of Christianity that is only about softer virtues such as compassion and not in any part about the muscular Christian virtues of individual responsibility and accountability.
Oh, I see. Christianity as it has been defined for centuries is just "too gay" for the modern right-wing dude. Gotta beef it up. Bring a little NASCAR into the game. Go a little more OT on the NT, so to speak.
The Judeo-Christian tradition is clear that we must accept individual responsibility for our own decisions and actions.
Funny. I thought it was all about holding out forgiveness and loving your neighbor as yourself. Silly me.
He who sows to the flesh, we are told, will from the flesh reap corruption. The law of sowing and reaping is a non-repealable law of nature and nature’s God.
This is a reference to Galatians. What the genius poster is missing - or, more fairly, conveniently ignoring - is that the verse goes on as follows: "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone..."

Inconvenient, aren't they, those extra passages about "doing good"? And, also, I'm confused. How is failing to douse a fire the opposite of...shall we say...pandering to our baser impulses? I worry we're getting into Christine O'Donell masturbation territory here...
We cannot make foolish choices and then get angry at others who will not bail us out when we get ourselves in a jam through our own folly.
Not a bad principle on the face of it. But where's the compassion, pal? Ever been in a jam? Needed a helping hand? I seem to remember your Jesus getting up in people's faces about how awful it is to be a hard-hearted SOB. Maybe you need to do some re-reading.
The same folks who are angry with the South Fulton fire department for not bailing out Mr. Cranick are furious with the federal government for bailing out Wall Street firms, insurance companies, banks, mortgage lenders, and car companies for making terrible decisions. What’s the difference?
Well, how about this for a difference? The big-business bailouts happened because of years of de-regulation, when government opted out of its role to act as the people's watchdog and right-wingers like this rube gleefully supported their giveaway-to-themselves like it was some kind of righteous, noble cause and not a naked grab for money, money and more money, at the expense of the middle class. Whereas the South Fulton fire department had a possible life-and-death dilemma put in front of them, and they cast their lot on the side of death, over a missing $75 subscription, an on-the-spot offer from the homeowner to pay whatever was necessary...and, I daresay, a share of their expenses already having been funded by Mr. Cranick's local taxes.

In short, these "folks" this poster speaks of are rubes and idiots, being conned by the machine yet again and wrapping their naivete in religion. Way to go.
Mr. Cranick made a decision - a decision to spend his $75 on something other than fire protection - and thereby was making a choice to accept the risk that goes with it. He had no moral, legal, ethical or Christian claim on the services of the fire department because of choices that he himself made.
Sure he has a legal claim: he's a taxpayer, and if any portion of his taxes supports this fire department - which I am betting is the case - then he has a right to expect more than just spectatorship from them. No moral or ethical claim? Spare me from this guy's morals and ethics, if so, because they clearly don't intersect with the public good, but stop at the point he might have to open his wallet or his heart.

The "Christian" part doesn't apply. Civic services are a civilian matter. See that prefix "civi-" in there? As in, "civilization," "civilized" and "civility"? All words having to do with the way people interact with one another on a human level. A level which this bozo has clearly not seen in a while.

And perhaps the scarier part of all this? There is a longer version of this post, in which we learn that this dude has a "radio program." Let's hope it's no more than ham radio.

Also, here's his follow-up, after his friends and foes alike raked him deservedly across the coals for this tripe.

Wish I could Say I Am Going To Miss These Fuckers.

Beautiful Video

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Thought

You ever ponder an episode in your life when at the time you tried and tried and tired to make it work only to watch it hopelessly fail? You fought to make it work, you lied to make it work, not only to yourself but to others involved. Then years after you raised the white flag and you have excepted defeat on that episode of life your mind wanders back to the episode and you realize not only was it doomed to fail from the beginning but your life is actually better for it having failed. Then of course you ask yourself why in the hell was I working so hard to save that Titanic in the first place?

Don't ask me why I was thinking about this tonight. My mind was doing a mental look back over 35+ years of life good and bad. Maybe it comes with the age but lately I have been replaying my life aged 21-28 and wondering what the hell were you thinking?

Usually when I start doing this it means it's time to go to bed.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Open Threadsky

Isn't every thread opened? Anywho since Nebraska has done takin care of their bidness on Thursday and thus making this another Saturday we can all breath a lil easier (at least I can) why not have an official open thread?

Anyway to get the ball rolling I just finished reading Buck Owens the biography by Eileen Sisk. The basic premise of the book is that Buck was both a good man and an evil son of a bitch whose dark side was triggered by his lust for wealth and Women In the end he died with plenty of money and had plenty of women so I guess on that end he was successful though it sound as like he died a less than whole man. The book suggests he was Bi-polar and we know he had at least one breakdown after the Death of Don Rich so I believe that claim. As to the rest was he as big a asshole as the book tries to claim? perhaps the Seattle Post Intelligencer said it best

But Owens, for all his fame and fortune, is remembered for his music, not his business acumen, his sexual conquests, or his often-abrasive nature. Many of his songs – whether he wrote ‘em or stole them – have become standards, and his influence stretches far and wide to this day. By blending traditional country with rock ‘n’ roll and making music on his own terms, he charted a course for many artists seeking an alternative to the Nashville establishment. Yet Sisk rushes through the final decades of Owens’ career, the years in which his star power had faded but his artistic legacy solidified, with a scant chapter each, and turns his funeral into a bit of a soap opera.

"Those not familiar with Owens’ life will learn much here, no doubt; Sisk has done her homework, and knows her subject well. It’s too bad he managed to piss her off, though. He was flawed, to be sure, but despite Sisk’s attempts at scandal, he really doesn’t seem too bad, at least in light of the excesses and foibles we’ve come to expect of celebrities these days. And in the end, it remains the music that matters most."

I would recommend the book to Owens fans, at least ones who know what to expect or Country Music historians but I would NOT certainly not accept everything said in it at face value and in the end what counts is the music.

One rule of Open thread no planet boob. If you want to trash him feel free on the thread below.

Planet Boob Reads Every Post On Blog Finds One Word Miss-Spelled Calls Me Gay

There you go. He searched 6 months worth of posts found where I spelled ferry fairy (admittedly a bad typo though I've done worse.) Of course if that makes me gay what does it say about the man who wrote

I won't say which one, but I will say that in the immigration debate, I am very interested in protecting our Borders. Anyhow, last moth we had our annual managers meeting in Florida,

That's good to know Florida has seen it's last moth, of course you still couldn't pay me to live there.

He also seems to have a problem with me going out to eat on my birthday because and these are his words...It's something he hasn't "done since he was 12" I shouldn't tell him that because I went to my Nephew's B and A football games, my younger nephews flag game, the Nebraska game last night, (a Bob Peters game BTW) and the fact I always take the Contessa out on Friday night that I haven't eaten at home since Monday night. That would really piss me off. Oh And he's mad I took a vacation to Alaska.

Oh and from the same blog post where Bob talks about the last moth in Florida...

"what a delightful, intelligent, and thoughtful girl Jenna Bush was, and what an honor it was to speak with her. Say what you will about George W. Bush (and many of you have), he and Laura did something right to turn out such an impressive child."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part 1 Watch

Some news on the Part I in the two-part finale of Harry Potter:

1. New character banners were released two days ago of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Greyback.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 has gotten the PG-13 rating by the that, I say: duh! It's not going to be R because the base would revolt against the decision, and PG would give the sign that the filmmakers tamed the action that comes with Part 1.

3 (and this one's my favorite). It's not going to be in 3D...Part I, at least won't be.

As you can clearly see, I am geeking out...hard.

Final Score


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Race for Gold: 2010 Fall Movie Preview

Another year, another race for Oscar glory and stuffing the the multiplexes with really good movies. Here's what I'm fired up about seeing, what i'm avoiding like a plague, and what movies and actors will make noise en route to the Kodack Theater.

Movies that matter:

The Social Network (October 1) - A movie about Facebook!? One more sign that Hollywood had ran out of good ideas, you say? Believe the hype you've been hearing about director David Fincher's (Seven, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) geek drama. It's better than advertized. Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) aren't interested in Facebook as a whole, or how the creator Mark Zuckerberg got to 500 million friends and counting. Fincher and Sorkin are hunting bigger game: a generation that can't communicate, much like Mark himself. The casting, you might say, sounds ridiculous! Jesse Einseburg as Zuckerburg, Justin Timberlake as Napter co-founder Sean Parker, and Mark's best friend and CEO Edwardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) are both inspired casting, and electrifying performances that are not to be missed.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (November 19) - After 11 years, 4 directors, 2 screenwriters, 1 Writer's strike, and over $5 billions dollars later, J.K. Rowling's film series about The Boy Who Lived is finally coming to an end. Now if you think Warner Bros. is going to send off Mr. Potter in a final, 3 hour bang, then i've got this lovely Hungarin Horntial i'd love to sell to you. They're splitting up Deathly Hallows into two parts, the second and epic finale will be released in July of next year. Yes, I called the final installments "epic". Watch the trailer and see if you don't feel that this isn't made on an epic scale, or to sway the Academy to finally recognize and award the series for its achievements over the last decade.

True Grit (December 25) - I know, I know: First Facebook, now the Suits in Hollywood are remaking the 1969 western classic? Don't panic, for Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men, Fargo, The Big Lebowski) are helming the remake. And how's this? Jeff "The Dude" Bridges is playing John Wayne's character that won him his only Oscar. Will lightning strike twice for Bridges? We'll see, along with what the Coens have up their sleeve with this remake.

Tron Legacy (December 17) - This won't turn the heads of Academy voters, but who cares? Disney's shaking off the 20+ year rust on the cult classic, and bringing it to the 21st century....and boy, does it look slick and eye-poppingly cool.

These will suck:

Yogi Bear (December 25) - You've read that right. They're making Yogi Bear, and with it, killing a little bit of our childhood along the way. And yes, the trailer looks godawful, but you probably guessed that already.

Burlesque (November 24) - Cher? Christina Agulara? Musical? Together? On Thanksgiving Day? Thank the Lord for football on Turkey Day.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (December 10) - It's the worst of both worlds: they're trying to be the family-friendly version of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and trying to be the next big series after Harry, Ron, and Hermione hang up their school robes. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 2005 and Prince Caspian in 2008 failed on both counts, so i'm sitting out this next voyage.

Saw 3D (October 29) - Christ, this series never ends...wait, the filmmakers are saying that this latest installment of disturbing, softcore torture porn saga is the last one they're making?! Oh, happy day!!

Gameday #5


What to look for:

Can Taylor Martinez make a comeback from his dreadful performance against South Dakota State?
Can Nebraska's seemingly suspect run defense stop Kansas State's running game?
Will Kansas state be able to throw the ball at all against Nebraska And vice verse?
Can Nebraska continue it's trend under Bo Pelini of playing very well on the road?
Will Nebraska continue it's other trend under Bo Pelini of playing very poor in October?
How much will the emotion of this being the final time Nebraska playing Kansas State as rivals play a factor in the game?
Will said emotion actually be a bad thing for Kansas State causing them to be "too hyped"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big 12 Picks

4-1 last week 41-6 for the year.

Thursday Night
Nebraska 31 Kansas State 10. The farewell tour starts tomorrow night with Kansas State getting ass hurt one last time for old times sake.

Friday Night
Oklahoma State 58 Louisiana Lafayette 21. Why is OSU playing this game on the road?

Baylor 35 Texas Tech 31. A Hunch game. Texas Tech is not very good and Baylor is better than people think.
Arkansas 45 Texas A&M 24. Mike Sherman still the coach of Texas A&M? He is! Arkansas wins then.
Utah 34 Iowa State 24. Utah is really good but don't be surprised if Iowa State plays them even or finds a way to win.
Missouri 42 Colorado 17. No more storming the field after beating 1-4 teams for Colorado.

The View From My Ass

So tonight I go to Creighton Prep to see my nephews Freshman team play Creighton Prep's Freshman B team I have to give those Crazy Catholics credit. Here they are getting $10,000 plus a year from parents to send their kids to their school and they are still out raising money for everything under the sun. They had kids selling T-Shirts to send them to the Vatican or some such place and parents selling mood rings to raise money to bring in the Pope and best of all a concession stand so well stocked that it would make the Bob Devaney Sports Center proud. One could buy most anything for the right price. A bottle of Pepsi costs $2 or 6 Hail Mary's. Most of the time at these Freshman games especially Freshman B games your lucky if the school hosting the event can be bothered to turn the scoreboard on and if they do don't count on it being accurate. Not Creighton Prep! They had a PA announcer working at a Freshman game! The guy was pretty funny too. Pretty sure he was a member of the mafia judging by his voice. My Nephews team got up 34-0 at the start of the 4th quarter and we had to leave because my youngest nephews flag football game was getting ready to start and I promised to make one of his games this week and the next one is Thursday and I already have plans for Thursday. They lost bad bad bad! I don't know what the score was and honestly with 8 year olds what does it matter? They were running around having fun so what if the other team scored 7 or 8 times and My Nephews team didn't score at all?

After the football we stopped off at Perkins to grab a bite to eat. I don't know how many of you know who Larry Groznik is but he is a "columnist" for the onion. Larry is uber nerdy and usually starting message board fights with his friends because they either don;t share his knowledge or his passion over such things as comic books and Sci Fi Movies. Tonight at Perkins I sat at a table that was next to Larry Grozniks's table. The guy just prayed that nobody went and saw Star Wars in 3 D and then went on a 30 minute rant about how awful the prequels were. It would have been fine if he just hated the prequels but it didn't stop there he went on a rant about character inconsistencies the lack of Padme's personalities every single plot whole the miss use of such small time characters in the films I had to struggle with my memory to remember them as I over heard the rant. Amazingly he had the nerve to say that other Star Wars fans were too serious and part of the problem. Even more amazing was there was a woman with him who was just as upset of the horrid plot holes of Revenge of the Sith as it pertains to Return of The Jedi. You know the one that almost everybody points out? It took all the restraint I could muster to not turn around and say for suck sake get a life.

Most people know I love James Bond. Books, Movies, comics you name I love it. I have seen You Only Live Twice maybe 98,000 times. I know that it is ludicrous for SPECTRE to have a hollowed out volcano for their base of operation. I also know that Kissy Suzuki could not possibly swim from the Volcano to island get the Ninja's and have all of them swim back in 6 minutes to save the day. Finally I know that a hollowed out dormant volcano shouldn't erupt with Lava when it is blown up. It's dormant. I find none of these things, preposterous though they may be, to be worth dwelling on when I watch You Only Live Twice. I question none of them just like I don't question Bloefeld when he has his gun on Bond and shots Mr. Osato instead. Why? because it's A FUCKING JAMES BOND MOVIE! No more no less. So Yes I know Padme died giving birth to Leah and yes I know Leah claims when asked to have memories of her Mother! Life goes on Larry! Life goes on! Well maybe his doesn't. This is why BTW I don't do Commander Bond or any other fandom message board like that. It's also why I find these high brow academic studies on things like james Bond and Star Wars by people with 6 PHD'S to be a precious waste of pulp.

Finally on the subject of Star Wars I thought about trying to get into the literary world of Star Wars so I looked up Star Wars literary cannon on the net. HOLY FUCK SHIT! 9 bazillion different books by 87 gazillion different authors! It was enough to make me let out a collective WTF! By my count and this "unofficial" but it's close. Taking in The Fleming, Amis, Gardner, Benson, Weinberg, Faulks, Higson and that really crappy James Bond Jr. 003 1/2 novel from the 60's there are about 50 James Bond Novels. It's a fairly high number but nothing like Star Wars. Shit even with the 13 or 14 graphic novels from titan it's still a much smaller number.

So then I got on line and saw that a certain person posting anonymously (Planet Bob Peters) had question my insecurity. Yes you read that right a person post as "anonymous, no name no nothing question my insecurity. Then My Sister called she had a few choice names for me because I won't take my Brother to the county hospital or take him off her hands so she can go back to having that congiline of losers go in and out her front door. After the 3rd or 4th insult I hung up on her and when she called back right away I hit talk and end. For years I've said I have 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters But in reality a world my Sisters and other Brother do not live, I have one Brother.

Thursday I take Manhattan! Manhattan Kansas that is. It's only a 2 /2 hour drive down there and game time is at 6:45 so I am leaving Thursday afternoon and will be back early Friday morning and hopefully in a good mood. And for the record Planet Ankeny is no longer welcomed here so his posts will be dealt with. If either Jonathan or RF see them they too can erase them or do with them as they see fit.

I think that is all I have to say...Oh I haven't talked to my Mexican soul Sister in 2 days I hope she is doing fine and all of that. She would be proud of me I read some Poe. The Black Cat. That is one weird dude!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love This!

Credit goes to BThomas Joy.

Jeremiah's Pal Doesn't Like Spicy Meatballs!

I was so excited for a while - popped over to Jeremiah's place, and there was a new post! Maybe he would now be fretting about an objectionable ad in a local paper in, say, South Dakota, having already "done" billboards. Sadly, no - it was Jer's (perhaps only) online friend, "Objective Scrutator." He seems to have a thing for the Italians much akin to Ralph's anti-Irish tirades. I guess faith-based bigotry isn't enough for them all on its own. Let's listen in.
Previously, I noted that Christine O'Donnell engaged in feminist activities in the past, and refuses to renounce her previous actions. Now, we learn that she picked Christianity as her faith by Italian intricacies:

Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell says she tried "every other kind of religion," including witchcraft and Buddhism but became a Christian because of her love of Italian food.

"I would have become a Hare Krishna, but I didn't want to become a vegetarian," O'Donnell said in an interview with Bill Maher in 1999. "And that is honestly the reason why, because I'm Italian and I love meatballs."
How you get from "meatballs" to "Italian intricacies" is baffling enough. The bit about not renouncing feminism, expected. And I guess he hasn't seen her stunning debut (and spectacularly bad) campaign ad. You know you're starting out from a pretty low point when the first line in the script is "I'm not a witch."
The reason to become a Christian is because it is the One And Only Truth, not because the Bhagavad Gita prevents you from setting a cow on fire and proceeding to devour the charred remains. Professing a love for Italy is also suspicious; after all, the blood relative of Janet Napolitano, that Communist Giorgio Napolitano, currently presides as President of their depraved nation.
You want the Upanishads, OS, not the Gita. But I don't have time to take you through remedial Hinduism 101. As the guy who does the travel ads on MSNBC says, let's move on to Italy.

Suspicious, you say? Because someone you disapprove of has the same last name as someone else you disapprove of? And happens to be Italian? Say on! This is gonna be good.
The depravity of the nation of Italy extends into the very roots of their cheesy and stringy culture, ranging from anti-Christian bigotry from strumpets such as Sabina Guzzanti to harlotry and lasciviousness from their singers such as Anna Tatangelo. Their abandonment of supporting America in the War on Terror is also to be highly condemned. Despite Wikipedia's liberal bias, I must link to this article which shows that Italy was the primary supplier of WMDs for Saddam Hussein. Need I even mention Mussolini and his atheistic doings? (His former supporters, to this day, still claim that Mussolini's concentration camps were great places to be.) Need I even mention that it was an Italian government which executed Jesus Christ?
OK, "cheesy and stringy" culture? I presume he's referring to pizza and to string bikinis, both common features of the Italian landscape. (Never mind that this is also the country that surrounds the Vatican, where you better wear long sleeves or get expelled by the guys in funny pants who follow the orders of the guys in the fancy dresses.) The "strumpets...harlotry and lasciviousness" is also to be expected, a clearly telegraphed signal that not even the lunch-lady type at his local IGA deli counter would put out for OS. The Italian government/Christ thing? Kind of a stretch, frankly, unless you want to adhere to maps that still include Prussia or, more likely, Macedonia.

But I cry absolute foul on the link (not shown here, but you can get to it from Jeremiah's place) that supposedly proves Italy fed Hussein's non-existent WMD program. It documents Italy's support for Iraq... during the IRAN-Iraq war. Even follow-on links on the notoriously-unreliable Wikipedia show that in the same conflict, the U.S. supported Iraq right alongside Italy, while Iran continued to have the benefit of military aid supplied to that country by the U.S. at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal. Facts are not optional, pal.
Clearly, Italy is not a model country, and not a model for "Christ"ine to convert to Christianity. Indeed, her love for the country which killed Jesus and several of His kinsmen is a not-so-subtle pretext for what she intends to do to Christianity [my emphasis] if she is given a chance.
And what, pray tell, would that be? Sit everyone down to a hearty plate of fettuccine marinara in church halls (since he seems to suggest her love of Italian food equates to support for all things Italian, so what better way to indoctrinate the impressionable Sunday schoolers)? Advocate for all sermons to be sign-language-interpreted topless by a buxom Italiana? Demand that Nascar add a Vespa-racing/Bible-quoting marathon to their schedule?
A President Mike Pence should haul this Wiccan idolatress out into the stockades, and encourage the public to pelt her with hard meatballs. The meatballs will only be the first bits of fire and brimstone she will face.
First, hit a dictionary and look up "stockade." Second...still on the Wicca? Better be careful, there, OS. After all, (dons Margaret Hamilton pose) I can cause accidents, too! (And, no, I'm not green. Though, unlike your nemesis Christine, I am a witch.) And...Mike PENCE? He has about as much legitimate shot at the Presidency as...well, as Christine O'Donnell.

The footnote below from OS refers to one of the "strumpets" linked to in his post, and he states:
"While I don't care about the Pope being insulted, I am offended at her insults; they are used in a context which mocks Christian teachings about Hellfire and sodomy, and should be refudiated by all good Christians."
"Refudiated." Way to go, there, brainbox.

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